CAIB-30 (1988:2) From the Archives: Special Back Issue on Israel the Middle East: Israeli State Terror, Arms sales, Occupation, Chemical & nuclear warfare, Israel in Africa & Central America, Disinformation & Libya, CIA’s William Buckley, Afghan contra lobby
CAIB-4 (1979:2) From the Archives: Spying on allies: Secret Italy cable, CIA in Spain, CIA Africa recruiting, Angola, Subversive academics in Southern Africa, CIA and human rights, CIA firearms authority, Intelligence budgets, In Search of Enemies
CAIB-3 (1979:1) From the Archives: CIA attacks CAIB, Top Secret Army spy manual, CAIB CIA poster, CIA in Mexico, Australia U.S. spy satellite base, John Paisley mystery death
CAIB-2 (1978:2) From the Archives: Editorial, CIA recruits diplomats, Researching CIA officers, Cuban double agent in CIA, CIA North Carolina demolitions training base
CAIB-1 (1978:1) From the Archives: Editorial: Who We Are, Philip Agee on CIA, Cuban exile trial, “Consumer research” in Jamaica