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Numerologists tell you that 19 is 1 + 9 which equals the powerful # 1, or new beginnings. Well, 19 years ago on March 19, coincidentally, my nation orchestrated the most horrific deed since God knows when.

The illegal and immoral attack, invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq really upset the world’s applecart. The carpet bombing of Baghdad and other key areas destroyed their infrastructure, and of course destroyed thousands of lives.

Fires rage in Baghdad as U.S.-led coalition forces attack the city during shock and awe operation. [Source: time.com]

As our military nested in safe zones of occupation, with plenty of good drinking water and air conditioning, millions of Iraqis stood in line for hours to quench their thirst, and waited hours for a few moments of cool A/C.

The ‘ Evil Hitler’ Saddam, who was actually aided into power by our CIA decades earlier, ran for cover. The die had been cast by the Bush/Cheney Cabal, and they made sure that friends of the administration made billions in contracts to (tongue in cheek) Rebuild Iraq. 

The Cabal made sure to protect the oil fields while the rest of Iraq burned.

The real horror of it all was the door being opened for what we later labeled ISIS, as thousands of those folks slipping into Iraq. Interesting that under Saddam Hussein, as terrible as he was, ISIS and Hussein were enemies.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, and I do not just mean Crawford, Texas, where Junior Bush relaxed while running our nation ( actually, it was Cheney et all who ran things), the wonderful Two Party/One Party gang opened up the checkbook. The increased spending broke all records for our Military Industrial Empire.

Scores of military contractors were sucking at the teat and slurping at the trough for your tax dollars, money that would normally go to tighten our safety net… gone now forever!

Over 4000 U.S. military were killed during our occupation, with over 30,000 casualties. One legged, one eyed, one armed and PTSD suffering soldiers (if lucky to still have the other part of their being) came home to never be the same.


Flag-draped coffins of U.S. war casualties are seen aboard a cargo plane in Dover, Del., in a recent but undated photo made available by the U.S. Defense Department.
Dead U.S. soldiers return from Iraq to Dover Air Force base in Delaware in flag-draped coffins. [Source: nbcnews.com]

Perhaps one million plus Iraqis were dead due to our actions. Millions of Iraqis became refugees.

A picture containing building, ground, outdoor, person Description automatically generated
U.S. Marine passes by dead man in Fallujah c. 2004. [Source: greenleft.org]

Regardless of who you believe, the horror precipitated by my country affected not only the victims over there, but millions of Americans. We became a divided nation, echoing what occurred during the Vietnam phony war.

We who opposed the Bush/Cheney Cabal’s actions stood on the street corners of our town and heard the anger generated at us. Of course, many of us sent that anger right back to the fools who supported such evil deeds. Sad.

On 9/24/05 in San Francisco. Thousands march in a anti-war protest from Dolores Park to Jefferson Square Park San Francisco on Saturday. Chronicle Photo by Shelley Eades
Peace march in San Francisco against the Iraq War. [Source: sfgate.com]

The morning of that tragic day this writer was having breakfast while watching the boob tube news. No matter what channel I scrolled to, I saw nothing short of cheerleading. 

Watching the carpet-bombing campaign of Baghdad brought tears to my eyes. I remember that great journalist Lester Holt telling us the success of the invasion force. Lester made his ‘bones’ and now is one of NBC’s top anchors, even moderating the presidential debates.

NBC Nightly News | American television program | Britannica
Lester Holt [Source: Britannica.com]

Little Katie Couric rolled through the hallways of her station shouting ‘ Marines Rock!’

CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric, reporting from
Iraq this week, poses with Marine Lance Cpl. James Cline,
of Asheville, N.C., left, and Sgt. Mary Alice Leone, of East
Boston, at Al-Asad Airbase in Anbar province. (AP)
Cheerleader for the home team even when the home team is wrong: CBS News anchor Katie Couric embedded with U.S. troops in Iraq. [Source: bostonherald.com]

Throughout the boob tube dials the media whores were so proud.

Then, after the invasion was moving forward we could see the press conferences by our invaders… always dressed in camouflage, as if they were anywhere near the front lines. We had all the empire’s (supposed) news channels propping up a myriad of retired U.S. generals and admirals acting as if this was D-Day 1944. [Nazi propagandist Joseph] Goebbels would have been proud.

