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Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone has come out with a new documentary film, JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, which offers excellent evidence of U.S. intelligence’s tragic assassination of President John F. Kennedy in November of 1963.

JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass (2021) - IMDb
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The film is subtitled “through the looking glass” likely due to its coverage of several other CIA atrocities of that time. The film is intermixed with the great promise JFK held out in bringing about a more peaceful foreign policy and civil rights at home.

Oliver Stone enlisted longtime JFK assassination researcher James DiEugenio to write the screenplay for the film. DiEugenio had written the books Destiny Betrayed: JFK, Cuba and the Garrison Case and, with Oliver Stone, The JFK Assassination. The film, now being presented on Showtime, moves well between physical evidence around the assassination cover-up, and political evidence of how U.S. intelligence set up this assassination in advance with the aid of powerful forces.

Δεν υπάρχει διαθέσιμη περιγραφή φωτογραφίας.
Oliver Stone, right, with James DiEugenio, center, and another Kennedy assassination expert, Lisa Pease. [Source: facebook.com]

JFK’s Great Promise and Shock in the Fall of 1963

JFK Revisited begins with footage of President Kennedy giving a speech about bringing peace to Americans as well as all citizens of the world in 1963. It backs up this speech with JFK’s actions in signing a nuclear test ban treaty in early October of that year.[1]  It intersperses the film with positive presidential actions of JFK throughout the film.

Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty - HISTORY
Kennedy signing nuclear test ban treaty in August 1963. [Source: history.com]

JFK’s policies such as these threatened the wealthiest families’ (the “oligarchs”) billion-dollar military buildup that would regularly increase America’s defense budget from $ 54 δισ. το 1963 σε περισσότερα από $ 750 δισ. σήμερα.[2] The film does not have the space to fully discuss these wealthiest families’ power over various industries, but it alludes to their power over U.S. intelligence and mainstream media.

After the film’s opening speech by President Kennedy, it jumps into the assassination via footage of President Kennedy coming to Dallas and then riding in the car with the convertible roof down moments before the assassination occurred. It shows black and white footage from that era’s top newsman Walter Cronkite’s announcement: The footage presented Americans in shock and crying over the news that President John F. Kennedy had been shot and killed on November 22.

JFK: TV's defining moment
Walter Cronkite announcing JFK assassination. [Source: irishexaminer.com]

JFK Revisited then shows police and FBI agents escorting purported assassin Lee Harvey Oswald that day. The footage has a group of officers or government agents wearing civilian hats and trench coats escorting Oswald past reporters. The reporters, dressed in suits, ask “Did you shoot the president?” and Oswald responds, “I didn’t shoot anybody.”

Exhuming Lee Harvey Oswald: JFK's killer's corpse was raised based on a  conspiracy theory.
Police escorting alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. [Source: slate.com]

The Oligarchs’ Public Execution and Warren Commission Cover-up

The film then shows footage from two days later, of Oswald being escorted again in front of reporters in the Dallas police basement. A short man—Jack Ruby—in a suit and hat like the reporters, walks up to Oswald and shoots him.

Ο James R. Leavelle, ντετέκτιβ στο πλευρό του Lee Harvey Oswald, πέθανε στα 99 - The New York Times
Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald. [Source: nytimes.com]

Various historians labeled JFK’s assassination as the oligarchs’ first coup and cover-up against the White House, at least of the 20th αιώνας.

With film and television’s saturation of American households at this time, it is a wonder if the oligarchs made Oswald’s murder so public as a powerful “shock doctrine,” to scare anyone who knew anything about foul play about JFK’s assassination terrorized into silence.[3]

Besides the oligarchs’ motive of reversing JFK’s progressively humanistic foreign policy course, it may have also set the tone that no one is powerful enough to oppose them.

