Isaac Saney

Isaac Saney is a Cuba and Black Studies specialist at Dalhousie University, Canada, where he is an an Associate Professor and coordinator of the Black and African Diaspora Studies (BAFD) program, the first major in Black and African Diaspora Studies in Canada. He is the author of Cuba: A Revolution In Motion (Zed Books 2004) and the recently published, Cuba, Africa, and Apartheid’s End: Africa’s Children Return! (Lexington Books 2023). From 2008-2022, he served as co-chair and national spokesperson of the Canadian Network On Cuba, with which he now serves in an advisory capacity. Isaac can be reached at
Between 1975 and 1991, Cuba embarked on a remarkable internationalist mission known as Operación Carlota. This mission was undertaken to defend Angola's newly found independence from an invasion by apartheid-era South Africa, and it played a pivotal role in the broader African anti-colonial and national liberation struggles. Over 400,000 Cubans...