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  1. Though not in substance, yet in form, the struggle of the proletariat with the bourgeoisie is at first a national struggle. The proletariat of each country must, of course, first of all settle matters with its own bourgeoisie. In depicting the most general phases of the development of the proletariat, we traced the more or less veiled civil war, raging within existing society, up to the point where that war breaks out into open revolution, and where the violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie lays the foundation for the sway of the proletariat. Hitherto, every form of society has been based, as we have already seen, on the antagonism of oppressing and oppressed classes. But in order to oppress a class, certain conditions must be assured to it under which it can, at least, continue its slavish existence. The serf, in the period of serfdom, raised himself to membership in the commune, just as the petty bourgeois, under the yoke of feudal absolutism, managed to develop into a bourgeois. The modern laborer, on the contrary, instead of rising with the progress of industry, sinks deeper and deeper below the conditions of existence of his own class. He becomes a pauper, and pauperism develops more rapidly than population and wealth.

  2. The ultimate US goal is for NATO and US to do to Russia what they did to Yugosavia in the 1990s. Under Putin, however, Russia has been aware of this goal ever since then. Russia has never recovered completely from the immense number of deaths and the destruction of WW2. so Putin has held fire until now. Russia celebrates its victory in WW2 every May 9. With luck it will celebrate victeory of NATO/US 2022.

  3. Whomever this Chris Kaspar de Ploeg might be, or might think he is, I hope that you will never again publish another of his gushing sewer of lies about Russia.

    The “Full Spectrum Dominance” crowd has had far more than enough help in their attempts to seize Russia, break it into small,helpless statelets and strip it of its vast and valuable natural resources. They need no assistance from creeps like de Ploeg.

  4. Dear Chris Agee,
    Executive Editor
    CovertAction Magazine

    Greetings from Nepal

    I am Deepak Gajurel, Associate Professor of Political Science, Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

    As a regular reader of your magazine, online, I often go to your language section to read your posts in Nepali. But, I find the translation almost meaningless, in terms of language and comprehension.

    I suggest you to go for a better Nepali language translation.

    If you like, I can help you in translating your texts from English to Nepali.

    Best wishes for your continued efforts to inform reality to the world.

    Deepak Gajurel
    Associate Professor,
    Tribhuvan University,

  5. The Big Lie that Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine was “Unprovoked” It is the biggest lie because Russians they have a long list countries they invaded. Year 1956 Hungary, year1968 Czechoslovakia 1979 Afghanistan and now Ukraine

    • Satanists – your idols- loosing power for Man Kind. And you lost your spirit for Satan. Alaku Akbar, Inshalla tahrir and El pueblo unido jamas sera vensido. ! All servents of Satan are on hell declaration. All you, satanists on your way into Hell.

  6. Don’t give up. This could be the turning point in the public consciousness towards the retrograde lunatics running the world. The Assange affair has highlighted that national establishments and corporate/national media are essentially one and the same. Assange’s release could be the end of the subservient media dinosaur, and the new beginning for those who’ve stood opposed to it, at personal cost. Don’t give up, their arguments against Assange are full of holes. The whole thing is showing itself as corrupt.

  7. Keep on going. Assange has not yet been extradited. There’s still a good chance he won’t be.

    1) The default position in US and UK law is ‘innocent until proven guilty’. A US trial has already been prejudiced by myriad public comments by public figures, courts and officials that assume his guilt BEFORE extradition or trial. This is CONTEMPT OF COURT.

    2) The extradition court assumed his guilt before trial by arguing which prison he should be held in. This is also CONTEMPT OF COURT.

    3) All media is global and can be seen anywhere in the world. No jury can be unprejudiced in an Assange trial.

  8. Thank, Louis, Covert must be a wonderful group of Folks
    Appreciate the note on Magazine. What a gift to Bill, I communicated with him as a long-time friend.
    Having turned 4 score and ten myself, I can’t promise attendance, but convey my feelings.
    Be faithful and scatologize Pompeo, Bolton and Abrams and all
    of the other scum.

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