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Just before the one-year anniversary of the Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine, President Biden made a surprise visit to Kiev over President’s Day weekend. According to the AP, the plan was approved just two days before, but discussion began a month prior. Air Force One flew to Germany, then turned its transponders off for a flight to Poland. Only two U.S. journalists accompanied Biden—and they had to surrender their devices to the White House for the trip. The Russian government was notified hours before.

Biden’s trip also brought along surveillance planes—including E-3 Sentry airborne radar and an electronic RC-135W Rivet Joint—which reportedly monitored the situation from Poland, and another $500 million for military equipment on top of the $50 billion already given to the country.

Perhaps more notable were Biden’s comments, which push for more war and more destruction under the guise of defending so-called democracy in Ukraine. He signed the guest book in the Ukrainian Presidential Palace, ending with the phrase “Slava Ukraini.” Zelinsky said that he and Biden also discussed “long-range weapons.”

For today’s episode, we’ll talk about the one-year anniversary of the invasion, the prospects for peace, and building a popular and mass anti-imperialist movement to achieve it. Joining us today is Jacquie Luqman, DC-based activists and co-host of By Any Means Necessary on Radio Sputnik.

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  1. respectfully, you’re fooling yourselves if you think you can’t organize with self-styled “conservatives” against war. there IS NO political organ in the US that is NOT conservative, not actively working in the interests of the capitalist class, whose “political ideology is” NOT “the continued oppression of the people [you] organize with and for.”

  2. Is Left Right Unity Possible in the Anti-War Movement? OF COURSE IT IS !!!! I don’t know a single right wing person who likes wars. Wars are never made ‘by’ the ‘people’. Wars are concocted and negotiated politicians al ALL political colours. If you were in Abu Dhabi this week, at IDEX, the International Arms fair, you can see plenty of left-wing politicians and diplomats supporting and promoting sales of the killing toys their country produces.

    I give you just one example: there is a County in the UK where bomb factory is located. Whether the member of Parliament for that county is from the Conservative party or the Labour party, it makes no difference. If the two colours were not United The factory has to succeed in selling its produce.

    Look at World War ll, seemingly opposed in class, politics and personality, Winston Churchill and Clement Attlee forged an unlikely friendship during wartime. They sending troops on killing rampages and many of them to their death, the Right and the Left were very well united. There is well known photo of Labour’s Attlee visiting Poland in 1941 admiring the British made machine gun used by the Polish army.

    I repeat: DEFINITELY “Left Right Unity Possible in the Anti-War Movement”. I experience it in my organization, HUFUD (

  3. Like you, I am against war and the US foreign policies around the world specially the war in Ukraine. I believe the main key for PEACE is not mottos around the country. Unfortunately the main problem here is mentality of the American people. I mean majority of them are suffering but they don’t know where the source of their problems are…
    If you look at those guys or better to say those Hill-Billies who invaded the congress building, all were supporters of Trump and Republicans and were not rich people… As long as majority of people are brain-washed by our so-called free & democratic news media, then we are doomed to such problems and I am sure one day in a near future the US Empire will collapse and people know why or what happened & etc….
    So, as long as we haven’t solved this mentality problem of people in this country, then we are doomed to have wars, poverty and fascism….

    • the problem is the middle class…..they are completely preoccupied in aspiration….they really think they can reach cloud 9. they think they’re better than everyone else. they are thoroughly the most brainwashed and delusional. the politics reflects the reality.

  4. I am ready and eager to join with anyone who is willing to oppose the end of the war in Ukraine but I draw the line with those, one year later, insist on calling what is by every definition of the word, in every known language, clearly a war.

    Those who accept Vladimir Putin’s calling it a “Special Military Operation,” obviously, have never experienced a war, personally, on any level, and that includes former Marine intelligence agent, Scott Ritter, who, a year ago on Consortium News, expressed his “glee” over the slaughter by the US Air Force of retreating Iraqi troops in the first US war on Iraq in which he assisted, apparently, as an advisor while never setting his boots on the ground.’

    Since Covert Action apparently has taken the same position, it is hard for me to take its new anti-war position seriously.

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