JFK Revisited follows Ruby’s murder of Oswald with the establishment of the Warren Commission, headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren. It further includes two senators and a congressman from the deep south and one northern congressman, later president, Gerald Ford. Most importantly, former longtime CIA Director Allen Dulles sat on the commission, along with former Assistant Secretary of War, John McCloy, President of the World Bank (1947-1949), Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank (1953-1960) and Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (1954-1970).

Μια ομάδα ανδρών που στέκονται γύρω από ένα τραπέζι Η περιγραφή δημιουργείται αυτόματα με μέτρια εμπιστοσύνη
The Warren Commission delivers its report to President Johnson. [Source: npr.org]

With John D. Rockefeller listed as the wealthiest man in the world in the early 1900s,[4] Allen Dulles’s close friendship and life-long work with sons David and Nelson Rockefeller exemplify his work for the oligarchy.[5]

John McCloy’s credentials included work for Nazi Germany behemoth IG Farben, which was interlocked with Rockefeller’s Standard Oil.[6] IG Farben also received free labor from the Auschwitz mega-concentration camp. The Rockefellers’ Chase Manhattan Bank further employed McCloy as its chairman.[7]

Congressional Committees, Admissions and Physical Evidence Cover-up

With the Warren Commission using U.S. intelligence for its sources, its report marked an extensive cover-up of the president’s assassination in supporting Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone gunman. Still, JFK Revisited presents some of its most poignant revelations from reported admissions from the commission and later congressional committees.

Senator Richard Russell of Georgia
Richard Russell, Jr. [Source: γερουσία.gov]

The film provides the first example of dissent with Warren Commission member Senator Richard Russell, Jr. (D-GA), stating that a fourth bullet hitting an overpass so far off from the first three directly hitting Kennedy, was preposterous and contributed to him believing there were multiple shooters.

In the 1970s, Senator Frank Church chaired a committee investigating U.S. intelligence and the Congressional House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) also convened at that time.[8] Church Committee member Richard Schweiker (R-PA) revealed, in news footage shown in JFK Revisited, that Jack Ruby worked for the FBI as an informant at the time he shot Oswald.[9]

JFK Revisited cites French President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing saying that former Warren Commission member, President Gerald Ford, told him that more than one shooter assassinated President Kennedy. The French president also said the Dallas assassination was set up by powerful people.[10]

JFK Revisited spends an extensive amount of time on the physical evidence regarding President Kennedy’s autopsy with former American Academy of Forensic Science president Cyril Wecht.

Celebrity US pathologist Cyril Wecht spills his guts in new tell-all memoir  | The Times of Israel
Cyril Wecht in 1975. [Source: timesofisrael.com]

Dr. Wecht highlights the absurdity of the “magic bullet” allegation that one of the three bullets fired into President Kennedy’s car caused seven injuries.

[Πηγή: eyemagazine.com]

Wecht describes the Warren Commission report’s proposed path of the bullet through President Kennedy in the back seat of the car and Governor John Connally in the front seat, causing seven wounds to the two American leaders.[11]

Texas Governor John Connally Showing Where Bullet hit his Wrist During  Assassination of U.S. President John Kennedy March 18 Stock Photo - Alamy
Texas Governor John Connally showing where bullet hit his wrist. [Source: alamy.com]

Oliver Stone intersperses a second doctor, Professor Gary Aguilar, MD, with Dr. Wecht in guiding viewers through JFK’s wounds and other aspects of the assassination. Wecht also discusses how the magic bullet never went through a proper chain of custody. The Warren Commission purported that a maintenance man found the bullet perfectly intact on a stretcher that had moved JFK. Dr. Wecht, and other experts who conducted tests to back their opinions, stated the impossibility of the bullet causing seven wounds and remaining in perfect condition.

Into Evidence: Gary Aguilar
Dr. Gary Aguilar [Source: historyexhumed.com]

Of further importance, the Dallas pathologist who first examined JFK, Dr. Malcolm Perry, countered the Warren Commission Report by saying JFK’s bullet wounds came from the front rather than from Oswald’s position behind JFK. President Kennedy’s personal doctor, George Burkley, also said multiple shooters carried out the assassination.

