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Chris Todd [Source: Photo courtesy of Chris Todd]

Like Webb, Chris is being suppressed by the mainstream media

Chris Todd is an L.A.-based investigator who has been featured on Court TV, NewsNation and CineMills TV. He delivered an O.J. Simpson bombshell inside his 2020 book Ron’s Revenge: For the dead, it’s never over. 

Chris claims that O.J. Simpson had an accomplice—named Charlie—who was a Mob enforcer and drug smuggler. He claims that O.J. and Charlie were both involved in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman on June 12, 1994.

Chris pieced the story of O.J.’s accomplice together through his personal experiences as an undercover investigator, and by researching extensively the crime scene, trial and alternative theories. 

In his book, Chris lays out a scenario in which O.J. and Charlie go over to Nicole’s house on June 12, 1994, because of a surprise drug extortion set in motion by famed Miami mobster Joey Ippolito. When Nicole lashed back and put up a fight, O.J. and Charlie overreacted and two innocent people lost their lives.

Since publishing his book, Chris has gained access to an audio confession tape that was made by Charlie and a team of producers in Hollywood. Chris won a March 2024 judgment against the producers of the tape who were seeking a restraining order against him in an attempt to keep its contents hidden and for Chris to be barred from talking about Charlie and his involvement in the infamous murders. 

One would think that Chris’ breakthrough would be featured all over the world, particularly after O.J.’s recent death, and that the media would welcome his truth, but that has not been the case. Just like his hero Gary Webb, who exposed one of the biggest corruption scandals of the 1980s—the CIA’s support of a Nicaraguan drug trafficking network—Chris has met tremendous resistance and outright suppression by the biggest mainstream media outlets.

“At first, I could understand their trepidation, but after a couple of years I started to realize they were going to outright stop this information from the public and the families. To say I was disheartened, would be a grave understatement. I eventually became outright angry, and took on a more vengeful approach,” says Chris.

Kill the Messenger' Recalls a Reporter Wrongly Disgraced - The New York  Times
Gary Webb [Source: nytimes.com]

Chris believes he has been smeared and effectively blacklisted by the media for revealing uncomfortable truths, just like Gary Webb.

“I saw many parallels between my journey on this case and with Gary’s CIA/cocaine journey. Both of us somewhat stumbled into the connections that would lead us down rabbit holes that just kept going deeper and deeper. We both were victims of fate somewhat, as if the stories searched for us.”

The media clings to the dominant narrative in the O.J. Simpson case—the myth of the lone Black assassin murdering two young White people in a fit of jealous rage—because to think otherwise would completely undercut the legitimacy of the Los Angeles Police Department, the District Attorney’s Office, and the mainstream media itself, which has seemingly been surpassed by a lone investigator in L.A. who operates on a shoestring budget with practically zero access to the evidence and discovery. 

Chris’ narrative is subversive further, because it reveals a link between O.J. and Organized Crime, which has long infiltrated Hollywood, and which has also corrupted law enforcement agencies across the U.S. for generations. 

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In hindsight, Chris believes that “the O.J. case and trial really did a rewrite on how DA’s and defense attorneys deal with murder cases. In essence, I believe it made it harder to prove cases and bring those cases in front of jurors. I think it made detectives and DAs much more cautious over the years.”

Even though O.J. looked guilty, the LAPD was shown at the trial to have contaminated the crime scene, mishandled evidence, overlooked key evidence that showed multiple persons involved, and even possibly that blood evidence was planted.

Criminalist Dennis Fung was caught lying on the stand, as was one of the lead LAPD investigators—the infamous Mark Fuhrman—and Chris states that he can “prove evidence was planted, in order to sweeten the pot, something the LAPD was caught doing repeatedly over the years.”

The prosecutors meanwhile failed to call as a witness Jill Shively who saw O.J. crash through San Vicente Boulevard, lights off, shirtless and screaming. “How you don’t use a potential eye witness to the getaway, is beyond comprehension,” states Chris, adding that O.J.’s acquittal dealt a “gut punch to the nation, not to mention the LAPD and DA,” a wound that has never really healed. 

