Robert E. Aldridge

Robert Aldridge was raised as an “Army brat” (his father was a POW under the Japanese for 3½ years during WWII) and graduated from the University of Central Florida in 1979 (B.A. History and Political Science).  He now lives in Los Angeles, where he formerly worked for the Abstract Expressionist artist Sam Francis. In the early 1990s, being outraged at the CIA’s involvement in the Contras’ cocaine-trafficking, he began researching the CIA’s larger role in international drug-trafficking.  This soon expanded to include the CIA’s domestic activities (common cast of characters).  In 1999 he published “The Lost Ending of the Didache” (Vigiliae Christianae, Feb. 1999), which revealed the missing ending of a very early Christian writing. In 2011 he wrote The First Gospel, which tells the story of the first Christian writing, the Aramaic gospel Melê d-Māran.  In 2015 he wrote The Aramaic Hypothesis, which makes corrections to the text of the four gospels based on the Aramaic substratum.  In 2018 he created the DVD The Story of Illegal Drugs in America to encourage young people not to use illegal drugs. Robert can be reached at
Overwhelming Evidence that the CIA Tripped Up Eugene McCarthy, Murdered Robert F. Kennedy, and Hamstrung Hubert Humphrey—all to Give America Tricky Dick 1. Backdrop of Vietnam War In late 1964, to prevent North Vietnam and National Liberation Front (NLF—South Vietnam-based guerrilla resistance forces known as Viet Cong) from taking over South Vietnam,...