Assistant Physician to the President, Capt. Dr. George G. Burkley, USN | JFK  Library
Dr. George Burkley [Source: jfklibrary.org]

And finally, attorney Mark Lane—the first and most prominent proponent of the innocence of Oswald—said on film that the paraffin test Dallas police conducted on Lee Harvey Oswald’s cheeks showed that he had never fired a gun on the day of the assassination.[12]

Ο Μαρκ Λέιν, θεωρητικός συνωμοσίας για τη δολοφονία του Κένεντι, πέθανε σε ηλικία 89 ετών - The New York Times
The late Mark Lane in 1966 with a map of area around Dealey Plaza. [Source: nytimes.com]

The Oswald Network, Anti-Castro Cubans, and U.S. Intelligence

Some lesser-known evidence appeared in the last section of JFK Revisited regarding Lee Harvey Oswald and U.S. intelligence. First, Oswald had worked for U.S. intelligence as a young adult and researchers presented evidence that included undercover double agent work that appeared to set him up as one of several possible patsies for the assassination months in advance.

JFK Revisited includes footage of Oswald passing out pro-Cuban fliers with an office address for a Cuban group where the House Select Committee on Assassinations reported that former FBI agent Guy Bannister also had an office, as did a CIA-supported anti-Castro Cuban group, the Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front (CDRF).[13]

Oswald’s other U.S. intelligence links included his work with David Ferrie, who also worked with Agent Bannister and CDRF leader Sergio Archaca Smith.[14]

FILE - This Sept. 26, 1964 file photo shows one of the exhibits contained in the Warren Commission report on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The commission said the handbills in the image were samples of ones on which Lee Harvey Oswald had stamped his name and the name "A.J. Hidell". The image below was identified as showing Oswald distributing the handbills in New Orleans on Aug. 16, 1963. (AP Photo/Warren Commission)
[Πηγή: sandiegotribune.com]

JFK Revisited also presents revelatory information about CIA counterintelligence chief James Jesus Angleton receiving weekly reports on Lee Harvey Oswald up to the assassination.

James Jesus Angleton - Wikipedia
James Jesus Angleton [Source: wikipedia.org]

The film further presents details on two other plans to assassinate President Kennedy in Chicago and in Tampa, with associated patsies cultivated in those locales.[15]

U.S. intelligence appeared to try to convince the public that Cuba orchestrated JFK’s assassination as part of a pattern of plans to invade Cuba that included Επιχείρηση Northwoods. Northwoods included the blowing up of an American passenger plane in flight and blaming pro-Castro Cubans (and reminiscent of the 9/11 events).[16] (in 1976, CIA-trained anti-Castro Cuban exiles blew up a Cubana Airlines passenger flight, killing all 73 people on board).

The film tells how President Kennedy refused to allow Operation Northwoods, while also refusing to send Americans to invade Cuba during the Bay of Pigs. JFK fired CIA Director Dulles following that incident, along with CIA Deputy Directors Richard Bissell, Jr., and Charles Cabell. JFK then threatened to “splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.”[17]

Incoming president JFK also had threatened to stop the CIA’s involvement in assassinating Congo’s first independent President Patrice Lumumba. United Nations Director Dag Hammarskjold had warned President-elect Kennedy about the plot and evidence supports CIA involvement in shooting down Hammarskjold’s plane τον Σεπτέμβριο του 1961.[18]

NSA may hold key to Dag Hammarskjöld mystery
[Πηγή: thelocal.se]

World Mourns As Kennedy’s Life and Idealistic Programs Are Cut Short

Leaders such as President John F. Kennedy, United Nations Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold and Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Patrice Lumumba appeared to represent a great hope for the 1960s, foreshadowing the later assassinations of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Bobby Kennedy.

International leaders such as the Soviet Union’s Nikita Χρουστσόφ, Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser and Cuba’s Fidel Castro mourned the death of President Kennedy.[19] Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., tells how his father called the CIA and asked them if they were “involved in causing this horror.”

