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For eight years, Ukraine terrorized the people of Eastern Ukraine with U.S. weapons but this was never reported on.

Here is a timeline of events:

  • October 2002 – “Full Spectrum Dominance” declared by the Pentagon to rule the world.
  • January 2014 – U.S. military trainers arrive in Ukraine. [1]
  • February 2014 – Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown in a violent coup.
  • March 2014 – Ukraine started the war and killed 10,000 Russian-speakers in Eastern Ukraine.
  • February 2015 – Ceasefire agreements at Minsk were violated by Kyiv, continuing war.
  • May 2019 – Volodymyr Zelensky was elected president of Ukraine after false peace promise.
  • May 2019 – U.S. Rand Corp. think tank issued a manifesto to destroy Russia.[2]
  • March 2021 – Russian troops appeared at the Ukrainian border.
  • Feb. 17, 2022 – Ukraine attacked a kindergarten in Donetsk, blaming Donbass separatists.[3]
  • Feb. 21, 2022 – Kyiv increased its shelling of Donbass by a factor of 100 within four days. [4]
  • February 21, 2022 – Russia recognized independence of Donetsk and Luhansk.
  • February 22, 2022 – Donetsk reported intelligence that Ukraine planned invasion of Donbass [5]
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The democratically elected government of Ukraine, overthrown by a U.S.-supported violent coup in 2014, was sparked by a massacre of protesters by a renegade Nazi brigade in the Ukraine Army, a cynical and deliberate false-flag tactic to anger the population. It worked as well as the German Nazi false flag Reichstag Fire that allowed Hitler to take over Germany.[6]

A more recent false flag attack was the anthrax terror a month after 9/11/2001 which stampeded the U.S. into war for oil, costing 2 million lives and 10 million displaced. The anthrax from a U.S. Army lab was falsely blamed on an Islamic zealot.[7]

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In 2014, the Ukraine Army started shelling Donbass in the east, killing 10,000 civilians, which is 10 times more than the UN-reported 1,000 civilians that Russia allegedly killed in 24 days since their incursion into Ukraine, February 24 to March 20.

DPR Claims Shelling Against Donetsk From Ukraine | News | teleSUR English
Shelling of Donetsk from Ukraine. [Source: telesurenglish.net]

Considering that the population of West Ukraine is 10 times that of the seccessionist-held Donbass, one can easily calculate that those killings by Ukraine were 20 times the percentage of population killed than those allegedly killed by Russia now.

The map below shows the blue two-thirds of Donetsk and Luhansk was occupied by Kiev which was besieging people in the brown one-third to the east. The Russian rescue mission stopped Ukraine’s genocide of Donbass.


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In addition, 4,000 combatants were killed in the Donbass siege. Trainers and equipment from the U.S. were there since 2014 to help the Ukrainian Army.

Not only has Kyiv started the war in Ukraine, but it also committed major war crimes like the shelling of a kindergarten in Donetsk, while trying to blame Russian for false flag attacks.

Why? Because Kyiv knows NATO has their back and they want to remove Russian-speakers from Ukraine. They want to grab that valuable property in the east.

It has been confirmed that 14,000 were killed Ukraine’s 2014 civil war, most of them Russian speakers in Donbass. Ukraine cleared minefields on February 23 around Donbass, preparing to invade. Russia blocked that with the incursion on February 24.

  1. Secretary of War Lloyd Austin told Margaret Brennan on Face the Nation on March 20, 2022 “Our trainers have been in Ukraine since 2014.”

  2. The US capitalist think tank, Rand Corporation, declared US war on Russia with their 2019 manifesto on how to destroy Russia, which has not been repudiated by any US government entity nor reported by any US mass media.
    Rand Corporation: How to Destroy Russia. “Overextending and Unbalancing Russia” | Truth11.com

  3. Ukraine attacked a kindergarten, blaming Donbass separatists.

    Report of the Organization for Security & Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)

    The Monitoring Mission’s report on the kindergarten incident:
    “On 17 February, the Mission followed up on reports of damage to a working kindergarten in the north-western part of Stanytsia Luhanska (government-controlled, 16km north-east of Luhansk), located about 4.5km north-west of the north-western edge of the disengagement area near Stanytsia Luhanska.”

    Comment by munitions expert:

    “So the kindergarten was 4.5 kilometers inside Ukrainian-held territory. The monitors were denied access to the site by Ukrainian authorities and were only able to see it from a distance (very suspicious).  Also suspicious is that the mission was told that “20 children had been in the kindergarten at the time of the incident but reported no injuries”.  Really?  An artillery shell bursts through a classroom wall, and no one was injured?  More likely, they had been warned to get out ahead of time and evacuated before the shell was fired.

    “But there is no doubt whatsoever about how far away the tank (or artillery piece) was. The impact was dead on, and not from a descending shell. And the surrounding buildings mean that whoever fired at the kindergarten was situated in that very small open space right next to it.  And we know it was a dummy shell, because of the unbroken windows.  If there had been an explosion, they would have been shattered.  Someone took deliberate aim from only a few hundred yards away and carefully fired a single shot on a flat trajectory. They probably weren’t interested in causing “collateral damage”, but just wanted a propaganda photo. How convenient that the damage was to a kindergarten and not to one or another of the anonymous buildings surrounding it.”

  4. The Organization for Security & Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)
    reports each day on the security situation with daily reports:


    Wednesday February 16:  number of explosions: 5 in Donetsk and 71 in Luhansk=76

    Thursday February 17:  Kindergarten hit by Ukraine’s false flag attack

    Thursday February 17: number of explosions: 128 in Donetsk and 188 in Luhansk


    Friday February 18: number of explosions: 135 in Donetsk and 519 in Luhansk


    Saturday February 19:     number of explosions: 553 in Donetsk and 860 in Luhansk-1,413.

