Louis Wolf and David Giglio

Louis Wolf is Co-Founder and Research Director at CovertAction Magazine. He has authored many articles and co-edited numerous books including “Dirty Work: The CIA In Western Europe,” and “Dirty Work 2: The CIA in Africa.” Mr. Wolf co-founded CovertAction Magazine in 1978 with Philip Agee, William Schaap, Ellen Ray and others. He can be reached at: louw7@live.com. David Giglio is founder and editor at Our Hidden History and a member of the Editorial Board of CovertAction Magazine.
David Wise--the prize-winning journalist and author who in 1964 co-wrote one of the first best-selling history books critical of the CIA--passed away on October 8th, 2018, in Washington, DC. He was 88. Co-written with fellow journalist Thomas B. Ross, The Invisible Government became a best-seller with its revelations of --...