Destruction in the Donbas, 7 years ago. (2015) [Source:]

If a tree in the woods fell down
And we see no one is around,
Does it still, if you will, make a sound
With no ear which to hear it fall down?

When TV ignores the news
Of Russian-speakers who
were killed 8 years ago
How can anyone know?

Ten thousand Donbass dead!
Can it enter our head
That we are being misled
By TV and agents in bed?

Media should’ve been rappin
When Ukraine was a-zappin
But journalists are a-nappin,
pretending it never happened.

TV is worse than the brass
We have learned from the past.
Capturing our brains,
War profits to gain.

Ukraine is CNN’s War
By hiding what came before.
Denying provocation
Of Russian mobilization.

U.S. imperialism’s tool,
CNN plays us for fools
Spending billions for war
Rich get richer some more.

Donbass is the tree in the woods
Unheard and unseen when it should
Have been at the top of the news,
Nuclear war to defuse.

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  1. save for cultural, linguistic, and outward physical appearances, it’s hard to tell the difference between North Korean Media and US MSM.

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