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On its opening weekend, the movie Bob Marley: One Love sold more tickets than any other movie in the United States, far outpacing other films in the theaters. While the film appeared to stay away from U.S.’s involvement in Marley’s death in order to get wider distribution, the question as to whether the CIA orchestrated the reggae music icon’s early death at 36 years old deserves an exploration.

Marley Rose to Musical Stardom with Revolutionary Lyrics as Jamaicans Elect a Socialist Leader

Blacks around the world hailed reggae superstar Bob Marley for his revolutionary lyrics. Having grown up poor in Jamaica and rising quickly to musical stardom, Marley never forgot his humble beginnings, as he sang for people to “Get Up, Stand Up” for their rights against exploitation and government oppression.

Jamaica had gained its independence from Great Britain in 1962. The CIA, wanting to gain a U.S. economic foothold in the country, was particularly worried about Marley helping socialist Prime Minister Michael Manley win re-election against the candidate it backed, Edward Seaga (spelled “CIAga” in Jamaican graffiti).[1]

Edward Seaga, right, clasping hands with Michael Manley, left, and Bob Marley during the One Love concert at the national stadium in Kingston, Jamaica, on 22 April 1978.
Edward Seaga, right, clasping hands with Michael Manley, left, and Bob Marley during the One Love concert at the national stadium in Kingston, Jamaica, on April 22, 1978. [Source: theguardian.com]

Bob Marley grew up in a squalid Jamaican home. He met Peter Tosh and formed a singing group called The Wailers in the mid-1960s. By the mid-1970s they broke into the American and British music world.

Their 1974 Burnin’ album was known for its Black Power songs such as “I Shot the Sheriff,” “Burnin’ and Lootin’,” and the aforementioned “Get Up, Stand Up.” His next album’s “Revolution” was particularly incendiary in saying that there was no political change without revolutionary struggle. [2]

A guide to the original studio recordings of Bob Marley and the Wailers
Bob Marley and the Wailers. [Source: thevinylfactory.com]

Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and their friends in the Rastafarian community preached that Jamaicans should resist U.S. interventions. They also, for better or worse, preached for the use of marijuana. They said it was to resist the use of heroin and cocaine that conservative political forces had contributed to becoming part of the country’s trade.[3]

Democratic socialist leader Michael Manley had won the 1972 election as the Prime Minister of Jamaica with his People’s National Party (PNP). Manley lived near Bob Marley and was friends with him, spending many nights at his house.[4]

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Bob Marley and Michael Manley [Source: todalmusicadenueestrasvidas.blogspot.com]

Marley Lyrics Put Down the CIA, As Gunman Says It Trained Him to Kill Marley

Despite U.S. government denials, researchers found covert interventions used against Manley’s government that included arson, bombing and assassination. Manley’s forces intercepted at least one shipment of 500 machine guns coming from a right-wing paramilitary faction with CIA roots and leaders convicted of drug trafficking. This right-wing group reportedly aided the trafficking of cocaine and heroin into Jamaica.[5]

Evidence supports that the CIA acted on increasing concerns about Bob Marley, who singled out the CIA with revulsion in political songs such as “Rat Race,” where he sang, “Rasta don’t work for no CIA!”

A person with long hair wearing a hat and yellow shirt

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[Source: facebook.com]

In 1976, Prime Minister Michael Manley said the CIA-supported groups fueled unrest to influence the results of the upcoming elections. The Governor-General of Jamaica declared a state of emergency. The government police fought this unrest that Manley claimed was organized by CIA-backed opposition leader Edward Seaga and his Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).[6]

Close to the day of the 1976 election, Prime Minister Manley planned a free concert with Bob Marley, sponsored by the Jamaican Ministry of Culture. A number of weeks before the concert, the “Shower Posse,” a CIA-linked paramilitary gang that supported opposition leader Edward Seaga’s JLP, had held Marley at gunpoint and extorted regular payments from him.

A group of people walking on a street

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[Source: boswellbooks.com]

Manley’s PNP sent gunmen to guard Marley’s home and ward off the extortionists.

Days before the concert, Shower Posse gunmen broke into a neighbor’s home where they shot Marley, his wife Rita, and his manager, Don Taylor.[7]

Police scared off the attackers before they could kill the Marleys. Miraculously, they all survived after hospitalizations.

Don Taylor said that Rastafarians eventually captured four of the gunmen who shot them and held a people’s court with them. Taylor said that “One, a young man I knew only as Leggo Beast, told the ghetto court that four of them had been trained by the CIA and given guns and unlimited supplies of cocaine to do the assassination.”[8]

Witnesses Believe the CIA Director’s Son Poisoned Marley with a Cancer-Causing Agent

Prime Minister Manley had police, soldiers and Rastafarians escort the Marleys and Wailers band members to a secluded mountain encampment where they were guarded.

Several days after his recovery, Marley appeared at the concert on stage with Manley. He and his PNP handily won the election.[9]

Those present at the encampment said an unarmed right-wing agent did get past the guards to attack Marley covertly. A group was making a documentary on Marley and the concert. Unknown to anyone on the film crew at the time, the cameraman, Carl Colby, was the son of CIA Director William Colby.[10]

Cinematographer Lee Lew-Lee, a former Black Panther, was part of the film crew. Lew-Lee, who later gained acclaim as cameraman for the Academy Award-winning documentary The Panama Deception, was close with members of the Wailers.