  5. Ukraine Army’s Plan to Attack Donbass
    Published on 21 Feb 2022. “In recent days, the number and intensity of shelling on the territory of the Republics by the Ukrainian army has sharply increased. The units of the People’s Militia are forced to constantly suppress the firing points of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to prevent the death of the civilian population.”

  6. Watch the documentary “Ukraine on Fire” by Oliver Stone, producer of “JFK.” https://rumble.com/embed/vubrga. Dmitry Yarosh’s highly trained and disciplined paramilitaries had dressed during the coup as if they were state security troops, and they fired down upon the Maidan demonstrators and police, in what’s called in the trade a “false flag” attack—one that’s designed to appear to have been perpetrated by the side you’re intending to defeat, so as to deceive the public about who had caused the violence and thus get your enemy to be blamed (by your own electorate) for the bloodshed, and thereby unite your country to fear your chosen (typically foreign) enemy and so to be willing to invade them. Adolf Hitler had most prominently pioneered the false-flag technique, both in his burning of the Reichstag, and in his setting up the incident that became his excuse to invade Poland in 1939. Dmitriy Yarosh is a proven master of this craft.


  7. www.freefromterror.net; Graham McQueen, The 2001 Anthrax Deception: the Case for a Domestic Conspiracy (Atlanta: Clarity Press, 2014).

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  1. […] 2022-04-09 The United States and Ukraine Started the War—Not Russia     For eight years, Ukraine terrorized the people of Eastern Ukraine with U.S. weapons but this was never reported on.   The democratically elected government of Ukraine, overthrown by a U.S.-supported violent coup in 2014, was sparked by a massacre of protesters by a renegade Nazi brigade in the Ukraine Army, a cynical and deliberate false-flag tactic to anger the population. It worked as well as the German Nazi false flag Reichstag Fire that allowed Hitler to take over Germany.  https://covertactionmagazine.com/2022/04/09/the-united-states-and-ukraine-started-the-war-not-russia… […]

  2. The US is using Ukraine to fight Russia in hopes of accomplishing a regime change. Regime changes are a specialty of the US.

    • No doubt. A lot of these actions are hard to verify in real time, for obvious reasons, the Fog of War.

      But historically? When the smoke clears? The strength of the argument against the legitimacy and respectability (honour) of USA policy (and not just foreign) lies in some rather well-documented history.

      It’s pretty reliable as documentation when it comes from the horse’s mouth: one such perp, CIA’s Kermit Roosevelt, “confessed” (bragged) about using all these same exact tactics in Iran 1952 to overthrow Mossadeq, when the CIA astroturfed, much like now in Ukraine, a “popular” (i.e. paid ~ money is so popular with mercenaries) “uprising” against him.

      And that is historically well established as this nation’s business/war template, whenever we want to put into action a corporate “hostile takeover” of, well, anyone, or any country, according to our “bottom line” directives and financial “priorities”.

      Another “horse’s mouth” is the incomparably decorated war hero General Smedley Butler who wrote a book “War is a Racket” and used it as a speech, touring the US when he retired, warning Americans that his role as General had been as “high class muscle” to prop up American business interests, wherever it suited those.

      It’s a very cynical and mercenary mindset and it has never changed. If anything, it’s only accelerated, like heroin use by a totally compromised junkie, only with money as the substitute drug. Not really an upgrade, since the love of heroin is based in physical calamity, whereas the Apostle tells us that “the love of money is the root of all evil”.

      With past as prologue, a thousand years of Germans against Slavs trying a land and power grab of Russia, you can see why Putin would present his intentions as “de-nazification” of Ukraine.

      Would that Americans had such luck! [The UN voted a hundred days or so ago to ban Nazi celebrations. 130-2 (with 50 abstentions). It is now a glaring HISTORICAL FACT that those two countries who voted “against” were (are) …. Ukraine and USA, Inc, LLC (as I prefer to call this nation, geography of “states” being lines in the sand). Really, what more self-evident proof of the author’s premise, that the U.S. started this, do you need? The evidence is more colossally compelling than even the Reichstag Fire. Or the equally nazified bombing of Place Garnier, Saigon, 1952.]

      It’s not at all a subtle thing, really, but in the informal polls I take, pop-quizzing neighbours and strangers that I meet, not one knew of the anti-Nazi UN votes, and there was a nearly identical vote in 2017. What I call the American BBC (Billionaire Boys Club) of US mass media has muted reports of those votes, and very few know. Nearly nobody in the general public. A blackout, for practical purposes.

      The media moguls at NYT and others were working hand in glove in exactly the same way with a fledgling CIA in Saigon, Vietnam in 1952, as portrayed quite provably and accurately in the 2001 film with Michael Caine, “The Quiet American”.

      It’s no wonder that “The Producers” by Mel Brooks caught on so well here, on stage and on screen, portraying Hitler in drag, more or less.

      He was Wall Street’s street-walking puppet, precisely like Zelensky.

      His global ad campaign, as now as yore:

      “Don’t be stupid, be a smarty,
      Come and join the Nazi Party!”

      I think I’ll pass, we can do better than THAT!


      “It is practical tendency of all trade and business today to form big combinations, which are often more impersonal, more imperial, and more international, than many a communist commonwealth.”

      ~G. K. Chesterton, a century ago

  3. America bombed Pearl Harbour, Hitler was a pacifist, the Jews built Auschwitz, Churchill was a Nazi…And while serving ice-cream Trotsky tripped up and got impaled on an ice pick.

    • Poor Trotsky!

      My mother clearly endangered all of us children’s lives, repeatedly telling us to pick our icecream on Sundays after church.

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