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Brian Boyenger [Source: foreigncombatants.ru]

One of the great mysteries surrounding the Maidan coup and the civil war which has followed is how the rabble of soccer hooligans and neo-Nazis who orchestrated the coup were able to become an army capable of subjugating the nation so quickly.

Despite Western narratives, the Maidan was a violent coup, and their government was imposed on most of the nation by force. However, 70% of the Ukrainian Army deserted or defected after the coup. This left the new government with both a great need for soldiers and very few of them at its disposal.

The solution was to deputize the fascists who had served as storm troopers in the Maidan, but these were drunken brawlers and petty criminals, not soldiers. How can a gang of street fighters be turned, in a matter of months, into the brutal Special Tasks Patrol police who terrorized Ukraine on a scale not seen since the 1940s?

As it turns out, they had a good teacher: an American paratrooper by the name of Brian Boyenger.

The Swarm

“Men, it is time to go hunting. You’re the hunter. You’re the predator. You’re looking for the prey. Rakkasans!” – Col. Michael D. Steele

Brian Boyenger did not come out of the womb as a killer. He was a normal young man in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, before he joined the U.S. Army. It was there that he learned his trade, working under one of the most brutal commanders in the Army. Like many young Americans, he joined the Army in the wake of America’s illegal full-scale invasion of Iraq and was deployed in the country for 14 months starting in 2006 as part of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team of the 101st Airborne Division. The 3rd BCT is the remnant of the former 187th Airborne, also known as “Rakkasans,” which was merged into the 101st but retained its traditions.

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Insignia of the 101st Airborne. [Source: en.wikipedia.org]

His first lesson was Operation Swarmer, a so-called counter-terrorism operation in outlying villages near the city of Samarra, Iraq. True to the name, 1,500 Iraqi and American forces descended on the region like a swarm of locusts. The U.S. and its associated propagandists touted the operation as the largest air assault since 2003, and even George W. Bush mentioned the operation as a great triumph.

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Insignia of the 187th Airborne [Source: Wikimedia.org]

It was anything but.

Despite ominous (and entirely unsourced) claims of insurgent leadership in the raided villages, U.S. and Iraqi forces found nothing of value. Of the 48 people detained by force, 17 were released immediately, and the rest were illegally detained and then sent to prisons and black sites where torture is rampant. Iraqi intelligence claimed that several hundred weapons and bombs were found in the searches, but no evidence was ever provided of this and none of those arrested was ever charged. Journalists were not allowed to accompany the troops on this operation and were only brought in after the raid was mostly finished to witness some carefully staged propaganda.

They watched as American and Iraqi forces ransacked a family farm, making note of the emaciated cattle juxtaposed against the multibillion-dollar war machine tearing apart the modest home. Despite all their effort, the Americans and their lackeys found no weapons, no people of interest, and no contraband at this home. However, they did not leave empty-handed. After they kidnapped a family by force, raided their home, and held them on their knees at gunpoint, they helped themselves to the dinner the Iraqis were cooking before their lives were interrupted by terrorists.

American forces were baffled as to why they met no resistance on this raid. They concluded that the terrorists must have been tipped off and fled the area rather than admit the truth that they had raided and pillaged peaceful villages for no reason. American forces claimed that they did not fire a shot, and neither side sustained any casualties. As was usual for America’s illegal war, this was a lie.

Before the operation, American forces bombed the region for several nights in a row. In one instance, American forces bombed a home killing 11 civilians and two cows with a single strike. Five of those killed were children. The Americans said that they were suspected al-Qaeda, a charge for which no evidence was ever provided.

“The killed family was not part of the resistance, they were women and children, The Americans have promised us a better life, but we get only death.”Ahmed Khalaf, brother of one of the victims

As they were wont to do, the captive media establishment simply accepted the Army at their word and thereby helped launder a terrorist raid on innocent civilians into a triumphant operation. The media’s refusal to confront the military on their deadly lies created a culture of impunity which perhaps made the 3rd BCT feel comfortable enough to commit their next crime, knowing that no one would dare challenge them.

The unit was commanded by Colonel Michael D. Steele, a veteran of America’s disastrous Somalia intervention immortalized in the film Black Hawk Down. He was known as a brutal, aggressive commander who kept kill tallies and awarded custom-engraved knives as prizes to the soldiers who had killed the most people while threatening any who refused or hesitated.

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Col. Michael D. Steele [Source: nara.getarchive.net]

Steele encouraged his men to carry out extreme violence without hesitation, teaching them that they were hunters, apex predators, and “carnivores.” He replaced language training with marksmanship, redirected all resources from development to security, and ordered soldiers to raze Iraqi homes to the ground on their raids. He ordered his men to shoot only to kill and never fire warning shots; to prepare them, he implemented a training he called “Psychological Inoculation of Combat.”

In other words, Steele had his soldiers visit morgues and ride with ambulances to desensitize them to the sight of dead bodies so they would not hesitate in battle. He even encouraged his soldiers to fight among themselves, orchestrating brawls and fistfights in the unit to weed out any “herbivores” who would not subscribe to his murderous ideology.

Day and night, body bags containing “high-value targets” killed in raids were brought back to the unit’s base where Steele personally and dutifully photographed and cataloged the dead for his killboards. However, even at the best of times, it is estimated that 90% of the Iraqis targeted by American intelligence were innocent, with little to no evidence of any misdeeds ever presented. These so-called high-value targets murdered by Steele’s thugs for prizes were usually little more than civilians in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The raids they carried out as part of Operation Swarmer were only a dress rehearsal for the real show, Operation Iron Triangle. On May 6, 2006, the 3rd BCT descended from their helicopters onto an island in the south of Lake Thantar, Iraq, near the site of a former chemical weapons plant. The factory was long abandoned, but the surrounding area had been reclaimed by local farmers.

