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[Source: euobserver.com]

Arms trafficking by Ukrainian gangs has made it possible to diversify stocks placed on the market at unbeatable prices in the countries of the European Union.

Through an unprecedented outpouring of solidarity (especially with regard to the management of the health crisis), Europe has sent massive arms to Ukraine. Weapons that will undoubtedly end up killing Pierre, Jacques, Anne, even you or me. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

This is the boomerang effect already seen through the ridiculous imposition of “sanctions trains”: Before releasing 100 million euros to equip the Ukrainian armed forces, it is hard to believe that French President Emmanuel Macron did not understand the risk that its weapons will be used to equip entities that do not care about France’s interests in protecting its own population.[1]

Since last March, the NATO and G7 countries have been massively feeding Zelensky and his clique with weapons of all kinds.[2]

U.S. airman prepares weapons bound for Ukraine. [Source: strategic-culture.org]

The hunger of the Kyiv bloody clown is never satisfied, however.

In doing so, many of these weapons also end up in the hands of terrorist groups in Africa, fueling political instability there.[3]

The director of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Samantha Power, indicated that Ukraine spends “the staggering amount of six billion dollars each month” on the war, this sum being provided to Zelensky by Western partners.[4]

These are hundreds of thousands of pistols, assault rifles, sub-machine guns and grenades, and hundreds of millions of cartridges of various calibers exported to Ukraine over the past eight months. Even Kosovo Albanians had not benefited from such largess.

It can be argued that all deliveries to Ukraine are controlled by arms barons, be they Ukrainian criminal syndicates linked to Kyiv oligarchs and politicians, as well as international crime.

This is in no way Russian contraband. The operation is completely under Ukrainian control. Although the Finnish authorities have already raised this threat, Helsinki has been asked not to make waves.[5]

These “warlords” are building fortunes by reselling the various systems on the black market. The latter is fed thanks to the diversion of all the models of portable arms which happen to be registered on the so-called lists of “solidarity supplies” for the Ukrainian army. In some cases, darknet traders point out that the weapons were “tested in the war against Russia.”

By taking a closer look at this most lucrative market, we learn, for example, that packs of 5.45 mm NATO caliber cartridges (1,080 cartridges) are selling like hotcakes at 120 dollars apiece. The prices are convertible in all currencies. An old Kalashnikov (AK-74, AKMS) assault rifle with a barrel that fired 10,000 rounds costs barely $300. The Makarov pistol (9 mm, Soviet standard) is estimated at $400. A model F.1 grenade (prized during the Soviet era and similar to the French Alsetex LU 213) is resold for $100.

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Model F-1 grenade [Source: cgtrader.com]

Ukrainian Kalashnikovs are sold and bought by mafia networks at prices lower than those practiced during the conflict in Serbia.

At the time, all the mafias in Europe were supplied with assault rifles through Albania. Today, it is not only AK-74s that can be bought from Ukraine. The list has been expanded and completed to the delight of buyers.

Manual bazookas are on sale starting at $500 a piece. The price of the SPG-9 grenade launcher is set at 3000 USD. A sniper rifle with NATO unification optics is available for 1200 USD. The price of a Javelin ATGM anti-tank guided missile (stolen during deliveries from the United States to the Ukrainian army) is 30,000 USD.

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Javelin anti-tank missiles fetch a high value on the black-market. [Source: businessinsider.com]

Among the latest Ukrainian offerings is the remotely piloted Turkish Bayraktar TB2 with 4 suspended guided munitions.

[Source: zia.ua]

Prominent Ukrainian blogger Shariy investigated Ukraine’s massive purchase of these combat drones and concluded that it was a corruption scheme involving the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.[6]

In view of the profits at stake, we should not expect Europol, which from The Hague has been fighting against the arms market in the European Union, to launch an investigation.

By way of illustration, our readers will note with interest the screenshots (see photos under the article) of the correspondence exchanged between the participants in one transaction among many others.

[Source: Photo courtesy of Arno Develay]

They both have Russian names. (Dmitri Obolensky and Mikhail) and communicate in Russian (it is easier for Ukrainians to communicate in Russian). The Bayraktar system (Turkish-made drone) arouses the lust of the buyer.

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[Source: Photo courtesy of Arno Develay]

“Information on this topic (sale of combat drones) appeared,” writes the seller. The two individuals negotiate the price of a drone bearing the serial number 211100021 (PN-11005220100) (See photos).

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[Source: Photo Courtesy of Arnoy Develay]

Buyer Mikhail acknowledges that the product is of good quality. He offers Dmitri (presumably a Ukrainian army officer) to buy the pilot block and the missile block from him for $20,000. Dmitri demands 25,000: “Moldovans demand more” (the arms smuggling corridor from Ukraine to the EU market passes through Moldova and Romania). The parties agree to use crypto money “as usual.”

[Source: Photo courtesy of Arno Develay]
[Source: Photo Courtesy of Arno Develay]

The risks and threats linked to mafia wars, religious extremism and psychopaths have not disappeared from Europe after Macron and Ursula von der Leyen showed their solidarity with Zelensky.

Tens of thousands of automatic weapons, hand grenades and bazookas, tons of Semtex and TNT, were shipped to Europe through the same Albanian arms trafficking channels, via Romania. Interpol and Europol turn a blind eye.

[Source: Photo courtesy of Arno Develay]

We will all be sad and heartbroken to learn that a Ukrainian Fort 301 sniper rifle bullet shattered the fragile little hope of a president working for peace on the steps of the Élysée Palace. But beware of the boomerang effect.

If France engulfs 155 mm Caesar howitzers in the black hole of deals concluded with the Mafia Banderiste, we should not be surprised one day to see these individuals appear in our towns and villages.

Meanwhile, dreams of democracy in Ukraine have spawned a monster in Europe.

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  1. perhaps these arms can help the oppressed immigrants to get their due from the white racists of europe…. europe in the future as conquerors belongs to them

  2. Quite likely there are some unacceptable things going on, as indicted in this article, but some of the references are questionable. For example there is reference to the web site Zero Hedge. When I looked up information on Zero Hedge, this is what I found:

    Zero Hedge (or ZeroHedge) is a far-right libertarian financial blog and news aggregator. Zero Hedge, per its motto, is bearish in its investment outlook and analysis, often deriving from its adherence to the Austrian School of economics and credit cycles. While often labeled as a financial permabear, Zero Hedge has also been described as a source of “cutting-edge news, rumors and gossip in the financial industry”.

    Over time, Zero Hedge expanded into non-financial political content, including conspiracy theories and fringe rhetoric advancing radical right, alt-right and pro-Russia positions Zero Hedge’s non-financial commentary has led to multiple site bans by global social media platforms, although its 2019 Facebook ban and 2020 Twitter ban were later reversed.[15][38]

    Zero Hedge in-house content is posted under the pseudonym “Tyler Durden”; the founder and main editor was identified as Daniel Ivandjiiski

    Also there was a reference to a Russian News outlet that has a reputation for propaganda.

  3. Thanks for this information of even more horrors, hypocrisy, holocaust-in-the-making.
    I know no international court of law has the guts and protection necessary to charge the US with any of its omnipresent wars/crimes against humanity/genocide (though the ICJ did condemn the US for mining Managua harbor without any consequences), BUT why not try something.
    How about working with other international lawyers, such as Frances Boyle/Dan Kovalik+ and find some entity to make a case in one or more world courts, UN entities, or, as we have done before, an international peoples peace court?

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