Pierre de Gaulle [Source: rt.com]

Says the U.S. and NATO triggered the conflict and are making Europeans suffer

Pierre de Gaulle, a grandson of former French President Charles de Gaulle, has said the U.S. is making Europeans suffer by fueling the Ukraine conflict and waging a pre-planned economic war against Russia.

A corporate consultant and bank manager, Pierre told The Franco-Russian Dialogue Association on December 26: “I revolt and protest this intellectual dishonesty in the Ukraine crisis because the triggers of the war are the Americans and NATO. The United States unfortunately continues the military escalation, making not only the Ukrainian population suffer, but the European population as well.”

Pierre continued: “The scale and the number of sanctions show that all of this was organized a long time in advance. It is an economic war, from which the Americans are the beneficiaries. The Americans sell their gas to Europeans for a price four to seven times higher than they do in their own country.”

According to Pierre, “public opinion in France is beginning to understand what the evil game of the Americans is today. By using lies, . . .the United States has managed to use the Ukrainian crisis to destabilize Europe. The Americans, as it were, cut off Europe from Russia, set the Europeans against the Russians. Why would they do that? Because Europe in alliance with Russia could be a strong bloc both politically and economically, culturally and socially…Ever since the Vietnam War and the economic crises that followed, Americans have always tried by force, cunning and other dishonest means to make up for the loss of their economic and political influence, although it is inevitable. In particular, Americans are trying to slow down the dollar’s loss of its status as the only…world exchange currency. And this policy continues.”

Target of the CIA

Charles de Gaulle - French president
General Charles de Gaulle [Source: mirfaces.com]

Charles de Gaulle was a hero of the French resistance against the Nazi occupation during World War II who went on to serve as French president from 1959 to 1969.

The CIA has declassified documents revealing that the Agency was involved in a plot in 1965 to kill de Gaulle, who had angered the Johnson administration by opposing the Vietnam War and throwing U.S. servicemen off French military bases.

De Gaulle had also pursued a progressive policy toward the Soviet Union, withdrawing French forces from NATO in 1966 and opening up negotiations with Soviet leaders, visiting Moscow numerous times and signing a trade agreement with the Soviets.

Leonid Brezhnev and Charles de Gaulle
Leonid Brezhnev and Charles de Gaulle in 1966. [Source: mirfaces.com]

After a failed assassination attempt in 1961, right-wing military officers who hated de Gaulle for relinquishing French control over Algeria, approached the CIA and developed an assassination plot that involved infiltrating an agent wearing a poisoned ring into a group of old soldiers attending a reception at which de Gaulle would appear.

When de Gaulle gestured to shake his hand, the general would fall to the ground while the assassin strolled calmly off into the crowd.

Restoring Grandpa Charles’s Vision

In a speech on the national day of the Russian Federation in June at the Russian embassy in Paris, Pierre de Gaulle noted how Russia had been seen by his grandfather as an indispensable ally whose friendship would contribute to the stability of Europe. “The General [his grandfather] even said ‘Napoleon’s disastrous decision to attack [Czar] Alexander I is the biggest mistake he ever made. Nothing forced him to do so. It was contrary to our interests, to our traditions, to our genius. It is from the war between Napoleon and the Russians that our decadence dates.’”

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France’s greatest folly: Napoleon’s army retreating in the Russian snow. [Source: kanopy.com]

Emphasizing how the Russian and French people were linked together “by long years of friendship and by the blood shed against the Nazis,” Pierre stated that he had come here to “affirm once again, loud and clear, that it is in France’s interest to maintain good relations with Russia and to say that we must work together in order to help the union and security of our continent, as well as the balance, progress, and peace of the entire world.”

In Pierre’s view, the “systematic and blind policy of confiscation and discrimination directed against the entire Russian people” [reference to sanctions] was “scandalous.” French elites had betrayed his grandfather’s legacy by siding with the U.S. and NATO and the “reckless” and “condemnable policy of the Ukrainian government towards the Russian-speaking population of Donbas, [which involved] discrimination, plundering, embargoes and bombings.”

