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On December 8th the Green’s nine-member Steering Committee, its administrative arm, released a press statement in support of mandatory Covid-19 jabs. In one fell swoop, it rebranded and denigrated the Greens to just another captive corporate political party that echoes the pharmaceutical industry’s narrative “your body, my choice”.

Photo courtesy of Lauren Smith

However, there is hope. As explained by Trahern Crews, a spokesperson for the Green’s National Black Caucus, the Steering Committee’s press release is not representative and was thereby unauthorized—since it departs from the Green Party’s 10 Key Values, its platform planks and was not voted upon by the National Committee.

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Thus, consensus was not achieved on a highly divisive and substantive issue—oddly in a party claiming to be a model of grassroots democracy. Thus, at worst, the Steering Committee’s press release indicates a failure of its present leadership, though not in the Green Party itself as an institution because the Black Caucus has acted as a check & balance to the Steering Committee’s authoritarianism.

Greens Jump Ship

Nonetheless, while retractions can be issued, the damage is done. Green members are exiting the party in droves, such as high profile news media host, Kim Iverson, who tweeted “the only party I ever registered for. Goodbye” on the Steering Committee’s Twitter page. Iverson’s quote already has over 1,000 likes.

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This self-inflicted GreenExit bullet wound is most unfortunate because third parties have the greatest electoral chance at achieving a semblance of democracy in our raging plutocracy that has become unabashedly authoritarian—irrespective of its corporate party leadership. It’s curious that at a time when increased donations and membership drives are necessary, as third parties face increasing ballot access hurdles, the Steering Committee wouldn’t instead use its bully pulpit to promote established platform planks that are unifying and unassailable such as World Peace, Medicare for All, Worker Ownership, Direct Democracy, Banking Reform, Justice, Prison & Police Reform, and a real Green New Deal.

COINTELPRO Or Personality Disorders

Instead, defying all logic, the Steering Committee picked a lightning rod of controversy to champion. Several individuals interviewed blamed the use of infiltrators/COINTELPRO operatives within the Green Party for this and other ongoing self-sabotaging tactics, while others attribute it to random personality disorders such as narcissism.

What’s unclear is why this behavior is permitted. When asked why disruptive and divisive individuals aren’t removed from meetings and from positions of authority, the answer most often repeated is that these types of individuals form alliances and then use them to badger detractors into silence. Routinely, opposition targets are isolated, ganged-up on and slandered until they quit in disgust.

Many on all sides of the political spectrum do not believe the FBI’s unconstitutional COINTELPRO program was ever terminated—especially with it and the CIA’s interest in “domestic terrorists” and “extremists”. These nebulas designations quickly devolve into what’s now named “anti-government” groups. Thus, opposition to any of Washington’s narratives can result in, at minimum, unconstitutional surveillance if not in outright arrest or elimination.

Over the last 60 years of its operation, many FBI/CIA tactics brought to light involve the deployments of infiltrators and agent-provocateurs; the use of entrapment/coercion/plea deals and blackmail to carry out false-flag operations; imprisonments based on manufactured false charges; financial harassments through the IRS and other governmental entities; the use of slander and libel through its captive news and entertainment media; and outright assassinations.

Rise Of The Green’s Black Caucus

Within the context that there are over 111 Greens holding elected office since November, Trahern Crews believes this is not a time to abandon-ship but instead a time to bring all-hands-on-deck to wrest control from those who lack, at minimum, the leadership ability necessary to keep the party unified and moving forward.

If there is a silver lining, it’s that the Green’s National Black Caucus has stepped up to fill this void and in doing so has demonstrated leadership. Its December 13th statement, against the discriminatory and oppressive Covid-19 mandate is not only persuasive, but inspiring—no matter what your position is regarding getting the jab. If the Black Caucus’ statement is released to its members and they are given the respect they aptly deserve, the Green Party can be saved from itself.

Media Committee Refuses To Release Black Caucus’ Statment

However, the Green Party’s Media Committee refused to release the Black Caucus’ statement. This is without surprise since several insiders claim that the Steering Committee’s statement was crafted by the communication manager, Michael O’Neil. O’Neil has not commented on any aspect of the Steering Committee’s press release other than offering to provide interviews that never materialized.

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Michael O’Neill [Source:]

Alt-News Media Outlets

Without missing a beat, independent and cutting edge news media outlets, the Convo Couch and the Jimmy Dore Show, immediately came to the rescue to broadcast the Black Caucus’ rebuke of the Steering Committee’s authoritarian message.