Photographs gathered as part of the investigation surrounding Operation Iron Triangle show three detainees shortly...
One of the Iraqi prisoners executed by American forces during Operation Iron Triangle. [Source: thenewyorker.com]

According to American intelligence, there was an al-Qaeda training camp in the region, so the 3rd BCT was sent in to destroy it, capture the al-Qaeda fighters and collect evidence of any terrorist activity.

They needed to look no further than the mirror. In the mission briefing, Col. Steele had given them a very simple assignment: Kill all “military-age,” a term so broad it can apply to nearly anyone. A group of soldiers did their duty to the fullest, kidnapping an Iraqi family of four in front of their spouses and mothers, then staging an escape to give it legitimacy before they executed the bound prisoners as they ran away. The bodies brought back for Steele’s killboards that night ranged from a 13-year-old child to a 75-year-old grandfather named Jasim Hassan Komar-Abdullah whose dentures fell out as Steele tried to pose his body for pictures.

Eventually, the soldiers responsible for these murders were brought to trial. Squad leader Sgt. Raymond Girouard, who gave the order to fire and tampered with the bodies to make it look like an escape, was sentenced to 10 years but paroled in less than three.

Both the shooters, PFC Corey Clagett and Specialist William Hunsaker were given a sentence of 18 years and paroled in 10. Clagett showed no remorse and said if he had it to do over again, he would have shot the women, too. Despite testimony from all the soldiers saying he had ordered them to kill all adult males and clear evidence of his fostering a culture where acts of terror were encouraged, Col. Steele was not charged with any crimes and was only reprimanded.

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Corey Claggett in Iraq. [Source: postancourier.com]

“[Sgt. Raymond Girouard] said we were going to kill the detainees, cut the zip ties off and make it look like they ran, and he said Hunsaker and Clagett were going to do it. I didn’t say anything. Hunsaker didn’t say anything. I pulled the blindfold up on one guy, down on the other. Hunsaker took his [detainee’s blindfold] off. Hunsaker told them to ‘Run.’ I told them ‘Yalla’ to get them to run faster. They didn’t run faster, so I raised my weapon. Hunsaker raised his. He shot then I shot. The way Sgt. G. ran his squad, I thought it was basically like an initiation if I wanted to be in 3rd squad. [Girouard] shut the [Humvee] door, locked it, booby-trap locked it, and said if I ever say anything—he put his weapon to me and he said if I ever say anything that he will kill me. That is what the Army is, a big gang.” – Corey Claggett, in testimony at his trial

Operation Iron Triangle started as the sort of terroristic raid that U.S. forces carried out on a nearly daily basis in Iraq. Much as it had been with previous cases like My Lai in Vietnam, this sort of violence was the norm for American forces in Iraq, and it was unique only because this time the soldiers were caught.

After spending more than a year under the tutelage of Col. Steele, Brian Boyenger was a seasoned terrorist when he arrived in Ukraine. He wasted little time in demonstrating his skills to the Ukrainian people.

Washington’s Wolf

“We were always in contact with this Bryan, he was a man of Mamulashvili. It was he who gave the orders. I had to follow all his instructions” – Koba Nergadze, Georgian mercenary and sniper

After he returned from Iraq, there is a gap in Boyenger’s history spanning the years between the Iraq war and the 2014 Maidan coup. Boyenger says he left the army at the rank of Specialist, enrolled in college, and was a student until he saw the Maidan protests and was so inspired by the heroic struggle of the Ukrainian people, he went to the embassy to ask how he could help. In his story, the process took some time to clear the legal hurdles, and he only arrived in 2015 to serve as a military instructor.

Russian sources claim that he continued his military service and entered special forces, working all over the world with Delta Force and the CIA’s Special Activities Division as a commando and sniper before his deployment to Ukraine.

Due to the nature of these sorts of units, such an accusation can never be proven. Some sources have blamed Boyenger for attacks as varied as assassinations of Russian generals, the car bombing of Daria Dugina, and the destruction of the Kerch Bridge. These embellishments are almost certainly exaggerated if not entirely false.

Regardless, Boyenger’s story is suspicious, and his actions in Ukraine are even more so. There is strong circumstantial evidence that, although he may not be Rambo, Boyenger is much more than he says.

Italian journalists "has found" a sensation: the deadliest massacre in the history of the Lithuanian - snipers traces of
Boyenger in Ukraine. [Source: delfi.lt]

At the time Boyenger left for Ukraine, it was illegal for foreigners to join the Ukrainian Army. A special legal dispensation was made for Boyenger. It seems unlikely that the Ukrainian Army would bother to jump such legal hurdles for a low-ranking enlisted paratrooper with about a year of combat experience unless he brought something else to the table.

Furthermore, there is evidence that Boyenger was in Ukraine much earlier than he admits. An exposé by Italian journalists led by Gian Micalessin revealed that Boyenger was present in Ukraine as early as February 15, 2014. Georgian mercenaries hired by future Georgian Legion commander Mamuka Mamulashvili all testified that Boyenger was one of the organizers of the infamous Maidan sniper attacks. According to their testimony, in the days leading up to the attack, Boyenger was inseparable from Mamulashvili, and they were ordered to follow his commands.

At the time, Mamulashvili was a little-known figure outside of Georgian and Ukrainian nationalist circles. A former child soldier, an ally of the reviled and deposed ex-Georgian leader Mikheil Saakashvili and a veteran of both the 1992 and 2008 wars in Georgia, Mamulashvili was on the front lines of the Maidan from the beginning.