50 Years After the Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy | WTTW Chicago
Bobby and John Kennedy—hope for the 1960s and for America—cut down by assassins’ bullets. And look where we are today! [Source: interactive.wttw.com]

The last half-hour of the film presents President Kennedy’s increasingly idealistic policies. Before JFK’s assassination, MLK praised the president for his civil rights legislation in film footage. Actors Whoopi Goldberg narrated the first half of the film, and Donald Sutherland the second half. Southerland, a former anti-war activist, narrated how experts detailed JFK’s impending Vietnam War exit.[20]

While the film ends with an excellent civil rights speech by President Kennedy, RFK Jr preceded the speech, stating how countries clearly celebrated John F. Kennedy more than any other president as evidenced by the streets and buildings named after him around the world. These images and JFK’s speech offers a motivational ending to this inspiring film covering such a tragic event in American history.

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  1. I have seen a released video that was recalled showing clearly that the chauffeur turned around and shot Kennedy. Right out in the open. A clear message by the CIA for no president or anybody else to defy the powers that be. The Jesuit general, current one is Sosa Abascal, supervises secret intelligence of every nation. YOu can sign up here for a free newsletter with books attached giving a history and documentation= names dates documents quotes sources


  2. The New York World-Telegram & Sun, Tuesday, 3 December 1963, p.25

    Truth Won’t Out

    By Richard Starnes

    Realism instructs us to expect little from the special commission created by President Johnson to investigate the death of his predecessor.

    No member of the commission has any competence as investigator, nor does any have access to a disinterested investigative staff. The commission will be almost wholly dependent upon the facts made available to it by the Secret Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Dallas Police Department.

    In a sense, of course, the special commission is investigating the role played by each of these agencies, and it is manifestly naïve to expect these cops to bear witness against themselves or, indeed, each other.

    Any reporter who has wasted a portion of his young life in a hick police station thinks he knows exactly how Rubenstein, the squalid impresario of skin shows, gained access to the Dallas Municipal Building where he apparently shot and killed the man who apparently shot and killed President Kennedy. (If you contend there are too many apparentlys in that sentence, my reply is that there are too many apparentlys in the murders that took place in Dallas.)

    Ruby probably had a press pass issued by the Dallas cops. Every reporter has known police buffs of the stripe of Rubenstein, and the sleazy breed invariably prizes possession of a press card.

    But is anyone foolish enough to expect the Dallas Police Department to step before Chief Justice Warren and say, yes, your worship, we did give Rubenstein a press pass to which he was not entitled and he did use it to gain access to the basement where he performed the gallant act of gut-shooting a manacled prisoner?

    If you believe the Dallas police will ever give up the truth about how Rubenstein got a clear shot at Oswald you will believe anything, possibly including the solemn assertion that Rubenstein was not paying off any officials for the privilege of skirting the law in operating his peltorama.

    In their extravagant outpourings of grief over the death of their young President, the American people have largely overlooked the disgraceful failure of the Secret Service. We are assured that these hard-nosed federal cops could not possibly check every window along the parade route, and no one is moved to ask why they couldn’t. The building from which the assassination of Mr. Kennedy is said to have taken place was a prime stake-out for a sniper, since the President’s automobile had to slow for a turn beneath its windows.

    Will the Secret Service candidly explain to the special commission why Oswald was permitted to rest patiently on his hunkers gnawing a chicken bone, a rifle beside him, in one of perhaps a dozen choice locations for a bushwhacker?

    Again, little has been made of the fact that the President was shot not once, but twice. The autopsy findings on Mr. Kennedy have not been made public, and may never be, but suppose the first wound was not mortal? Then the lax protection that permitted a second bullet to strike home becomes a great historical scandal. Will Mr. Justice Warren and his colleagues ever know the truth of this, and if they do learn it, will they publish it?

