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    1. As for my personal position. I think the world is deteriorating. You see, in the 70s, we studied the symptoms of nerve gas poisoning at school in civil defense classes. We know that spasms occur during poisoning, a person cannot speak, copious spontaneous ejaculation begins, death occurs in 3 minutes. The Skripals walked for 3 hours after the “poisoning”, Navalny himself told how he talked after the “poisoning”, and no one pooped.
      This means that Theresa May, Merkel and the whole world are illiterate. It is easy to see the degradation of the world by presidents. This is a drunken Sarkozy in front of the public, this is Obama catching flies in front of TV cameras, these are smoke-drunk deputies of the Japanese parliament and the Bundestag, these are verbal masterpieces of Bush Jr., this is Poroshenko with Zelensky, and the apotheosis is, of course, Biden. Unfortunately, we have to state that Putin is two heads taller than them.
      Putin cannot be a global evil because he is just a protege of the ruling class of the Russian bourgeoisie, he is just a performer of its orders.
      But comparing all of them with Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Churchill, De Gaulle, Deng Xiaoping, etc. is simply ridiculous.
      Your parliamentarians confuse Chechnya and the Czech Republic, Psaki announced that there is beautiful mountain air in Rostov-on-Don, that the United States can send its fleet to the shores (!) of Belarus, Nancy Pelosi said that she had spoken with President Kerensky of Ukraine. She would also remember Karl Radek or Trotsky.

    2. Even before the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, Wheat rose to $ 340 per ton, in a year and a half – from 200 to 340! The reason for this – already the second – jump in prices is the energy crisis in Europe, when an ill–conceived bet on “green” energy and the rejection of Nord Stream 2 inflated gas prices in Europe to unheard-of heights, fertilizer production became unprofitable, plants had to be stopped.

      Then the third stage of price increase followed – now they are already over $ 450 per ton. The reason is the new US sanctions. For example, sanctions imposed against Russian ports through which grain is exported. Or, for example, the sanctions imposed against the fertilizer plants of the Russian company Eurochem, which are located in Belgium and Lithuania. It came to the point that an external control was introduced at the Lifosa plant in Lithuania. In March, the plant was stopped, but now the Lithuanians are panicking in some iditic way trying to restart it themselves. In Belgium, the Eurochem plant was taken out of sanctions, but after all, they had already foolishly brought it to the fertilizer crisis. Prices have soared at times.

      More than 2 billion are produced annually in the world. tons of grain. And here the insignificant Ukrainian 20 million tons??!! The squeal about the evil Putin who starved the world is designed to hide the dirty intentions of the United States. These intentions are that the United States wants to bring ships with weapons to seaports – under the guise of saving the world from hunger.

      But Ukraine is already receiving a large number of weapons from the United States. Recently, Ukrainian Nazis shelled Donetsk schools, a teacher was killed. Ukrainian Nazis shelled the center of Donetsk, a child was killed, residential buildings were destroyed.
      The world’s media don’t want to talk about it.
      What weapons did the Ukrainian Nazis use to shell Donetsk? These weapons are 155 mm howitzers from the USA.
      The Americans are accomplices in the crime, they are the same murderers as the Ukrainian Nazis.

      And then a version of the land competition between Russia and the USA comes out – that’s the reason! That’s who put the howitzers, it’s the competition that put the howitzers!

      The world media write that the soldiers of the Nazi regiment “Azov” from the Azovstal plant were “evacuated”. Where to?? Relatives don’t see them. They have all been transferred to the Russian Federation, where a military tribunal awaits them.

      Boris Ikhlov

    3. The version that tries to explain the events by referring to the competition between Russia and the United States arose in 2014. Its goal is to equalize the United States and Russia, as if Russia equally participated in Maidan 2014 and equally imposed chaos in Ukraine. The version belongs to Trotskyist organizations subordinate to Washington, it contradicts the facts, it is untenable.
      In fact, both Russian factories and the Kremlin directly provided the Ukrainian army with everything necessary from the very beginning of the 2014 war: fuel for armored vehicles, aviation, components for multiple launch rocket systems, military trucks, artillery, etc. This happened even after Poroshenko banned the arms trade with the Russian Federation.
      Moscow, Washington, Brussels, and Kiev jointly suppressed the anti-fascist uprising in the South-east of Ukraine.

      In military terms, NATO is much superior to Russia. Even today, when the Russian army has recovered a little from the defeat inflicted on it by Putin’s henchman, Defense Minister Serdyukov, the Russian army cannot liberate a small area of the territory of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics, which was occupied by Ukrainian Nazis, for 3 months.

      In economic terms, Russia’s GDP is five times less than the GDP of the United States, talking about the economic confrontation between Russia and the United States is ridiculous.
      The United States easily displaces Russia even from the arms market, they force India, France, etc. to refuse contracts with Russia. The only area where Russia has advantages is gas through the pipe. But here, too, the United States was able to prohibit the use of the already built Nord Stream-2.

      The purpose of the Trotskyist version is to present the case in such a way that there is allegedly no fascism in Ukraine, that allegedly the United States is not the master of Ukraine.
      It is even funnier to talk about the competition between Russia and the United States over Ukrainian chernozems.

      What role can Russia play on the territory of Ukraine? – if Poroshenko also banned trade with the Russian Federation in the field of armaments (as a result, such Ukrainian giants as Yuzhmash missile and Yuzhnoye Design Bureau stopped). All Russian banks were ousted from the territory of Ukraine, and Sberbank was ousted physically by Bandera groups. The United States completely owns Ukraine, Biden frankly, without hesitation, told the world that he forced Kiev to dismiss the prosecutor general who was conducting a criminal case against Biden’s son.

      Kiev lifted the moratorium on the sale of land to foreigners a year ago, in July 2021. No competition was observed. But long before the moratorium was lifted, European countries began to export fertile lands from Ukraine by train – Sweden, Germany, etc.

      The purpose of today’s resuscitation of the version of competition between the Russian Federation and the United States is to hide the real reason for the outbreak of war, to hide the fact that for 8 years the United States pumped Ukraine with weapons and military instructors, and Ukraine killed children, women, and old people in the Donetsk and Lugansk republics by artillery shelling for 8 years.

      Boris Ikhlov, 1.6.2022

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