Two men in military uniforms

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Mamulashvili (left) and Boyenger (right) at a 2016 press conference. [Source: foreigncombatants.ru]

Mamulashvili had worked with Ukrainian nationalists before, during the 1992 Abkhaz war he fought as a child soldier alongside the neo-Nazi Argo Battalion, the armed wing of the UNA-UNSO.

Argo worked as mercenaries during the early 1990s and carried out an unsuccessful operation to rescue Mamulashvili and his father from encirclement in Abkhazia. Mamulashvili did not forget their efforts and wasted little time repaying them during the Maidan. UNA-UNSO would later co-found the infamous fascist militia Right Sector alongside a coalition of other right-wing groups.

In early 2014, the ongoing Maidan coup reached a stalemate. Time and bitter cold had driven many of the protesters on both sides back to their homes and the revolution was facing the very real danger of simply fizzling out. To prevent this, Mamulashvili needed a spark of violence to light the fire of revolution. He hatched an audacious plan to fire on the crowds and blame the attacks on the Yanukovych government. His point man for the plan was the U.S. Army-trained sniper, Brian Boyenger.

On February 20, 2014, snipers, allegedly under the direct command of Boyenger, opened fire on the crowds from the Maidan-occupied Kyiv Philharmonic building, killing dozens of both police and protesters. The plan worked, and the sniper attacks were the pivotal moment that gave the Maidan the momentum to finally depose the democratically elected Yanukovych government. While the Maidan forces quickly blamed the government for the attacks, NATO officials suspected a provocation from the beginning.

The attacks remain officially unsolved and, as the Ukrainian government destroyed all evidence, it is unlikely that those responsible will ever be brought to justice.

Anti-government protesters run with an injured man on a stretcher in downtown Kiev, February 20, 2014.
Anti-government protesters run with body of man shot by sniper in apparent black-flag operation designed to discredit the pro-Russian Yanukovych government. [Source: theworld.org]

Mamulashvili has denied his involvement with the sniper attacks and writes off the entire Italian exposé as a Russian intelligence operation. While NATO sources are quick to back him up, their arguments mostly revolve around the journalists responsible working for a paper owned by ex-Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi and Gian Micalessin’s membership in the neo-fascist MSI party as a youth.

They do not mention, however, that it is proven beyond any doubt that Berlusconi was a member of Propaganda Due (aka P2) a fascist-terrorist organization operated by the CIA inside Italy to prevent the country from electing leftist or even moderate politicians. P2 was heavily involved in narcotics and arms trafficking, money laundering on an unprecedented scale, kidnapping, assassination, and at least dozens of proven acts of terrorism resulting in hundreds of known deaths with many more suspected.

For their part, the MSI has been proven in court to be heavily infiltrated and directed by Italian and American intelligence. Because of this, the party was from 1959 strongly pro-NATO and pro-EU. They supported Italian accession to the European monetary system and U.S. missiles in Sicily. The two organizations often worked together as the political and military wing of the CIA’s Operation GLADIO, designed to implement what was known as the “Strategy of Tension,” a terrorist campaign against the cause of Italian democracy.

The MSI has often stood in coalition with Berlusconi and many of its members have gone over to his Forza Italia party, including Benito Mussolini’s granddaughter, Alessandra, who is currently a member of the European Parliament.

Alessandra MUSSOLINI
Alessandra Mussolini, MEP. [Source: Europa.eu]

It seems unlikely that a lifelong CIA asset and his militantly pro-NATO employee would be working with the Russians to discredit an American-backed coup.

Adding to this, Mamulashvili’s Georgian Legion is rife with neo-Nazis and other fascists from around the world. The organization even uses Paul Gray; an infamous neo-Nazi terrorist who was one of the organizers of the deadly Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally, as its English-speaking spokesman. Gray has made dozens of appearances on Fox News, proudly extolling the virtues and combat prowess of the Georgian Legion while begging for more weapons.

While Mamulashvili insists that all Legion recruits are vetted and neo-Nazis or fascists are rejected, Gray’s membership proves the Legion’s “vetting” is little more than PR to assuage the consciences of guilty liberals. Even a cursory Google search would reveal that Gray has been a member of multiple neo-Nazi terrorist groups, such as the Traditionalist Worker’s Party and Atomwaffen, who are infamous for calling in bomb threats against Historically Black Colleges and University’s (HBCU’s).

A person in a military uniform

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Neo-Nazi terrorist Paul Gray during one of his many appearances on Fox News. [Source: thegreyzone.com]

The implication that Berlusconi or any other fascist would oppose the Maidan or the Georgian Legion on ideological grounds is therefore ridiculous and little more than a desperate act of projection.

It should also be mentioned that the paper responsible for this exposé, now called InsideOver, currently has journalists embedded with the Ukrainian Armed Forces and is actively reporting from the front lines of the conflict. As of the time of this article, they have released 85 videos from Ukraine on their YouTube channel, the vast majority of which were made in collaboration with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Even by the low standards of NATO propaganda, it beggars belief that the Ukrainian military would allow Russian agents into their midst, let alone work alongside them.

Regardless of when he arrived in Ukraine, Brian Boyenger’s hands are not clean. He was instrumental in the training and formation of the various far-right units including Azov, Right Sector, the Georgian Legion, and many others. These units are all credibly accused of countless war crimes, and many of them have even been convicted in Ukrainian courts of crimes as vile as raping children.

In 2015, Boyenger broke his usually immaculate OPSEC to chat with Swedish neo-Nazi and first-generation Azov member Mikael Skillt, once described by the BBC as a “White Power warrior,” for advice on smuggling anti-materiel weapons into Ukraine.

