Nick Alexandrov

Nick Alexandrov is a teacher in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He writes mostly for Counterpunch Magazine with a focus on U.S. foreign policy. His articles have also appeared in Asia Times, Cubadebate, History News Network, The News International (Pakistan), Pakistan Today, Rebelión, The Root, Truthout, Tulsa World, and other publications.

Alexandrov's work has been cited in Salon and by Project Censored, and in reports published by the Center for American Progress and the London School of Economics. His articles are included in college course syllabi and have been translated into several different languages.

He can be reached at:
Exemplifies Growth of Military-Industrial-Academic Complex That Is Destroying U.S. Democracy The University of Tulsa (TU) is one of Oklahoma’s premier schools. It draws students from around the world; has a billion-dollar endowment; and boasts everything from a vast collection of modernist literature to top-tier petroleum engineering and cybersecurity...
“United States foreign policy in Somalia has always sided with the wrong side.” That’s how Mohamed Haji Ingiriis, a young Somali historian studying for his doctorate at Oxford, summarized Washington’s legacy there in an interview with CovertAction Magazine. Instead of promoting what it claims to—peace, stability, “nation-building”—the U.S. government, Ingiriis...