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    1. Uhuru ✊🏾for this report on the attack on Chairman Omali his wife and all of the members of APSP and APSC and USM by the FBI The US Government. I unite African People do not need any leadership from Russia or any outside influence we are very capable of organizing ourselves and we will even more so as the result of this recent attack Aluta Contina !

    2. CA has become one of the few sources of serious and honest reporting these days. It’s time like these where you find out who your real friends are. CA has proven to be consistently honest and objective on the Ukraine conflict, while many other so called progressive websites have resorted to pushing Western propaganda. Keep up the good work.

    3. Swiss VIP and Politicians publish their foto with Ukrainiens in Newspapers. For their own publicity. But none writes about thousands of children starving in the world. These Ukrainiens lodge in 5 star hotels. Normal Swiss poeple like me sleep in budget hotels. They eat the best, we get the leftovers. They wear Adidas we wear no brand. Good news most Swiss just do not care. Swiss politicians want to play in the “cour des grands”…. feel important. Switzerland has been…..we ski in Kasachstan and love it.

    4. Thank you guys so much for your efforts. There are some of us out here who get it, who understand the sacrifice you’ve made and understand the frustrations you go through over the fact that the truth is phenomenally unpopular. People would rather believe the government is run by satanist pedophile cannabals than realize the obvious, that the only true force of evil that explains everything is money and greed. I don’t know why that should be so hard for people to grasp, it shows how incredibly deeply indoctrinated we are, even those of us who think we aren’t. The obvious has become unthinkable. Philip Agee is definitely in my top ten list of greatest Americans of all time. And I’ve been reading Covert Action since day one, I have a copy of the first issue.

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