The West, according to Pierre, has “allowed Zelensky, his oligarchs and the neo-Nazi military groups to be trapped in a spiral of war,” with their “blindness having serious consequences for the Ukrainian people. But let’s make no mistake. What do the Americans want, if not to provoke a new East-West confrontation, whose only goal is to weaken and divide Europe in order to impose their directive, their economy, and their system.”

Pierre de Gaulle speaking at the Russian embassy in Paris in June. [Source: eu.eot.su]

Pierre further noted that the Americans have “never accepted, nor the West with them, that after the difficult transition of 1991 and the reconstruction that followed, Russia would not fit into their unipolar world…nor that Russia should transform itself according to the Western model—in its own way. Because of this, and from the beginning, President Putin was perceived as a dictator, whereas he is a great leader for his country!”

The United States, Pierre continued, “has also never accepted the loss of the role of the dollar as the dominant currency in the settlement of international trade in the world.”

Pierre’s words are heretical to American ears and those of the French ruling elite; however, they present a wonderful and realistic vision that progressive movements should embrace.

Pierre ended his speech by noting that his grandfather loved Russia and “always supported and defended the imperative need, even in the most difficult moments of history, to build and preserve a strong and shared relationship with Russia. Allow me to quote General de Gaulle once again: ‘In France, we have never considered Russia an enemy. I am for the development of Franco-Russian friendship; and I have never sent and I will never send arms to people who would have fought against Soviet Russia.’”

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  2. In particular, Americans are trying to slow down the dollar’s loss of its status as the only…world exchange currency. And this policy continues.”
    Whar would slow down or stop the dollar’s loss as world reserve currency?

    Central bank digital currecny (digital money)…

  3. Napoleon’s rabbid mercenaries may have attacked themselves instead of the provided manufactured frontier , post Austria wasn’t it not T/F , that’s right, I’m calling vacum gaps lead blind fools along yellow brick rhodes over, du u read o!o

  4. PS Pierre de Gaulle concentrates on his ceitique of America, oblivious to the fact that Paris has supplied Ukraine with a substantial chunk of its arsenal of Caesar cannons, as well as anti-tank missiles, Crotale air defense missile batteries and rocket launchers. It is also training some 2,000 Ukrainian troops on French soil.

    Currently the French Armed Forces Ministry said Thursday it will soon hold talks with its Ukrainian counterpart to arrange for the delivery of armored combat vehicles in what France’s presidency says will be the first time this type of Western-made wheeled tank-destroyer will be given to the Ukrainian military.

    Discussions will include the delivery timetable and the training of Ukrainian soldiers on the equipment, the ministry said.

    Unlike Pierre de Gaulle, I don’t blame America or NATO. I blame humanity at large, for accepting the War Industry and for ignorantly thinking we need Armed Forces.

  5. Pierre de Gaulle is right and wrong. He is right in his ‘diagnosis’ of the war between Russia and Ukraine, but wrong in his ‘prognosis’ of the war.

    Zelensky and Putin are the idols, semi-gods of the Death Industry (military manufacturers, construction companies, funeral companies and Churches). All working hard to prevent the end of the war. Of course the other icons are their main UN partners: USA, UK, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Israel, China, Brazil, India, Poland, Italy, Spain and South Africa. They all, with the blessing and under the command of the War Supremo, the UN Secretary General, help Russians and Ukrainians kill each other and destroy as many buildings, roads and bridges as the available artillery allows.

    No human being will expect a world of Silence, with NO Music, whilst asking or allowing politicians to promote the manufacture and sale of music instruments, the building of music schools, concert halls, opera houses, the production and sale of CDs, form orchestras and choirs, etc.

    To accept the manufacturing and trade of machine-guns, bullets, grenades, landmines, bombs, mortars, tanks, rockets, rocket launchers and interceptors, torpedoes, bombing helicopters, ait-fighters, warships. drones and expect politicians to create Peace is an oxymoron.

    The above list of articles is only for training people in the Art of Fighting and Killing, forcing them to fight, kill or be killed whenever politicians (for their own personal benefit) concoct and negotiate Games of War.

    So much suffering , so many destroyed families and societies (UN produced nearly 100 million refugees in its 75 years of ‘working for Peace’!)

    Charles de Gaulle would have understood and agreed with what I say.

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