John Steinbach

John Steinbach, activist and author, has written extensively on environmental, economics, energy, social justice and nuclear energy issues. His works include the map and database Radiation Hazards USA co-authored with his late wife Louise Franklin-Ramirez. Steinbach’s 2002 article in CovertAction Quarterly (CAQ), "Palestine in the Crosshairs: U.S. Policy and the Struggle for Nationhood," received a 2004 Project Censored award. John lives and works in Prince William County, Virginia. He is active in several peace and justice organizations and was the recipient of the 2007 Prince William Human Rights Award. John can be reached at
President Harry S. Truman’s decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki set the groundwork for an era of U.S. global hegemony and enriched corporations like General Electric, DuPont, Union Carbide, Bechtel and Westinghouse which made hundreds of billions of dollars developing generation after generation of "first-strike" nuclear...