The Convo Couch interviewed two co-chairs from the Black Caucus, Darryl! LC Moch and Trahern Crews. They mentioned the racism inherent in mandates as more Whites are vaccinated than Blacks. Also, Black hesitancy is attributed to historic practices of medical experimentation and sterilization on slaves and Black Americans.

Additionally, the skyrocketing profits enjoyed by the indemnified pharmaceutical industry from vaccinations are a cause for concern and a need for consumer protection against “fraud, dangerous products, usury, corporate greed and rip-offs”. Further, side effects that interfere with work ability are less tolerable to individuals that live from paycheck to paycheck.

Jimmy Dore’s reading of the full National Black Caucus statement with accompanying screen shots was powerfully convincing. In doing so he offered respect for their finely worded statement and leadership, but nonetheless Dore used this opportunity to plug the People’s Party as an alternative to the Green Party.

…Vaccine mandates and vaccine passports are among the most vile, unconstitutional, immoral, unscientific, discriminatory, and outright criminal policies ever enforced upon the population and goes against everything the Green Party stands for under Social Justice. These policies are coming from an out-of-control government at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry. The mainstream media and social media are also working in lock-step to censor any and all doctors, scientists, and investigative journalists who have an opposing view or who even question the current mainstream media orthodoxy….

People’s Party

The People’s Party is a misnomer. There’s no party, only fundraising, sheep-dogging and controlled opposition by Nick Brana—who’s rapid political ascent, since graduating William and Mary in 2011, is suspect at best.

Out of the gate, prior to his role as national outreach coordinator of Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign, Mr. Brana claims to have worked on Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Then, he leap-frogged to Deputy Director of Voter Protection on Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign and also worked on then Sen. John Kerry’s PAC.

Nick Brana [Source:]

Both MacAuliffe and Kerry are part of the dubious Clinton/CIA machine.

Who then is Nicolas A. Brana’s Godfather? Not only is Nick Brana’s profile scrubbed of details he hasn’t authored, but no details on his mother exist—such as her maiden name or why she was in Norfolk, Virginia—a location packed with naval intelligence command jobs. Maybe Monica Brana just likes the beach?

Of note, is that William and Mary students have participated in a CIA program that’s been reported as “Students spend a day as CIA Analysts.” Accordingly, the CIA simulation competition is the extension of a pilot program suggested in 2010 by the Project for International Peace and Security (PIPS) which is an international relations think tank located at the College.

What’s Next

While the National Black Caucus hasn’t formally requested a recall election for the Steering Committee, it was mentioned on Convo Couch that this radical move is under discussion by its membership.

6-4.4 All recall proposals shall be allotted three weeks for discussion and one week for voting. Discussion shall begin on the next regular starting date as defined in Article VI of the GPUS Rules and Procedures, after it has been confirmed that the proposal has requisite support. The vote shall be conducted online, even if an Annual National Meeting falls within the specified window. Quorum shall be two-thirds of member state Green Parties and caucuses, and the threshold for recall shall be two-thirds of those casting yes or no votes.

As expressed by Trahern Crew, Greens should not abandon the party. Folks should instead use this opportunity to join the National Black Caucus and support their resistance to authoritarianism and for bodily autonomy and equal rights so the Greens can be restored to being a party truly for the people.

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  1. Thank you, Lauren. Such an important article; I can’t believe I’m only first seeing it now. Great statement by the BC-GPUS. I wish other leftists groups would take that position. Leftist groups are making an ethical and tactical mistake by endorsing, or staying silent, regarding the c-19 vax mandate. For one thing, the majority of unvaccinated are pregnant women, children, incarcerated, and houseless. Beyond that, the justifications for mandates (i.e., to stop transmission) and the ruling class narrative around the c-19 response in general is extremely suspect, at best. It is frustrating to see so-called materialists taking bourgeois “science” at face value without applying a class analysis to it.

  2. So — for us who can no longer vote for any either DNC or GOP candidate:

    Whom should we vote for – at all election levels – local, state, federal?

  3. What is evidence-based medicine?

    Dr. Paul Alexander – The evidence-based medicine approach is one where decision-making has to be based what we’re seeing on the body of evidence, so we want that approach to be very systematically laid out so that other scientist reading your work could reproduce your methodology to see how you arrived with that finding, see if your research included the entire full body of evidence, and you didn’t happen to miss important pieces of evidence. We could be confident that this decision making right now was based on the full, most updated, trustworthy evidence so that we could remove the researcher’s bias from the table.

    When we implemented lockdowns and school closures, we knew quickly, maybe after one month at the beginning of the lockdowns in March 2020, we knew after 3 weeks to one month, that those lockdowns were not working to stop COVID transmission or the school closures had not worked. In fact, we knew the science was accumulating, the evidence was accumulating across the world, that the lockdowns, school closures, and the mask mandates was not even having an effect. Everywhere they implemented a mask mandate in the United States, every country, every state in America, cases of infection actually went up.

