Chris Agee and Louis Wolf

Chris Agee is Executive Editor of CovertAction Magazine. He teaches at the City University of New York, the State University of New York and is the author of numerous articles in various publications.
Chris can be reached at:
Louis Wolf is Co-Founder and Research Director at CovertAction Magazine. He has authored many articles and co-edited numerous books including "Dirty Work: The CIA In Western Europe," and "Dirty Work 2: The CIA in Africa." Mr. Wolf helped co-found CovertAction Magazine in 1978 with Philip Agee, William Schaap, Ellen Ray and others. Lou can be reached at:
William H. Blum 1933 - 2018 William Blum died in Virginia early this morning on December 9, 2018. He was surrounded by friends and family after falling in his Washtington D.C. apartment and sustaining serious wounds 65 days ago. He was 85 years old. Bill was born March 6, 1933 at Beth Moses...