Moss Robeson

Moss Robeson is a young journalist, historian, and director of short films. In 2017 he co-directed a short film entitled “A People’s Perspective of Westchester County,” produced by the Westchester People’s Action Committee (WESPAC) screened both at the Westchester Social Forum and Yonkers Film Festival. Previously he made a short documentary for the Louisiana Green Army, “Lost Paradise,” and conducted campaign finance research for the “quixotic historian” and environmentalist John M. Barry about oil and gas contributions to the Louisiana state legislature. He is currently working on a manuscript entitled “The Ukraine  Crisis,” about the untold story of Stepan Bandera's postware rehabilitation. A peer-reviewed version of this work will soon appear in the Journal of Labor and Society.
The day in, day-out news cycle of Russian collusion has relegated Ukraine to the background of “Russiagate,” and yet the Washington-Kyiv axis largely remains the pivot on which the “New Cold War” turns. The media appear to have forgotten that the Ukraine crisis, which began nearly five years ago,...