Harry Targ

Harry Targ, Professor of Political Science Emeritus, taught foreign policy, US/Latin American relations, international political economy, and topics on labor studies in the Department of Political Science and the program in Peace Studies at Purdue University. He has served in the leadership of The Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS) for many years and serves also on the steering committee of Wisconsin Peace Action. Prof. Targ was a thirty-year member of the Northwest Central Labor Council (AFL-CIO). He has published books and articles on foreign policy and international relations and U.S. political economy. Harry blogs at  Diary of a Heartland Radical. https://heartlandradical.blogspot.com/ and can be reached at targ@purdue.edu.
NATO went from fighting socialism to enforcing global empire It looks a lot like a return to the past. Founded in 1949 to defend against the "Soviet threat," the NATO alliance is facing a return to mechanized warfare, a huge increase in defense spending, and potentially a new Iron Curtain...