Thanks for the brilliant expose of Seal Thug Eddy Gallagher. A truly disgusting figure. You may be interested in the way Canada dealt with a unit that ‘went rogue’ in Somalia. After it was proven that a boy had been”executed” by the Regiment the unit was disbanded and is not revered, in fact if it is spoken of at all, it is with shame. I think your reference to this sickening phenomenon arising in WW2, mostly, l think in the Japanese campaign, is accurate. The Nazi SS overtones are frightening.

In Canada we always fear the influence the U.S. gung-ho mentality has upon our soldiers. We have a new special forces unit, JTF-2, which has already carried out crimes such as the holding of Port-au-Prince Airport while U.S. and French forces overthrow the democratically elected President Aristide of Haiti in 2004.

Politicians love these licensed thugs because they can give their foreign policy a raffish air, like the label “special forces,” which appeals to young men, and of course they’re secretive, which appeals to the dictator in most politicians.

Thanks for your great work.

(Captain) Colin Smith
MSC Merchant Marine (retired)
Canadian Airborne Regiment

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