Rachel Hu and Chris Garaffa

Rachel Hu is a journalist with "BreakThrough News," a new independent media project, where she hosts the podcast "It's Not You, It's Capitalism." She is also a host on WBAI 99.5FM in NYC and has been an anti-war and anti-racist activist with the ANSWER Coalition for the last decade. Rachel can be reached at: rachel@wbai.org.
Chris Garaffa has been an anti-imperialist and social justice organizer since joining the movement against the Iraq war in 2003. Chris is a weekly guest on Sputnik Radio's "By Any Means Necessary," and co-hosts the podcast "The Reboot," focusing on the intersection between technology and human rights. Chris can be reached at: chris.garaffa@gmail.com.
In this special episode of CovertAction Bulletin, we spend the entire hour with former CIA analyst and field agent John Kiriakou. Kiriakou became a whistleblower when he exposed the CIA’s official torture program—and then became the only person jailed for it. We discuss how the ongoing campaign against Julian Assange should inform us about how to view and support the work of other whistleblowers. While Assange remains in prison and under threat of extradition and trial in the U.S., the threat to journalists, publishers and activists continues to grow.
On today’s show we start out with Elon Musk's $44 billion dollar effort to buy Twitter. He claims he will make the algorithms open source, but there’s obviously many doubts about that. What does this development mean for the platform?...and much more
The corporate media has been non-stop talking about the “dystopian” lockdown in Shanghai claiming people are starving in mass. The question “at what cost” pops up in articles across the news cycle questioning China’s lockdown policies. The logistical challenges for Shanghai’s local government to manage a lockdown in response to a mass omicron spread have been significant, but is that the full story?
Today the Bulletin digs into a variety of topics including the recent case of Liselle Herrera, a 26 year old woman charged with murder for performing a “self-induced abortion” made national news, bringing attention again to the human rights crisis happening in Texas around reproductive rights. What people don’t know is that this crisis is fueled by dark money, corruption, and deeper right-wing capitalist agendas for deregulation. How much money is changing hands and what does this mean for women’s rights and LGBTQ rights?
U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told reporters on Monday that weapons and other equipment, including anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles, Humvees and Puma drones, are being sent to Ukraine and NATO allies at “an unprecedented pace.”
In Hawaii thousands of people have been displaced and 93,000 have had their water poisoned by the Red Hill Navy facility. This is after two fuel leaks just last year, and a major fuel leak of 27,000 gallons of fuel in 2014. The Navy sacrifices water for war by refusing to do anything about the facility, which activists demand should be closed and fuel tanks drained immediately.
As the US government continues to say it does not want U.S. or NATO forces coming into direct conflict with Russian troops, a recent report in Yahoo News revealed that since 2015, the CIA has been overseeing a secret intensive training program in the U.S. for elite Ukrainian special...
The epidemic of anti-Asian violence has grown exponentially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, Asian Americans have always been viewed as “enemy aliens” as the FBI and U.S. government had historically called it. We are joined on today’s show by Amanda Yee, host of...
Lee Camp Talks Cross-Platform Shut Down of RT America and The Censorship of Left Anti-War Media Voices The information war has heated up, this time with targets on the backs of anti-war journalists and media voices critical to NATO and the U.S. Last week, the offices of RT America were...
Last Week's Episode—Ukraine Crisis Fueled by U.S. and NATO Expansion The outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine did not come out of nowhere. Fundamental to understanding the current crisis is the history of U.S. and NATO expansion in Europe—which the U.S. repeatedly promised Russia would not happen. Richard Becker...