Present when Carl Colby came into the encampment, Lew-Lee said that Colby brought a new pair of boots for Marley. The reggae star tried the boots on immediately—a reported customary gesture among Rastafarians. Sticking his foot in, the singer exclaimed “Ow” as something jabbed him. Marley pulled out a length of metal wire that was embedded in the boot.[11]

A person in a suit and tie

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Carl Colby [Source: washingtonlife.com]

Lew-Lee said he thought nothing of the boot incident at the time, but became suspicious when Marley was playing soccer five months later and broke his toe on that same foot. When the bone would not mend, doctors found it was cancerous. The cancer quickly metastasized throughout Marley’s body.

Marley’s manager, Don Taylor, also claimed in his memoir that a “senior CIA agent” had been planted among the pre-election concert film crew as part of a plan to “assassinate” Marley. A theory holds that the wire in Colby’s gift boots was either made out of a radioactive metal or contained a highly carcinogenic chemical element on its tip (The New York Times cited U.S. possible use of this tactic elsewhere).[12]

Philip Agee on ABC in 1987.
Philip Agee [Source: nytimes.com]

The IMF Squeezes Jamaica’s Economy as Ex-CIA Agent Agee Describes CIA-Trained Terrorism

After Michael Manley’s socialist PNP won that 1976 election, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) reportedly “came down on Jamaica,” causing economic havoc, according to NPR radio host and writer Roger Stephens.[13]

The Emmy-nominated documentary film Who Shot the Sheriff? presented former Cuban intelligence agent, Osvaldo Cardenas, who said that Manley was good friends with Fidel Castro. The film also had Roger Stephens saying that the U.S. was behind JLP head Ed Seaga, and that the CIA labeled Bob Marley as a subversive in their heavily redacted file on him.[14]

Cuban agent Cardenas further said that the CIA was bringing in “guns and training streetfighters against Manley,” through the gangs in Jamaica.[15]

ReMastered: Who Shot the Sheriff? (TV Movie 2018) - IMDb
[Source: imdb.com]

CIA agent whistleblower Phil Agee (co-founder of CovertAction Magazine) said that “these gangs used paramilitary tactics. They would go into shanty towns and seal off whole blocks. They’d hold the police department and fire department at bay while they burned down the whole block. In some cases they would throw children and babies back into the flames. This served to turn the people against the government of Michael Manley.”[16]

Marley Beloved in Europe and Africa as He Supported African Anti-Colonialist Struggles

By 1981, despite serious illness from his progressing cancer, Bob Marley had become a hero for Africans. A New York radio network owner said in 1980 that, in Europe and Africa, Marley was “bigger than Christ and Muhammad combined.”

Marley played concerts for leftist leaders such as Marxist Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Marley also supported leftist struggles in Angola, Mozambique and South Africa. New York’s Black Liberation Movement-aligned WLIB radio worked to get Marley’s next album, Uprising, nationwide play on conservative-controlled Black radio.[17]

Watch Bob Marley Perform Live For Zimbabwe Independence
[Source: woldcnews.com]

The CIA and its collaborating forces, bent on defeating the democratic socialist People’s National Party in Jamaica in the 1980 elections, threatened Marley in his last days and democracy thereafter. Marley performed despite his approaching death and CIA operatives’ threats to not come back to Jamaica before the election.

The Gleaner helped the pro-American, reactionary JLP finally defeat Manley’s socialist PNP in the 1980 election. (The CIA reportedly worked inside the Inter-American Press Association to influence the right-wing transformation of the Jamaican newspaper, The Gleaner.)[18]

Bob Marley died in May 1981, and 30,000 mourners attended his Jamaican wake. The JLP-linked Shower Posse paramilitary group resumed perpetrating violence after the PNP regained leadership in 2000, as attacks continued against Marley’s bandmate, Peter Tosh.[19]

[Note: this article is partly adapted from chapters of the author’s book Drugs as Weapons Against Us (2015).]

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  2. Thank you very much for your gracious comments.

    The assassination of Robert Kennedy was definitely a CIA operation.

    It is not clear whether President Johnson actually ordered it but there is certainly no doubt that he approved of it.

  3. Thanks for bringing these related assassinations up Tony. I cover the evidence of the CIA’s involvement in John Lennon’s assassination, as well as Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination, in my book and film, Drugs as Weapons Against Us.

  4. Certainly worth taking a good, hard look at.

    Cancer-causing agents were developed, I believe, by the CIA for use in the planned assassination of Fidel Castro.

    It is also interesting to note that Jack Ruby died, reportedly of cancer, just before he was to have been re-tried for the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald. He had also implicated President Johnson in the assassination of President Kennedy.

    President Nixon was indeed very fortunate that the CIA abandoned its plans to assassinate him rather than resort to an alternative method.

    And yes, I am now convinced that the CIA was behind the assassination of John Lennon and that Mark Chapman was a patsy like Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray and Sirhan Sirhan were in respect of earlier assassinations.

    Lennon was actually shot from the front after he had entered the Dakota Building. 3 bullets then exited his body and went through the vestibule door. In prison, Chapman was visited by a number of people with CIA connections.

    Further reading:

    “Mind Games: The Assassination of John Lennon” by David Whelan.

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