SpyBlocker from CovertAction Magazine

Spyblocker from CovertAction Magazine

As you no doubt know, your computer, smart phone, TV and tablet contain built-in cameras (webcams) that are a “hacker’s highway”. Over one billion malicious computer intrusions of every kind have been reported this year. Billions more will go unreported, because most intrusions are never discovered! Not even the rich and powerful are safe — even Donald Trump’s private Twitter account was hacked. So, the real question is, not whether you will be a target, but when.

You can help prevent hackers, identity thieves, corporations, police, and government agencies from spying on you through your computer’s or smart phone’s camera by using the SpyBlocker!

To use the SpyBlocker, simply press it over the camera lens on your device. You can still use the camera, but spying through it will be totally blocked. Use one SpyBlocker to protect your computer, and the others on your laptop, smart phone, TV or tablet.