Laini Mataka

Laini Mataka was born in 1949 and raised in Baltimore. Her first spoken word album of two, Black Ivory, made it to #29 on the Billboard Magazine chart. She has written Black Rhythms For Fancy Dancers, Never As Strangers, Restoring The Queen, Being A Strong, Black Woman Can Getchu Killed and the Prince of Kokomo, all under the auspices of Black Classic Press of Baltimore.  Laini has received numerous awards for her services in the community and was inducted into the International Literary Hall Of Fame For Writers Of Afrikan Descent. Laini can be reached at:


(for Askia Muhammad) the hateful’s favorite tool for dismantling dissension,  their weapon of choice for punishing those who refuse to gap their legs wide for rape w/out protest. when decency raises it’s head/SANCTIONS are the blood-dripping guillotines  used to cut off their cries, and chop up their humanity to make happy meals for the hateful...