    Will the presence on the panel of Allen Dulles, erstwhile headmaster of the Central Intelligence Agency, assure us that the truth of Oswald’s sojourn in the Soviet Union will ever be known? The Russians suggest they suspected him of being a spy. Can any realistic person believe any tentacle of the nation’s elephantine espionage apparatus will own up to ever having Oswald on its payroll?

    Can we expect the FBI to explain why Oswald was not under close surveillance? How many would-be defectors to Russia did they have to watch that day in Dallas when the President’s widely-heralded visit was scheduled?

    It is not in the nature of bureaucracy to destroy their carefully-nurtured fables of omniscience. It would be well to bear this in mind, and to remember that the findings of the Warren commission will depend almost wholly on what it is told by these agencies.

  3. […] Un récent rapport publié dans Covert Action Magazine, l’une des plus anciennes publications médiatiques indépendantes visant à rapporter des affaires clandestines, met en lumière certaines des informations explosives que le film révèle – impliquant directement l’appareil des agences de renseignement américaines. […]

  4. If Obama had been shot in 2013, people would also be saying he was killed because people in high places opposed all the progressive and humanitarian things he was about to do. Some people want to make JFK into some great humanitarian – people who still think there is some great hope in the Democratic Party. Oliver Stone does that also with the “could have been” Henry Wallace.
    There is nothing I have read in these reviews of the film that actually “Reveals U.S. Intelligence Involvement in Assassination”, meaning national security agencies killed Kennedy. Come on guys, actual evidence is actual evidence and speculation is just speculation. What we have here is speculation.

  5. Sorry to have to recant some of what I earlier wrote. Although John McCloy was instrumental in creating the OSS, and eventually the CIA, he was not behind the “Business Plot”. I confused him with one of JP Morgan’s men, Grayson M.P. Murphy, a leader of the racist, violent American Liberty League.

  6. Γιάννης,
    Excellent summary of this fantastic film.
    How can one see this film without paying Show Time for a sub?
    I have been writing about JFK and the CIA-Mafia-Gusano murder for ages. The first organization I joined was the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in Los Angeles when the CIA arranged for the Bay of Pigs invasion. The FPCC leadership soon stopped our committee when some in CIA wanted to blame Fidel. I still have my membership card.
    I learned something from your summary, that McCloy was involved. He was a key figure for Morgan and other Big Capital family’s “Business Plot” aka “Fascist Plot” to overthrow/murder-if-necessary FDR, 1933-4. They were also supporting fascism in Italy, Germany and later in Spain. Gen. Smedley Butler stopped FDR overthrow by going along to get info. as their lead man to invade the Capitol. He exposed them before any damage was done. Of course, no capitalist murdering plotter went to jail, not even fined.
    I just wrote a piece about many of CIA’s crimes, including JFK and RFK’s murder.

    Glad to get to see your work.
    Σε αλληλεγγύη,

    • Thanks, Ron, I’m glad you liked my film review. McCloy was powerful and influential in helping Dulles on the Warren Commission with the cover-up. And, both worked/were close with the Rockefellers along with other wealthy business interests as you point out. Good work yourself. Yes, Butler’s book on their attempted coup of FDR is very important too.

  7. come on jfk as his father and brother rfk was an arrogant prick son of a bitch,who thought that nobody could touch him as president and his brother as attorney general their father did warn them that they were attacking powerful interests with no scruples who made them kings,the mob and they certainly paid the price of it looking into israel nuclear program wanting to tax federally oilmen and their companies

  8. […] With film and television’s saturation of American households at this time, it is a wonder if the oligarchs made Oswald’s murder so public as a powerful “shock doctrine,” to scare anyone who knew anything about foul play about JFK’s assassination terrorized into silence.[3] […]

  9. Thank you (and Mr. Stone) for all you’ve done, and do, to expose those who have injured America so mortally, and continue to. PLEASE include Sen. Wellstone (and his family and associates) with the others assassinated after JFK. He deserves remembering SO much. AND the directed energy used to bring down his plane now almost certainly causing the “Havana syndrome”.

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