    So people who were on these task forces making decisions, they were not consulting the evidence because had they been consulting the evidence, they would have known they should have stopped what they were doing. When you implement a policy, you have to revisit your policy and re-evaluate it constantly, particularly against the alternatives so that if the policy is catastropic or devastating, you can revisit it, stop it, and give it an alternative policy. You would want to implement policies only after doing a cost-effective analysis, where you consider the costs and the benefits for a series of policy alternatives not just one.

    At no point in the United States, Canada, and the UK has anyone in any task force in any government conducted a cost-effective analysis, and that’s what we saw glaring in the beginning. Many thought, “How are you making these policy decisions, sweeping decisions, and you are not examining them the way they should be examined?”

    33 studies on Vaccine Efficacy has raised doubts on vaccine mandates. Israel and the UK is now on it’s 4th booster and now people are talking about a 5th. Those who have taken the vaccine will have to take a booster every 4-5 months now. Dr. Fauci says that the definition of fully vaccinated is going to change. You will not be able to exercise your societal privileges. This is very serious place we are in, as a society and the world. You have no more say on the decision making on these vaccines anymore. They are changing the goal post on you.

    • Although Dr. Paul Alexander is much more qualified than I am (Alexander has a bachelor’s degree in epidemiology from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and a master’s degree from Oxford University.] In 2015 he earned a PhD degree from McMaster University’s Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact.) it should be noted that Dr. Alexander is not a medical doctor. He was hired by the Trump administration to be an adviser on Health matters.

  4. Perhaps what this is boiling down to is some final showdown between truth and lies aka covert actions.

    It is encouraging to see Covert Action finally sticking its toe in the water of the current conflagration with this piece.

    It is sad that it is only after definitive works like Kennedy’s book have already made a rock solid expose.

    It is also sad that previous to this piece, the only thing I had noticed from Covert Action on the curent subject of the imperium’s drug companies conspiring with the imperium’s spooks was a hit peace a while back on RFK Jr’s speaking at a german anti lockdown rally.

    May this this thing I have payed attention to for almost 30 years, now called Covert Action, resurrect itself.

    • A clarification, if I may. The misleadership which has currently captured the Green Party of the United States (and Green Parties in other nations and much of the so-called political left) denies that women exist. But plenty of Greens understand what a woman is. The fiasco described above is not the only one created by the current leadership. Although mens rights activists like Mr. O’Neil and Mr. Elizabeth and those they bully and silence may have captured the institutional framework of GPUS, Green values do not belong to misogynists of their ilk, but to every Green who has ever been inspired by the promise of feminism and democracy and justice.

      The Gender Critical Greens Political Action Committee has just published a pamphlet called “The Lobby for Gender Ideology: A Quick Primer”. You can get a FREE copy at this link:–a_quick_primer

  5. I guess I will try again to leave a comment.

    It is a little hard to believe that it is this contentious at this time (with so many serious well sourced books much less articles published detailing the incredible amount of malfeasance surrounding the covid response) to only mildly suggest as this article does that the covid response might be called into question.

    It is surprising that Covert Action has not covered any of what is covered very thoroughly in RFK Jr’s new book, which details the huge involvement of the CIA in the orchestrating of the global and domestic response.

    I have to wonder if covert action is not a gate keeper?

  6. Seems the Green Party in not immune to medical science ignorant people within the Party. Maybe they will die off from their ignorance of what humans on earth should do during virus based pandemics. The sooner the better I say!

  7. There is nothing in the article that disputes the validity of vaccines, vaccine mandates , offers any alternatives to vaccines in fighting the virus or even addresses the impact of the pandemic on all life on the planet. There is very little ‘green’ in Lauren Smith’s message.

    • I am very happy with environmental engineering education in pandemics I received back in the 1970’s and glad the Green Party has enough educated leaders to support world wide mandates of vaccines and all other actions to address the pandemic. If the Greens followed the science ignorance, anti-vaccine /anti-mask/ anti-crowds found in both the Democrat and Republican Parties (REAL corporate political Parties) then I would NOT belong to it.

    • Anyone who bothers to watch Dr. Peter McCullough’s recent interview will be shocked and have doubts about these leaking anti-body booster shots (aka vaccines). He appeared for a longer interview on Rogan’s podcast a few days later that was banned on Youtube and Twitter.