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  1. Most of the magazines and newspapers in the world are writing about the humanitarian crisis being experienced by the wonderful people of Ukraine with millions of people forced to flee the country, with hospitals and schools being bombed, many people experiencing great hardship and suffering. Why is Covert Action Magazine not writing about the suffering of Ukrainians.?

  2. The more I look at this article, the more I want to cry. To me, it is publicity for the marvels and sophistication of the killing and destroying power of items our scientists and engineers produce thanks to the millions of left-wing or anti-Empire men and women who work for them. The more coffins you show, the happier thos scientists and engineers are, proud at their inventions.

    The article denotes an anti-American feeling, not an anti-war and pro-humanity or pro-life stance.
    Why “War in the USA is business for the Military Industrial Complex”? War is business for ALL countries in the world. NOT for the countries themselves, but for the politicians who run them. Wars never benefit the populations, they enrich the negotiators, from the extreme Left to the extreme Right. Money has no political colour. We saw this clearly at the collapse of the Soviet Union, when hundreds of former ‘Communist’ multimillionaires emerged.

    The article tells us wars “will always get bi-partisan support” and this is again true for all countries. Politicians of all parties are involved in multi’million military deals. The juicy commissions or bribes they received sre always welcome. Of course in poor African, South-East Asian and Latin American countries, politicians not only welcome this corrupt paynebts; the NEED them.

    In short, anybody who does not use the pen to educate his/her readers as to the absurdity of Militarism, Armed Forces and the Arms Trade, is promoting wars, destruction of life, families, health, education, economies and the environment. Not promoting the end of Militarism is the same as promoting homelessness (refugees), poverty, hunger, injustice, abuse of all our Human Rights

    Criticuizing politicians for producing wars is as absurd as criticising musicians, music schools, concert halls, recording and video companies, radio stations and TV channels from producing music.

    Alberto, preesident HUFUD

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  3. Excellent article. Only sad that Philip A. Farruggio doesn’t seem to know there was never an ‘invasion’. There was a deadly Game of War concocted and negotiated to the last detail, between the American and Iraqi governments. Military dictator Saddam Hussein relished the chance of becoming a Middle East hero. The American Ambassador in Baghdad met daily with the Iraqi Foreign Affairs Minister. The Trade and Military attach{es at the US Embassy also met with the Iraqi Trade and military aurhorities.

    The same went on in Washingtonm where Iraqi diplomats met daile with their American partners in crime.

    Before allowing the deadly and destructive game to start, both countries (with the blessing of the criminal Security Council and War Chief, the UN Secretary General) agreed on the date and time. They also agreed, as it recently happened between Russia and Ukraine, who will kick the ball first. Of course, making sure first all countries have secured air fares and hotels for their journalists, photographers and cameramen to secure a good viwe of the stage on whiech the Game is played.

    So, hundreds of thousands had to die, due to ignorant and PASSIVE humanity, who accepts the War Industry, an industry that can only exist if pays politicians organize mass deaths. I cannot imanige anything more absurd. And tragic for the future ofthe planet.

    • Are there a lot of people in the world who share your perspective on the nature of world conflicts? In all my life I have never heard another person who has your unique assessment of things.

      • Evelyn, those involved in organizing wars and slaughter of innocent people agree with me. All military manufacturers agree with me. Politicians, Bankers, and warlords agree with me.

        The milions of traumatized was veterans in psychiatruc tretment for life, for the atrocities they committed or witnessed, agree with me.

        The only people who disagree are the gullible masses, who believe politicians lies about Armed Forces providing dfense and security, when the opposite is true: the more a country spends on Armed Forces the less secure it is

  4. The war on the Iraqi people is actually 30 years long with the first unnecessary first military attack in the Gulf War in 1991. Dem Rep. Tom Lantos and his roommate, Hill & Knowlton PR firm contrived the “Nayirah hoax” to get the vote in Congress and Clinton kept the ‘war’ going with no-fly zones and sanctions until Bush Jr. could finish it off.
    Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeline Albright condoned the starvation of 500,000 Iraqi children to Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes. Google: Stahl Albright 60 Minutes
    Saddam was a ‘threat to oil companies’ so he had to go!
    War in the USA is business for the Military Industrial Complex and will always get bi-partisan support! Until we acknowledge this and start fighting it, we can expect long ‘wars’ and our blood and taxes to feed it.

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