Lisa Sorush


Lisa Sorush is an anti-war activist, poet, and writer.

She has a master of science in conflict management and resolution from University of San Diego and bachelor’s degree in political science from California State University, Fullerton.

Lisa can be reached at
Officials from Pakistan, India, and Israel have confirmed—after the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan—U.S. weapons left behind have been found in the hands of terrorist groups. This issue gained significant attention when, on October 7, 2023, Hamas launched attacks on Israel. British politician Jim Ferguson wrote on X—formerly Twitter—and shared a...
A year and a half after the Biden administration’s ignominious withdrawal, Afghanistan is in a dire state Afghanistan is in the midst of a severe crisis as a result of the 20-year U.S.-NATO war which culminated in a return to the status quo—that is the return of the Taliban...