A screenshot of a black screen

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Boyenger discusses smuggling anti-materiel cannons for Azov. [Source: Twitter.com]

The conversation is clear proof that Boyenger was acting with the knowledge and in the interests of the U.S. government. Boyenger openly discussed smuggling otherwise highly illegal weapons to a known terrorist on a public forum with what he says is State Department approval. Even aside from the obvious implication of the State Department arming Nazi terrorists, it seems very unlikely that a former low-ranking enlisted Army soldier would be getting this sort of approval from the government. Unless, of course, Brian Boyenger is something more than that.

Once he arrived in Ukraine, Boyenger became more difficult to track. Unlike most mercenaries in the country, Boyenger keeps his exploits quiet. He is not the type to upload his war crimes to TikTok or brag about atrocities in interviews. Most of what we know about him is due to his loose-lipped associates and even from the bits and pieces we can gather from second-hand sources, the picture is very grim.

No photo description available.
Boyenger sniping in Ukraine. [Source: facebook.com]

We do know that Boyenger was one of the founding members of the Georgian Legion from their press releases. Interestingly, the Legion repeatedly mentions that Boyenger was a former officer, while Boyenger had claimed to be a specialist in a Legion propaganda video. If Boyenger was indeed an officer, this would mean that his military career continued for years after Iraq, and the fact that he would try to hide this would indicate that he had a part of his military career he did not want to talk about.

A picture containing vehicle, outdoor, land vehicle, clothing

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Boyenger (left, in front of truck) with Mamulashvili (center). [Source: gtarchive.georgiatoday.ge]

Someone is lying, but it is unclear who and for what purpose. Did Mamulashvili lie to make Boyenger seem more important, or did Boyenger lie to conceal that he was far more than a simple soldier? It would not be out of character for Mamulashvili, a man whose past and exploits seem to grow more outrageous with each telling, to lie to the media. The only question is what would he gain for lying in this case?

Does it matter to the readers of Ukrainska Pravda if Brian Boyenger was an officer or a specialist? Would the Ukrainian readers even know the difference? As Boyenger was vetted by both the U.S. and Ukrainian governments, Mamulashvili knows the truth, but only he and Boyenger know if he is telling it or not.

It is unlikely that we will ever learn the truth of this matter. However, we do know some details of Boyenger’s exploits in Ukraine, and this is thanks mostly to his comrade at arms and close friend, a former U.S. Army soldier by the name of Craig Lang. Together, Lang and Boyenger founded a unit made up entirely of criminals, terrorists and neo-Nazis known as Task Force Pluto.

A group of men in military uniforms

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Brian Boyenger (left) with TF Pluto in Ukraine. [Source: Buzzfeednews.com]

Task Force Pluto

“What they’re saying is, ‘Here’s a group in Ukraine that’s going beyond ideology, they’re a militia group that’s actively recruiting for the cause. That’s appealing to people who want to promote white nationalism or preserve European-American culture. The fact that they’re fighting is in and of itself important.”Marilyn Mayo, ADL terrorism researcher

A group of men in military uniforms shaking hands

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Craig Lang awarded a medal by the Ukrainian Army. [Source: indyweek.com]

Craig Lang’s story is even more suspicious than Boyenger’s. Lang was a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, who served in the Army until his dishonorable discharge in 2014. A few months prior, Lang had gone AWOL and driven across the country to murder his day-old son, wife, and her family by surrounding their home with landmines. Fortunately, Lang’s plot failed, and he was arrested and discharged soon after.

After some time working on oil rigs in North Dakota, Lang first came to Ukraine in 2015 while still in court for his earlier plot. It is difficult to imagine how a fugitive wanted for such serious crimes could leave the country, transit through several U.S.-aligned countries and make his way to Ukraine, where he passed an allegedly rigorous vetting process. Unless, like Boyenger, he had the blessing of the government.

What is even more suspicious is that Lang did it three times. He left Ukraine in 2018 after he became upset that the war had ebbed in intensity. He wanted action, and he thought he could find it in South Sudan. Lang and his comrade, another deserter-turned-terrorist named Alex Zwiefelhofer, attempted to sneak into the country via Kenya where they were caught and deported.

Alex Zwiefelhofer
Zwiefelhofer in his U.S. Army uniform. [Source: bloomeradvance.com]

Zwiefelhofer, the son of a police chief from Wisconsin, is another former U.S. Army soldier who went AWOL in 2016. His social media accounts were peppered with neo-Nazi memes and “jokes,” including Zwiefelhofer wearing a Hitler mustache and a shirt that said, “Help more bees… shoot refugees.”

Like many other American neo-Nazis, notably Dylan Roof, he is an open admirer of the unrecognized colonial state of Rhodesia and its savage form of apartheid. He often posted pro-Rhodesia memes on Facebook and often suggested that Rhodesia did not go far enough in the subjugation and violent exploitation of its native people.

After deserting from the Army, Zwiefelhofer attempted to join the French Foreign Legion and was denied. Despite claims of a rigorous vetting process, Brian Boyenger ignored all these red flags when he accepted Zwiefelhofer into the ranks of Task Force Pluto. Zwiefelhofer fought alongside the unit in combat operations and became friends with Craig Lang in the process. Eventually, the two became so close that Zwiefelhofer joined Lang on his excursion.

When they landed in the United States after their deportation, Zwiefelhofer was interviewed by the FBI, who found large amounts of child pornography on his phone. He was arrested and spent several months in jail awaiting trial until he bonded out and fled to Miami alongside Lang with a plan to become mercenaries in Venezuela. The new front was the latest in the long line of America’s imperial misadventures and the target of a failed “color revolution” to overthrow the left-wing Maduro government.

However, Lang and Zwiefelhofer needed money and so they put two guns for sale on the internet to help finance their journey. The two men met the prospective buyers, Serafin and Deana Lorenzo, at a church parking lot on April 9, 2018. Rather than hand over the weapons, Lang and Zwiefelhofer opened fire, killing both the Lorenzos in a hail of bullets and then robbing their dead bodies.

