Margie Sloan

Margie Sloan is a life-long seeker of truth writing on business, political wrongdoing and animal advocacy. Her interviews with individuals telling truth and lies has taken her from her roots in Michigan to Florida, California, China, Canada, Morocco and Colorado. Margie worked on the Savings & Loan debacle with a focus on Silverado Savings for TIME Magazine, Pete Brewton for his book, The Mafia, CIA & George Bush and with SPY Magazine on INSLAW and Wackenhut. As a guest on talk radio in the 1990's, Margie explained money laundering and her suspicion as to where trillions of U.S. dollars might be found. With the same curiosity and determination, Margie is finding answers to questions raised decades ago. Where did all that money go? How did it leave the S&Ls? Who spent it and what did they spend it on? And lastly, why? When not researching, Margie advocates for animals, plays piano and dog sits for her grand-dogs Wesley, Max and Belle. Margie can be reached at
There are no coincidences. I can attest to that. I am now a true believer that certain things were meant to be and others were not. And the ones that were not meant to be have made all the difference. My dream of being a rock star journalist never came...