  8. What a great and sooooo welcome a comment by the Black Caucus, in the face of the stupidity and recklessness of the Green Party’s Steering Committee statement! Thank You so much! The GP Black Caucus speaks for ALL Greens, and so much appreciated.
    Mitchel Cohen
    Brooklyn Greens / Green Party

  9. I am puzzled as to why Covert Action would publish a piece totally at odds with the requirements for public health during the Covid 19 pandemic. One does not have to be a friend of the pharmaceutical industry to support the science behind and the efficacy of the vaccines that provide individual and societal protection. Fox propagandists Hannity and Ingram would welcome author Lauren Smith to the right wing airways.

    • The issue is twofold: Should the government mandate vaccine injections at the risk of losing your job, your family, ending up in the street via eviction, not be able to ride the subways without proof of vaccination if NYC mayor deBlasio has his way; and 2) Did the Green Party steering committee take action according to its own guidelines or did it violate them? Note: At this point, the issue is not about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines, but about authoritarian government overreach. The Green Party needs to conduct a debate and plebiscite of its members to determine their decision. What may seem like common sense to you, Bob, may not seem that way to many of us who, for instance, already had Covid and have the necessary immunities, don’t trust the very poor “science” being slapped down to squelch debate, or who oppose the mRNA vaccines …. That’s the call of the membership, not the decision of a few honchos acting dictatorially.

  10. Excellent article! You’ve captured the dilemma faced by Greens who want to stay in a party whose ideals and values attracted us, but who have seen them betrayed over the last few years. The steering committees statement was the last straw for many of us, but your coverage of the Black Caucus’s principled response gives us some hope.

  11. I call them Scared Rabbit Democrats/Lefties; the only Brains in the Green Party is the Black Caucus because they oppose mandates, lockdowns and vaxx passports. Black People WILL NOT CARRY PAPERS. That ended in 1863.

  12. Bodily autonomy? What bodily autonomy? Every set of lungs is linked to every other set by the virus-laden air. If bodily autonomy actually existed, the Covid pandemic would be over. The anti-mandate crowd may think it’s “raging against the machine,” but it’s really raging against the consequences of having lungs. What’s the point in that?

    • Lungs linked by virus-laden air? Consequences of having lungs? Oddly enough, human beings along with other living creatures have managed to navigate that virus-laden air well enough to survive into the present without forced injections or chemical-soaked masks or compulsively avoiding contact with one another. I venture to suggest that we will continue to do so if given a chance. Have you really succumbed so deeply to this mass psychosis of hypochondria that you are that afraid of sharing with your fellow man the breath breathed into us by God? Tragically misanthropic as well as pathetically unscientific!

      • Living creatures have NOT managed to “navigate” viruses historically. Those that do survive during past virus outbreaks are the luck few while others die off by the millions. Vaccines and other science based remedial actions to the pandemic increase the chances for that survival. I prefer my survival plan be by being educated, not by luck. A belief in God has nothing to do with human ignorance of disease.

    • This so-called pandemic was unnaturally prolonged by the procedures compelled by the government which were, in Bret Weinstein’s words the inverse of medical SOP. Masks don’t prevent viruses from gaining entrance to your mouth and nasal passages, nor to your eyes. Once there, our highly evolved and remarkably complex immune system makes short work of most of them, unless we are unhealthy, frail, and/ or very elderly. They generally don’t make it to the lungs, but even if they do, the immune army stands ready to defend its home ground. The troops are everywhere, even on your skin. A vaccine for a respiratory virus, in this case does not activate our innate immune system, developed exactly to deal with that category of infectious viruses, but bypasses most of the army’s divisions and goes directly into the bloodstream where the defense is minimal. This vaccine, or gene therapy, is not sterilizing: in other words, it neither prevents catching nor transmitting the very disease it is supposed to prevent . Moreover, the minimal immunity it confers only lasts 3 to 6 months and is barely effective against the post alpha mutations. (Alpha is now extinct). Natural immunity, on the other hand, can cope with all mutations since it is generated by the entire virus, not just the spike protein, which is the only part used in the “vaccine “. If we had allowed the virus to circulate according to its own timetable and used proven therapies like HCQ, IVM, Budesonide, steroids, vitamins D and C, and zinc, protected the elderly and vulnerable whilst letting
      everybody else continue to lead normal lives, then covid would already be a thing of the past. It’s absurd to mandate something that DOESN’T WORK! It’s tyranny to force people to do something that defies common sense. And there’s something ominous about the refusal to acknowledge the harm these inoculations are causing, e.g. ~20,000 deaths, ~ 11,000 cases of myocarditis, and over 300 athletes disabled with ~175 dead of heart attacks, strokes, and the like. The green party must reject these mandates, and get rid of their instigators if it wants to remain a viable alternative to the corporate- controlled duopoly.

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