Rob McKenzie

Rob McKenzie worked as an assembler, electrician and full-time union representative at the Twin City Ford Assembly Plant in St. Paul Minnesota, and was President of the United Auto Workers Association (UAW) 879 at the Ford plant from 1998-2006. He was also elected to and served on the Minnesota State AFL-CIO Executive Board for twelve years as a multi-union representative. McKenzie is the author of El Golpe: U.S. Labor, the CIA and the Coup at Ford in Mexico (London: Pluto Press, 2022). Rob can be reached at
Growing strength of independent Mexican labor movement today draws on legacy of striking Ford workers. In the pre-dawn darkness outside Mexico City, in the dim light created by streetlamps, a group of about 300 thugs and tough guys prepare to enter the Ford Cuautitlán Assembly Plant. They are men willing...