Chris believes that jurors voted the way they did because of “fallout from the 1992 Rodney King riots,” which broke out after a video captured LAPD officers mercilessly beating a Black suspect. People were “tired of the LAPD’s racism; of seeing people of color having evidence planted on them, and having their sons and daughters put away for things they didn’t do.”

Some of the noteworthy evidence that Chris presents in his book, which points to the existence of an accomplice includes:

  • Blood, fingerprints and shoe prints found at the crime scene that did not match O.J., Ron, or Nicole.
  • Blood found in O.J.’s White Bronco, including on the steering wheel, that did not match O.J., Ron, or Nicole. 
  • Blood found on the passenger seat, passenger headrest, and exterior of the passenger door.
  • A paper-boy cap found on the floor of the Bronco with two root hairs inside.
  • Witness testimony that the Bronco was not at Rockingham while O.J. packed and then exited in the limousine and evidence that the Bronco had to be parked by someone other than O.J.
  • Famed forensic pathologists Dr. Henry Lee, Dr. Michael Baden and Dr. Irwin Golden all testified under oath and on camera that two killers existed.
  • The coroner testified that two morphologically different types of stab wounds were present.
  • O.J. himself came forward in 2006 that he had an accomplice named Charlie, inside his book and during a Fox television interview.
  • A team of Hollywood producers recorded Charlie talking about his involvement in the murders.
Inside O.J.’s famous Ford Bronco. [Source: Photo courtesy of Chris Todd]

Chris believes that Simpson’s Mob ties went back to the 1970s and 1980s when he used cocaine and helped supply it to professional football players, other athletes and celebrities. 

Charlie was an enforcer and dealer for Joey Ippolito, an East Coast mobster, who was one of Miami’s so-called “Cocaine Cowboys,” dominating the drug trade in Miami and living the high life there.

Charlie, left, with O.J. Simpson, and girlfriend. [Source: Photo courtesy of Chris Todd]

Besides the O.J. case, Chris has made breakthroughs while investigating the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal and the JFK Assassination, which he also believes have been censored by the mainstream media. 

Other high-profile murder cases that he has investigated include: 

a) Natalie Wood

b) JonBenét Ramsey

c) Aaron Hernandez

d) The Zodiac Killer

e) Biggie Smalls, aka The Notorious B.I.G.

In the latter case, Chris asserts that Biggie Smalls was killed as a result of a gang rivalry between the Crips and Bloods. Chris believes Biggie’s killers were part of a rogue LAPD Rampart Hit Team and believes that he can prove it. 

Chris started in Hollywood as an assistant director and associate producer, dabbling in acting and radio, but over a 20-year career became disturbed by the sexism and racism that he witnessed in Hollywood. “I truly wanted to be a successful director and producer, but it just wasn’t in the cards for me. Looking back, I realize that I’m meant to be doing what I’m doing now, helping victims, helping families, while at that same time still being creative in a way. Crime has sort of become my art.”

Chris says he draws inspiration from Gary Webb almost daily. “I can’t fully explain it, but I feel that I’m supposed to carry on his tradition, a tradition of real journalism, real investigations, even if it ruffles feathers and causes lawsuits.”

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Chris Todd [Source: Photo Courtesy of Chris Todd]

Currently, Chris says that he has about 15 murder cases on his desk, including a double child murder in Indiana about which he has been interviewed by Court TV and NewsNation, and a child incest murder in rural North Carolina.

His efforts have led to at least one successful prosecution, and a number of reveals to families and friends of murder victims. “Solving murders doesn’t always result in trials and incarcerations, and that’s not always what is most important anyways,” Chris says. “Knowledge is a part of healing, and even the slightest bit of closure or justice that I can provide is enough for me to keep going.”

Chris believes that law enforcement and DA offices around the country often lack the resources to pursue thorough investigations into many cases at once, which allows killers to remain free. Most major cities can only prosecute or facilitate half the murders they experience per year. 

Independent investigators like himself are thus important in making up for the failings of the system. They can help shine light into dark places that must be exposed if social change is ever to occur.

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