Anthony Kimery

Anthony Kimery, co-founder, CEO, and editor of, is a highly respected and acclaimed multi-award-winning journalist, editor, analyst, speaker, and consultant who has dedicated nearly 40 years of his life to national and homeland security affairs. Over that time he developed far-reaching, comprehensive historical and institutional knowledge, expertise, and experience in homeland and national security issues, inside and outside of a classified environment. Kimery was the former Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of Homeland Security Today. He managed the magazine, daily online news operations and wrote the award-winning "Kimery Report," which covered a broad spectrum of HS-related issues, from public health preparedness to intelligence collection. He also served as Advisory Board Member of Mississippi College’s Center for Counterterrorism Studies.
"I don't think there's ever been a vice presi­dent... as much involved at the highest level in our policy-making and our decisions than George," said President Reagan in March 1985.1 At the 1988 Republican national convention, in response to the Demo­crats' taunt, "Where was George," during Iran-Contra, Reagan said,...