A person and person sitting at a table

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Serafin and Deana Lorenzo [Source: buzzfeednews.com

Now with both money and guns, Lang and Zwiefelhofer were ready to set off for Venezuela. They tried to book passage on a ship but murdered the captain in a payment dispute. With their money gone and the walls slowly closing in on them, the two men fled Florida to the Pacific Northwest, where they split up. After disposing of the murder weapons, Zwiefelhofer returned to his home in Wisconsin and was caught about a month later.

The ever “lucky” Craig Lang easily escaped the dragnet. Four months after the murders, he drove to St. Louis, where he met with other fugitive veterans to plan a return to Ukraine. Now wanted for at least a dozen felonies, including multiple murders, Lang somehow walked through customs and immigration without anyone batting an eyelash. He even tagged himself at Kyiv Airport on Instagram.

Lang made one more attempt to return to Venezuela only a few days later. Even after charges had been filed by the Department of Justice, Lang was able to fly from Ukraine to Bogotá, Colombia, via Mexico City. In Bogotá, Lang was somehow able to convince police to sell him weapons despite his rap sheet. He paid for the guns in cash and boarded a bus to the border town of Cúcuta, which had been at the epicenter of America’s failed attempt at a coup in Venezuela.

For reasons unknown, Lang failed to cross the border for a second time. He returned to Ukraine, where he was embraced once more as an honored member of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Even after formal charges were issued against Lang and the U.S. government had officially requested his extradition, Lang lives freely in Ukraine, where he lives with his wife and child.

The Ukrainian government has refused multiple requests to extradite Lang, and his comrades in arms in Right Sector have provided for his legal defense. Brian Boyenger’s old friend Mikael Skillt, now the head of a mercenary group, even threatened violence if Lang were extradited.

“He [Lang] has a lot of friends; he’s active in social media, he’s been involved in the war as long as anyone. If they would extradite him, there would be consequences in terms of a demonstration.” – Mikael Skillt

A group of people holding flags

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Craig Lang at a court hearing with the neo-Nazi Right Sector, 2021. [Source: buzzfeednews.com]

Despite his claim to be “apolitical,” Lang often associates with neo-Nazis. Beyond his public affiliations with Right Sector, Task Force Pluto is rife with neo-Nazis and other far-rightists almost to the exclusion of all other members. Screenshots of their social media show an open admiration for Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, the veneration of racial violence, routine use of racial slurs, and open association with other violent neo-Nazis around the world.

Two men standing in the street holding a flag

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One of Lang’s comrades, Kent McLellan, shows how “apolitical” he is. [Source: triad-city-beat.com]

The unit’s prolific recruitment of American neo-Nazis became so serious that it drew the attention of the U.S. Department of Justice, who began investigating the group both for war crimes committed in Ukraine, and a serious worry that its members would bring their skills back home with them.

Besides Lang and Zwiefelhofer, other members of Task Force Pluto and associated groups have already made their way back to the United States, where they are once more active in neo-Nazi groups. Task Force member Dalton Kennedy, originally of North Carolina, has returned to join Patriot Front, another of the amalgamation of the groups responsible for the deadly Unite the Right Rally. While less public today, Patriot Front remains an active neo-Nazi terrorist group, and Kennedy is still a member. He is only one of many such cases in a vast constellation of militias operating inside Ukraine.

The implication of this at the very least is that the United States government, through Brian Boyenger and the rest of its ongoing operation, is openly arming, training, and funding neo-Nazi terrorists who have killed not just Russians and Ukrainians, but also American citizens on American soil. Perhaps most worrying, the atrocities carried out by these men in America are nothing compared to those they have been doing for years in Donbas.

What price will we pay in the future, when this bloody seed grows into a tree of hatred with roots throughout the world?

A person standing in front of a window

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Kennedy giving a Nazi salute during a Patriot Front demonstration. [Source: ukr-leaks.com]

During their investigation, the FBI found evidence of routine, serious war crimes committed by Task Force Pluto members inside Ukraine. Leaked documents show the FBI requested detailed information from the Ukrainians on alleged crimes as ghastly as rape, human trafficking, production of child pornography, pillaging, torture and even beheading of POWs.

The FBI maintains an open investigation on many of the Task Force’s members, including Lang and Boyenger. No results have been released, and no action has been taken against anyone except Craig Lang. At least one of the members, Santi Pirtle, joined the U.S. Army upon his return to America and is currently an active-duty soldier based in Louisiana. It appears that Boyenger’s saga has gone full circle. The terrorist tactics he learned from Col. Steele in Iraq and taught to Task Force Pluto have been refined in Ukraine and are now being passed on to a new generation of U.S. Army soldiers.

A group of men posing for a photo

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Pirtle, far right, stands behind Craig Lang alongside other TF Pluto members. [Source: buzzfeednews.com]

The Tip of the Sword

“What he confessed was this. He had not been serving God, after all, when he followed Allen Dulles. He had been on a satanic quest.

These were some of James Jesus Angleton’s dying words. He delivered them between fits of calamitous coughing—lung-scraping seizures that still failed to break him of his cigarette habit—and soothing sips of tea. “Fundamentally, the founding fathers of U.S. intelligence were liars,” Angleton told Trento in an emotionless voice. “The better you lied and the more you betrayed, the more likely you would be promoted….Outside of their duplicity, the only thing they had in common was a desire for absolute power. I did things that, looking back on my life, I regret. But I was part of it and loved being in it.” – The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government by David Talbot.

