Aslin joined the Ukraine marines in 2018 after moving to the country.
Aiden Aislin [Source:]

Says Ukrainian Army Has Committed War Crimes and That “We’re the Bad Guys in Mariupol”

Aiden Aislin, a captured British mercenary currently being held in Russian captivity, is filled with regrets for his participation in a deadly war.

Aislin, a 28-year-old from Nottingham who first came to Ukraine in 2018 and fought as a mercenary with the Kurds in Syria, sat down for a long interview with Graham Phillips, a journalist also from Nottingham.

The interview is available here:

In the interview, Aislin pleaded for others “not to take up arms with the Ukrainians,” because “you’ll be used, turned aside and forgotten about….if you go you’re an idiot like myself.”

Known as “Cossack Gundi,” Aislin prepared artillery for Ukrainian army forces outside Donetsk as part of the Ukrainian Marines and fought in Mariupol where he surrendered amidst the Russian takeover.

According to Aislin, Mariupol now resembles “Stalingrad during World War II; the city is in complete ruins, and it will be ten years before it even starts to resemble what it did before.”

Rather than blaming the Russians, Aislin believes that Ukrainian military commanders are responsible for the devastation because “they couldn’t accept reality that they would lose the battle and recklessly ordered their soldiers to fight to the last man when they should have left peacefully.”

According to Aislin, the Azov Battalion fighters—whom he described as “fanatics, criminals and Nazis”—were dominant in the city and used the cover of civilian-occupied buildings to fire from.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky could have prevented the war entirely by withdrawing from the Donbas and recognizing the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) but instead chose to fight.

Aislin said that he was misled by the British media which presented the Ukrainians as good guys, when they not only refused opportunities at diplomacy but also committed war crimes and slaughter and did not adhere to the Geneva Convention on prisoners.

The Russians by contrast, Aislin said, were abiding by the Geneva Convention, as he was being well treated in captivity—much better than he expected—even though as a mercenary he could have been subjected to the death penalty.

UK fighter who surrendered in Ukraine pictured in custody
Aislin in captivity. [Source:]

In hindsight, Aislin believes he “made a stupid choice to fight for Ukraine.” He only now looks forward to leaving Ukraine and starting a family with his wife in Great Britain after his hoped-for release in a prisoner exchange.

Mecca for Mercenaries

Ukraine has become a mecca for mercenaries like Aislin who have descended into the country en masse.

The Russian Defense Ministry has reported that an estimated 6,824 foreign mercenaries from 63 countries have come to Ukraine to fight for Volodymyr Zelensky’s government. Of that total, 1,035 have been killed.

The most numerous group of foreign fighters (1,717) arrived from Poland, while around 1,500 came from the U.S., Canada and Romania. Up to 300 people each came from the UK and Georgia, while 193 arrived from the Turkish-controlled areas of Syria.

Russia publishes data on foreign mercenaries in Ukraine
Mercenary fighters entering Ukraine. [Source:]

Ukraine has also employed Chechen units, as has Russia, which further deployed an estimated thousand mercenaries from the Wagner Group which is run by a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Chechen unit fighting with Ukraine. [Source:]
Wagner Group's hardened mercenaries pictured in eastern Ukraine | News |  The Times

According to Robert Young Pelton, an expert on private military companies (PMCs), there is “a frenzy in the market” for private contractors in Ukraine today.” A House bill proposed by Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) would provide a 10-year exemption to current law that forbids U.S. citizens from fighting on behalf of another nation.

Mullin introduces bill allowing U.S. citizens to volunteer to fight for  Ukraine | KTUL
In introducing the Volunteer Fighters Exemption Act, Markwayne Mullin, featured above, ludicrously claimed that “what we are seeing from former KGB officer and Russian President Vladimir Putin is an attempt to spread communism throughout the world and bring back the Soviet Union.” [Source:]

The Biden administration has allegedly launched a campaign to recruit private military outfits such as Academi, Cubic, and DynCorp. This is part of an effort to keep a “light American footprint” while trying to bog down the Russians in a quagmire.

Over the past eight years, many of the Americans who took up arms for Ukraine were white supremacists recruited by Ukraine’s neo-Nazi militias to fight Russia and advance white supremacist ideology, according to Newsweek.

Ukraine, nationalist, march, independence, Kyiv
Torchlight parade in Kyiv marking anniversary of Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera. [Source:] [NOTE: “anniversary” of what (his birth, his death, some other event)?]

Aislin’s story is significant because he is among the first mercenaries to renounce the war in Ukraine and assert that he was fighting on the wrong side.

While some might claim that he was coerced, Aislin made clear that he was the one to have initiated the interview with Philips. He said that he wanted to raise public awareness about what is really going on in the hopes of bringing an end to the war.

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    • He is NOT a mercenary. He joined Ukrainian military like 5 years ago. He has a Ukraine wife children and citizenship. He is being used. Do not give any credence to any statements by Russian prisoners of war. They threatened him and has obvious injuries.

  1. Devil’s advocate: it’s impossible to tell how the russians are treating their prisoners by taking the word of a single captured soldier. It’s entirely possible that he and a few others might be getting a better treatment to be used as a face to contrast with POWs under the ukrainians.

    • His statements are corroborated by the civilians in Maruipol and by videos posted by Azov Nazis themselves. I wouldn’t dismiss his confession outright when it is supported by other facts.

  2. Young people are not stupid, but they are educated in schools controlled by the establishment of their countries. They are taught what will benefit to their establishments: a mythology about their countries’ history and a misrepresentation of their current geopolitics and goals. How to avoid such untruths? Learn to read; stop watching and reading mainstream news (controlled by the establishment).

    • youtube being part of Big Tech, which is in cahoots with the CIA and other surveillance services, I don’t take their removal of anyone or anything seriously. They’ve been busy removing various people such as Exulansic, but other video sites seem to pop up daily which are not as censorious as youtube.Big Tech’s plan is to control us completely, which, frankly, I don’t think they are capable of doing. They’re nowhere near as smart as they think they are, just wholly owned subsidiaries of the deep state.

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