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On this week’s episode, we speak with Mike Rothmiller, former Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officer with the infamous Office of Criminal Intelligence Division (OCID). Mike is a historian and New York Times best-selling author of many different books including LA Secret Police: Inside the LAPD’s Elite Spy Network and Bombshell: The Night Bobby Kennedy Killed Marilyn Monroe.

Based on his own experiences and years of research, Mike shares the history and criminal behavior of the OCID, which falsified arrests, spied on politicians and stars, and sometimes acted like private intelligence for the police chief and other powerful figures. Released in 1992, LA Secret Police provides a wealth of information on the now-defunct division.

We also discuss his more recent book, Bombshell, where Mike used the OCID files as well as years of other research and interviews, to make the case that Bobby Kennedy was responsible for the death of Marilyn Monroe nearly 60 years ago.

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  1. Yeah, I find it hard to believe RFK would kill anyone like that. He presented no evidence that I heard – and the sound quality was poor besides. RFK was obviously killed before becoming President because he would have ended the Vietnam war criminal invasion massacres and remedy his brothers murder by exposing that evil cabal that still exists. When will Covert Action Mag cover 9/11 truths? I knew the founders and they would be appalled that this is being ignored. Lou Wolf was a friend in DC and I met Philip Agee in S.F. around 1987 with Barbara Honegger who worked in the White House and she most certainly is a full blown “truther” : Solving 9/11 Ends the War-Christopher Bollyn : ~ ~ ~ Conference : ~ ~ ~ 911 PENTAGON ATTACK – BEHIND THE SMOKE CURTAIN – BARBARA HONEGGER : ~ ~ ~

  2. Sure. Note to reader: if you believe a word of the RFK killed Marilyn crapollapalooza. I’ve got a Bridge that traverses Brooklyn I might sell you for a mere $100. It’s just a STEAL.. Just like this!

    Royhmiller, the historian. is “former” LAPD of OCID? What a surprise.

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