What we are seeing in Ukraine is something very familiar. Since the end of the Second World War, the United States government in one form or another has waged a campaign of terror that spans almost the entire globe. In Italy, where the young Silvio Berlusconi worked with the CIA’s P2 Masonic Lodge, the Vatican and the Mafia to destroy Italian democracy, they called it Operation GLADIO.

A close up of a receipt

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Berlusconi’s P2 membership card. [Source: en.wikipedia.org]

In Turkey, they called it Counter Guerrilla. In what became the founding example of a deep state, the CIA and their Turkish allies carried out a decades-long covert operation so extensive that it was involved in three separate coups. Their activities ran the gamut from pogroms, terrorism, and torture to international drug trafficking and murder for hire. They worked together with the Italians on many occasions.

In South America, it was known as Operation Condor. The CIA conjured up an overblown guerrilla threat to justify a continent-wide campaign of terror, carried out with the help of former Nazis and America’s hand-picked fascist dictators. At an absolute minimum, it has been proven beyond any dispute in court cases that at least 50,000 were killed, 30,000 disappeared and 400,000 were imprisoned. The real numbers are likely much higher, and it is unknown how many were tortured or otherwise brutalized by the U.S.-aligned regimes. Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was but one of many participants in this brutal campaign, and he remains an enthusiastic supporter of the program to this day.

In Ukraine, it was called Project AERODYNAMIC. Supplies and teams of commandos were parachuted into western Ukraine to support a group of bandits, Nazi remnants, and fascist terrorists led by holocaust perpetrator Roman Shukhevych.

A group of men in military uniforms

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Roman, front, second from left with Nazi Reprisal Battalion 201 in Belarus, 1942. [Source: en.Wikipedia.org]

After that failed, the U.S. continued to support the remnants of the Nazi collaborationist OUN and other organizations and protected their members from any repercussion. Yaroslav Stetsko, the second in command of the OUN who publicly pledged allegiance to Adolf Hitler in 1941 as his men beat Lviv’s Jews to death in the streets with hammers and axes, later became head of the World Anti-Communist League.

In this role, he received open funding and support from the U.S. government and worked alongside other fascists such as Alfredo Stroessner, Yakuza war criminals like Ryōichi Sasakawa and Yoshio Kodama, Hitler’s top commando, the Waffen-SS’s Otto Skorzeny, and the founders of the Italian MSI among many others. WACL worked as hit men, arms dealers, consultants and any other role needed to advance the cause of fascism. They were Reagan’s “third force,” able and willing to conjure up a rebellion or engineer a crackdown anywhere the U.S. government wanted.

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Stetsko (left) shakes hands with George H.W. Bush. [Source: cartagocat.wordpress.com]

In 1991, Stetsko’s widow Slava returned to Ukraine, where she founded the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists 50 years to the day after the Lviv pogroms. The KUN later co-founded Right Sector, which helped overthrow the democratically elected Yanukovych government and then, under the tutelage of Brian Boyenger and Craig Lang, was re-formed into one of the premier reprisal battalions.

With American tactics honed from decades of brutal occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, the “punishers” brought a once peaceful nation to heel, by any means necessary.

Whatever we call these operations, the result is always the same: America creates war and chaos around the world, using it as a training ground to refine its tactics and gather personnel for the future. Entire generations of humanity are wiped from the Earth to feed the ravenous machine of American capital.

For the United States, and the corporations that so transparently dictate policy to the government, the blood and suffering of so many nations has been turned into almost endless profits for the ruling class. Beyond the arms contracts that fill the coffers of Lockheed and Raytheon, entire nations are economically subjugated by American capital. Their resources are systematically looted and, if one of the nations has nothing left to give, its people are enslaved both at home and abroad.

Ukraine is not an aberration, and it is not unique. It is only the latest in a long line of victims of America’s savage “rules-based international order” which is enforced on the world by any means necessary. The people of Ukraine and the world deserve better than this.

Our task is to find a way to defeat this monstrous system—which turns blood into money—before it is too late. As the warmongers now try to foment a new war with China, our time is running short.

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  1. The plethora of misinformation in this article whether purposeful or not, is quite unprofessional. Ever check to verify Brian’s claim that he was in America during the Miadan Uprising? It would be quite simple to ask for evidence supporting that he was not there, pay stubs, electronic transactions, passport stamps, or an even an alibi.

    Also to address the topic Tim was speaking on. First we must find out what is Brian actually claiming vs what is just the conjecture of others. A DD214 pull would certainly answer most of these questions posted in the article.

    Another troubling comment that shows the mindset of this author, is the statement that equates a year of combat experience being of little value. This is absolute hogwash. The 101st has a very rich combat history, largely due to actions of valor from 1944-1945 in Europe. Brian serving in that unit as an infantryman and seeing combat in Iraq puts him in a very small percentage of post Vietnam era combat vets.

    Lastly the whole nei- nazi kick, is a bit dull. Not because it is not an important issue, which it is; but because it is largely irrelevant and subjective reporting. The author, Evan can be seen extrapolating events and ideologies that are neither confirmed or relevant to Brian or right wing Ukrainian pro nationalist. Every country has some sort of issue with radicals from all walks of life. However I can assure you there is a far less common issue with this in Ukraine than other countries in Europe and much less than in the US.

    In summary, it’s great to want to expose others for things done in darkness and I’m all for it. However, many if not all of the info in this article came from other articles and second/ third hand info at best. To be an OBJECTIVE reporter, one must gather evidence, not a bunch of hearsay. A good deal of time could have been saved by just going to Brian and asking him questions and for evidence of to support his claims.

    A man who voluntarily served our country honorably and selflessly served in Ukraine off and on to protect the democracy of Ukrainians……deserves at least a chance to be heard.

    Thank you.

