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This full back-issue set of CovertAction Information Bulletin (CAIB) and CovertAction Quarterly (CAQ) is an unparalleled resource of U.S. domestic and foreign policy history found nowhere else! CAQ was a regular recipient of the annual Project Censored awards for the Top 25 Censored Stories. With your order you will get all 78 back issues!

The periodical was both “recommended by Noam Chomsky and targeted by the CIA.” CAQ became a 78-page magazine published four times a year until 2005. It had a reputation for beating to the punch more mainstream standard-bearers such as the New York Times.

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  1. Hi All,

    Happy to know that CAQ is being re-published.

    I was one of the first subscribers many moons ago when Phil published his newsletter and wrote his On Company Business along with his related documentary about the CIA and US national security state corruption.

    Had the honor of meeting with Phil Agee years ago and supported him throughout his whistle blowing efforts.

    He like many others during those “bad old cold war days” had the guts to suffer the consequence to speak truth to power.

    As a consequence, I became a political science professor specializing in the history of US national security studies while advocating his and others’ positions against the ‘national security state complex’ and have ever since used many of these materials in my 20 years of teaching against the US national security empire.

    I would like to join all of you in supporting CAQ’s revival at a time in human history that needs more Eddie Snowdens, Assanges, Ellsbergs for today.

    History is Prologue.

    I’m saving enough nickels and dimes and would like to eventually purchase the entire CAQ legacy archives.

    Warm regards.

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