[Source: Photo courtesy of Arnaud Develay]

Randolph “Randy” Credico has been around the block.

Friend of luminaries such as Roger Waters, George Galloway and the late William Kunstler (to name but a few), Randy has been relentlessly committed to defend the proverbial “little guy” while taking on the powerful. (He repeatedly ran against senior Democrats such as Chuck Schumer and Andrew Cuomo in his bid to win respectively a seat in the U.S. Senate and the top job in New York’s gubernatorial election.)

Credico is also known to have been an ardent supporter of jailed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange who is still being detained in Belmarsh Prison as he awaits a decision on the U.S. government’s attempt to get him extradited in order to face charges per the 1917 Espionage Act (charges for which he faces up to 175 years’ imprisonment in a federal penitentiary).

[Source: Screenshot courtesy of Arnaud Develay]

A veteran of the civil rights movement, Randy Credico stands adamantly against all kinds of injustices and is a staunch believer in the truth.

Having had some of his family members fight in Anzio, Italy, during World War II, Randy, like many Westerners and particularly Americans, never imagined that the ideology his grandfather fought against 80 years ago is alive and well in 2023.

Photo of a Ukrainian extermination squad during World War II. [Source: Photo courtesy of Arnaud Develay]

As a media personality who understands instinctively the power of narrative, Randy initially could not wrap his mind around the reality that the Western media stood mum about the constant shelling faced by the people in Donbas for these last nine years.

Following a visit to the site of the latest open-market shelling which had caused one death and several injuries, the American repeatedly exclaimed: “How do they [Kyiv] expect to win over the people living in these regions while shelling their markets, schools, churches… sites without any military value!!!”

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Remnants of Ukrainian shelling of civilian centers in Donbas. [Source: Photo courtesy of Arnaud Develay]

Credico was due for a primer and so we proceeded to meet with Alexey Muratov, the vice head of the DPR’s NGO “Republic of Donetsk.

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Alexey Muratov [Source: dan-news.ru]

The Naked Truth

Following a two-hour meeting during which he struggled to absorb the scope of the facts presented to him, Randy Credico was still in shock.

“Azov Battalion,” “Bandera,” “Galicia Battalion”: It all came together as Muratov exposed the long nurturing of Nazism in Ukraine by successive U.S. governments, culminating with the 2014 Maidan Coup by the neo-con cabal, thus heralding the slow and methodical slaughter by the Kyiv regime of its own citizens in eastern Ukraine.

Nazi memorabilia in possession of Azov Battalion members. [Source: Photo courtesy of Arnaud Develay]

In the wake of our visit to the sacred ground of Saur Mogila followed by a trip to Mariupol, Credico was moved to tears as he discovered the utter destruction wrought upon the city by the most fanatical elements of Azov.

Having demonstrated great courage in seeking to find out for himself the reality behind the barrage of propaganda, Randy vowed to return to Donetsk.

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