Tag: 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

In reflecting on 9/11 and the preceding terror attacks, it is clear that the security services’ long-entrenched practice of withholding and compartmentalizing information has had disastrous consequences.
This failure resulted from previous FBI, CIA, and NSA protection for al-Qaeda members connected with the plot. Before examining the details of the 9/11 plot, it is worth noting the extent to which the CIA, FBI, and NSA have acted to protect members of al Qaeda in the past. The most relevant recent history begins with the 1987 founding of al-Kifah Refugee Center in Brooklyn, a hub for U.S.-based mujahideen to travel to Afghanistan, and later Bosnia.
Part 1: How the U.S. Used Radical Islam and 9/11 to Advance Imperialism and Override the Constitution.
Aim Was to Sow Fear in the Public and Condition it to Support Wars of Aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq. Recent reporting shows both FBI and CIA suppressed evidence and blamed “foreign Muslim extremists” and then “a lone nut”—even though they knew the anthrax came from our own CIA-contracted military...