  2. I can’t comment on what he may or may not have done in Ukraine. What I can say is that claims about his training and experience in the USA are extremely unlikely, given the timeline in which all of this took place. According to one account he was in the Army for just four years, which would explain his enlistment leading to his tour in the 101st, a former paratrooper division that has been off jump status and has been helicopter-landed since 1968, making Boyenger’s claim of being a paratrooper questionable. A four-year enlistment would also not allow enough time to also complete the lengthy Special Forces training course, nor serve in an SF unit, nor complete training to be a member of Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta (“Delta Force”) and then actually serve there as well. Then there’s the claim of becoming a CIA agent which again involves a lot of training. In fact, every organization typically requires some sort of “service commitment” of a number of years after completion of training. They don’t want to spend a lot of money on you, only to have you soon walk away.

    For example, in the early 1980s the USAF required a service obligation of six years after a student pilot completed a year of Undergraduate Pilot Training which led to the awarding of pilot wings. Still more training was then required on a specific type of aircraft before a pilot arrived at a flying squadron, and even then, upgrade training was (and is) a constant. Later the service obligation went up to eight years, and then ten years. Yes, they want their money’s worth out of you.

    Telling fairy tales about one’s military experience is rampant. Over two decades ago a former Army officer wrote the book “Stolen Valor” in which he unmasked countless frauds. Most people outside the military can’t easily spot frauds so they believe whatever silly tales they’re told. Personally I’ve encountered quite a few.

    Here’s an example. Around 1980, while in college, I met a young lady who said her boyfriend had been a Special Forces captain in Vietnam. That sounded plausible until she revealed his age, which made him only a year old than I was and there was no way he could have been an SF officer in Vietnam at that age. I laid out for her exactly why it couldn’t have been real but she chose to believe the lies. She said he even had certificates on the wall at his home. (You could buy them from advertisements by vendors in Soldier of Fortune magazine.)

    I had a friend in the campus veterans affairs office check on him and, sure enough, he was a fraud. He was not an officer and was not SF. He was a “word processing clerk” in Thailand near the very end of the US Army presence in that country where he could have easily given himself fake awards and certificates and no civilian girlfriend would have been the wiser.

    Another fellow, a general manager of a tourist railroad in the USA, claimed to have been an F-5 fighter pilot in the USAF. This was suspicious since F-5s were, by this time, mainly used in a training role in “aggressor squadrons,” not regular fighter squadrons. A records check with the personnel center in Saint Louis revealed that he had failed pilot training during his first few months, which is when most who fail will drop out. It’s at this point that student pilots must make their first solo flight and, if you’re just not up to it, you’ll get cut. It’s possible to fail the course at any time but most losses seem to take place right before the requirement to fly solo.

    While graduates of the US Air Force Academy would be shuttled off to non-flying jobs elsewhere (the USAF was going to get its investment back for four years in the Academy), those from ROTC or Officer Training School were typically discharged after a six-week period of paperwork processing and sent back home.

    For this fellow that was a strong embarrassment so later he began telling people he had been an F-5 fighter pilot.

    Just like with Boyenger,the timeline didn’t make any sense. He couldn’t have completed his training and service obligation AND done so many other things in his bio, given the timeline.

    Getting back to Boyenger, if he’s everything that is claimed in the limited timeline, why is he now working in a Home Depot in North Carolina?

    One last thing: Don’t believe everything you hear or read just because you want to believe it’s true. The world is full of deception and outright lies, and if someone is making absurd claims, get some verification. It beats having to admit later that you were completely fooled.

  3. Powerful as always, Evan. Your reporting has earned my deepest respect.

    Chuck: stopfake.org is a Ukranian propaganda website, itself inherently fake.

  4. In reference to Gian Micalessin’s claim that Boyenger was in Ukraine as early as February 15, 2014, according to the website stopfake.org Micalessin uses video footage of a press conference featuring Mamulashvili and Brian Boyenger as implied proof of their participation in the shootings. He does not mention that the press conference took place on February 24, 2016 and was devoted to the Georgian National Legion and its role in the war in eastern Ukraine. Mamulashvili , the Legion commander says that he was not in Ukraine during the Maidan revolution. Boyenger said he was previously in Ukraine in 2015 to train volunteers.

  5. Brian Boyenger may have served in the 101st Airborne Division but unless he actually went to Airborne training at Fort Benning, Georgia, he is not a paratrooper. Some background…

    In 1965 the 1st Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division was detached from the division and sent to Vietnam as a separate unit. As the demand for manpower increased in Vietnam, units in the USA and elsewhere where drained of personnel to support the war effort. In late 1967 the rest of the 101st was sent to Vietnam, but by then it was only a skeletal formation. In order to bring it up to a high enough strength for deployment, the Army assigned non-Airborne soldiers to the 101st, effectively making it a non-Airborne division.

    Already the Army had the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) in Vietnam and wanted another airmobile division, so in mid-1968 the 101st was officially taken off jump status, reorganized and renamed the 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile), a helicopter-landed unit. In 1974 “Airmobile” was replaced with “Air Assault,” a different name for the same thing.

    The 187th, mentioned in the article, was a glider infantry regiment assigned to the 11th Airborne Division during the World War II and fought in the Pacific. The division commander, General Joe Swing, wanted the parachute and glider units of the 11th to be cross-trained in both methods of aerial assault, so the 187th became what was referred to as a “paraglider” regiment. In the post-war years the remaining glider units still active were converted to parachute, to include the 187th, and landing by glider was abandoned.

    In 1950 the 187th was detached from the 11th Airborne Division, augmented with units of field artillery, combat engineers, signal, etc., resulting in the formation of the separate 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team and sent to fight in Korea.

    In the late 1950s the Army reorganized its combat forces. The three infantry regiments per division and the three battalions assigned to each regiment were abandoned in favor of five “battle groups” per division, each with five companies, providing a wider and flatter span of control. The lineages of the now-gone regiments were preserved by linking them to the new battle groups. For example, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Airborne Battle Group, 187th Infantry, bearing the lineage of the old Company A, 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment, was assigned to the 11th Airborne Division, then in Germany, and HHC, 2nd Airborne Battle Group, 187th Infantry and assigned to the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, KY, carried the lineage of the old Company B, 187AIR. Regimental numbers were used only for purposes of lineage and honors and did not indicate an actual regiment.

    The many faults of this type of organization soon became widely apparent and in the early 1960s the Army reorganized again, abandoning battle groups and instead had three brigades per division, and each brigade typically, but not always, had three battalions. The 3rd Brigade, 101st Airborne Division consisted of the 3rd Battalion (Abn), 187th Infantry; the 1st Battalion (Abn), 506th Infantry; and the 2nd Battalion (Abn), 506th Infantry.

    As noted above, the 101st forever came off jump status in 1968 when the Army didn’t have enough paratroopers to maintain it as a parachute unit. The division retains its traditional name only for historical purposes and for most of its existence it has been a non-paratrooper unit. While individual members of the 101st may have attended jump school at some point in their careers, the 101st itself has not been a paratrooper unit for 55 years.

    Units in the division’s 3rd Brigade (reorganized and redesignated as the 3rd Brigade Combat Team in 2005) have repeatedly changed over the years and at one point all the infantry battalions were units of the 187th (1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalions, 187th Infantry), and today the 3rd BCT consists of 1st and 3rd Battalions, 187th Infantry Regiment, and the 2nd Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment. (The term “regiment” was brought back in 2005; however, it’s only for purposes of lineage and honors. It does not indicate tactical organization like the years leading up to the late 1950s.)

    Army combat unit organization, lineage and honors can be very convoluted, and the bottom line is that the 101st is Airborne in name only. It is also not considered an “elite” unit. Soldiers are assigned to it just as they are to most conventional forces. It is presently organized as a light infantry unit, just like the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum, New York, which has not been a true mountain unit since World War II. Both divisions have shoulder patches and designations made famous during WW II but neither one is the same type of unit it was 80 years ago.

    Someone may point out that the 101st had some personnel on jump status long after the division itself stopped being Airborne. These were members of the division’s Long Range Surveillance Detachment and its Pathfinder company. When the Army got rid of its LRS units, the one in the 101st became a second Pathfinder company. Later the first Pathfinder company, and then the second, were inactivated, leaving an entirely non-Airborne 101st. Neither the Pathfinders nor the LRSD were part of the division’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team.

    Regarding this paragraph:
    “Russian sources claim that he continued his military service and entered special forces, working all over the world with Delta Force and the CIA’s Special Activities Division as a commando and sniper before his deployment to Ukraine.”

    Take it with a very big grain of salt. GIs are notorious for falsely claiming to have been in units and to have taken part in combat actions when they actually had not. For example, some years ago a former Navy SEAL noted that his SEAL veterans organization had identified so many fake SEALs that the fakes outnumbered the total number of actual SEALs by a factor of eight, and the “real SEAL” total included the members of the pre-SEAL Underwater Demolition Teams (UDT) of World War II. And those were not all of the fakes, just the ones they had discovered. Others claim to have been in the Special Forces, Delta Force (the nickname for the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment–Delta), CIA, etc., as supposedly this fellow has done. Yeah, well, show me the proof.

    Keep in mind that training for the Special Forces, the 1st SFOD-D, CIA, etc., is very lengthy and it’s very improbable that someone could or would be selected the SF, go through long training, spend at least some time in an SF unit, then pass the selection process for the 1st SFOD-D (very hard, relatively few succeed), go through that training, spend time in that unit, then get out, go to the CIA, get trained there, spend time in that role, and THEN go to Ukraine. The timeline just doesn’t work. Also, this person would have been a junior enlisted person at the time he supposedly entered training for the SF and then served in the SF, then 1st SFOD-D before THEN going to the CIA (to include training time and actual service), and it’s extremely unlikely the Army or the CIA would have dispatched such a young and rather inexperienced person to simultaneously serve with the Ukrainian military.

    Lastly, by doing a Google search I turned up Brian Boyenger back in his home city of Winston-Salem, North Carolina where he’s working at a Home Depot store. Does that sound like a super-duper soldier/CIA super-spy or yet another case of “stolen valor”? See:


    As for Colonel Steele, I always avoided such ‘leaders” when I was in the military and I was no fan of soldiers who were turned on by such commanders. After leaving active duty many years ago I joined a Long Range Surveillance detachment in the Army National Guard but soon transferred out. The “soldiers” there were a bunch of G. D.’ed animals and, if they’d been sent overseas to a combat zone, they would have been committing atrocities within a month and perhaps sooner. Instead I went to an Army Reserve unit that was full of lazy slugs but at least they probably wouldn’t do anything too criminal, besides cheating on travel vouchers as well as cheating on their wives.

      • I have no knowledge of what Boyenger may or may not have done in Ukraine. What I pointed out in detail, however, is how very unlikely the story is about how he was a paratrooper (in a division that went off jump status in 1968 and converted to Airmobile), then Special Forces, then Delta Force (SFOD-Delta), then the CIA, completing the lengthy training courses which eliminate the vast majority who start as trainees, plus served in some capacity in each of these for extended periods of time, and THEN left all that behind to go to Ukraine.

        And now he works in a Home Depot in North Carolina.

        The timeline doesn’t fit and none of this makes any sense to anyone who has actually been in the military.

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