Ukraine crisis: the neo-Nazi brigade fighting pro-Russian separatists
Azov Battalion member fighting the Russians in eastern Ukraine. [Source:]

Due to incessant media propaganda, 74% of Americans support a no-fly zone that could ignite World War III

Americans have been inundated by a massive propaganda campaign since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, prompting 74% of Americans to support a no-fly zone that could ignite World War III.

On March 10, Congress passed a $13.6 billion aid package to Ukraine, half of which is being directed by the Pentagon.

Ukraine is presented as some great moral beacon when its government has been acquiescent to the rise of neo-Nazism since a February 2014 coup backed by the Obama/Biden administration.[1] As the battle of Mariupol comes to an end with Russian forces securing the city, reports are coming out of wide-scale atrocities carried out by the neo-Nazi Azov battalion, including firing on civilians. Residents said that members of the battalion were real Nazis who walked around with swastikas and other Nazi symbols clearly visible on them.

Profile: Ukraine's ultra-nationalist Right Sector - BBC News
Right sector cadre supporting 2014 Maidan coup backed by the Obama/Biden administration. [Source:]

Many of the grandparents of the Azov battalion members and participants in the 2014 Maidan coup had colluded with the German Nazis that wiped out my grandfather’s Jewish town of Trochenbrod.

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Holocaust memorial to Trochenbrod and Lozisht Jewry at the Holon Cemetery in Israel. [Source:]

Given this history and the dirty war that western Ukraine’s coup regime has waged on its eastern regions for eight years now, Americans should ask their government to cease supporting Ukraine’s western government.

Oligarchs, CIA, Pentagon and Missile Makers’ Control over the Media

One way the media prejudice ordinary Americans is by using fake source photos and videos. The British Off-Guardian journal presented seven instances in the invasion’s first week. For example, the London Times showed Russian planes allegedly flying over a Ukrainian apartment house and an explosion. Off-Guardian showed that the source video was a Moscow location from 2020.[2] A video also showed a dead body move.[3]

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The United States is especially well set up for such bias. Media insider Dan Rather worked for the Associated Press (AP), United Press International (UPI) and as anchorman on the CBS Evening News for 24 years until 2005. Regarding U.S. suppression of dissent, in 2002 Rather told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), he and others self-censor out of fear they “will be ‘necklaced’ [symbolic burning tire around his neck]” for dissenting from the government.[4]

A person holding a piece of paper

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Dan Rather [Source:]

What was Dan Rather’s basis for his critique? First, Ben Bagdikian, a Pulitzer Prize winner and Dean of the University of California-Berkeley School of Journalism, explained that most major media outlets have directors on their company boards who also sit on the boards of multinational corporations, including defense contractors. He explained that, under law, “the director of a company is obliged to act in the interests of his or her own company.”[5]

By the new millennium, Bagdikian also found that media consolidation led to six multinational corporations controlling more than 90% of our information. Senators Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Maria Cantwell (D-WA) discussed the importance of this finding at a press conference.[6]

A person wearing glasses

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Ben Bagdikian [Source:]

Of equal import, Watergate muckraker Carl Bernstein wrote that a Senate Intelligence Committee found virtually all of the leading media companies had top executives, editors and journalists on the CIA payroll willing to reprint CIA-written articles verbatim under their names.[7]

The CIA and the Media" by Carl Bernstein (Full audiobook) - YouTube

Furthermore, the Pentagon published more than 1,200 different periodicals by 1982.[8] And finally, Professor Michael Parenti and Washington Post reporter Morton Mintz stated that the Senate Intelligence Committee revealed that the CIA owned outright “more than 200 wire services, newspapers… and book publishing complexes.”[9]

America and Czarist Russia’s Murderous Anti-Semitism: Russian Pogroms and Trochenbrod

The film Everything Is Illuminated, an adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer’s New York Times-bestselling book of the same name first made our grandfathers’ same hometown of Trochenbrod, Ukraine more well-known.[10]

In 1821, anti-Jewish rioting and the mass murder of Jews occurred in the Russian empire area of Odessa, Ukraine. Six years later, Russian Czar Nicholas I tried to decrease the “Jewish problem” by conscripting all Jewish boys into the military until the age of 45 with an exemption for those who farmed unused land.[11]

Nicholas II of Russia - Wikipedia
Czar Nicholas I [Source:]

Many Jewish families moved to the marshland of Trochenbrod, Ukraine, in the following years. They dug ditches to drain the marsh water, farm their plots, and enjoy a distance from the Czar’s operatives and “pogrom” mass murder of Jews in the 1800s.[12] It varied between Polish and Ukrainian control in the early 1900s.[13]

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Victims of Kyiv pogrom in 1918. [Source:]

More pogrom-like violence by “Ukrainian Nationalists, Polish officials, and Red Army soldiers…” killed tens of thousands of Jews between 1918-1920.[14] This contributed to my grandfather moving to Maryland by the end of the 1920s.[15]

He arrived to America where he found himself fortunate not to be in one of the 31 states with eugenics laws. Eugenics targeted Jews, people of color and other ethnic citizens with “sterilization or elimination.”[16]

Russian Revolution, Counter-Revolutionary “White” Army, and Anarchist Makhno

During World War I the Russian socialist peasant and worker revolutionaries overthrew the monarchy—Czar Nicholas II’s leadership—eventually forming the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

The revolutionary army of the new Soviet Union, called The Red Army, remained in constant war with supporters of Czar Nicholas II. With European capitalist governments and the U.S. concerned about a workers’ revolution spreading, they invaded Russia in an attempt to overthrow the Bolshevik government, supporting the White Army in the Russian civil war. The White Army was predominantly led by former czarist officers, such as Admiral Alexander Kolchak who sought to re-establish a dictatorship headquartered in Omsk, Siberia.[17]

A person in a military uniform

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Admiral Alexander Kolchak [Source:]
A picture containing text, outdoor, sky, ground

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U.S. troops in Russia, 1918. [Source:]

The Russian revolution had its dark side like all revolutions but is celebrated in Russia today because it resulted in a huge growth in GDP and living standards, free housing, health care and catapulted Russia to the status of a global power.[18] The White Army battled the Soviet Red Army during the Russian civil war, with support from the Woodrow Wilson administration which sent U.S. troops along with five other allied nations to try and stamp out the Bolshevik regime.

In 1911, the Russian monarchy had arrested and hung all but Nestor Makhno, the youngest member of a Robin Hood-like anarchist group that robbed from the rich and gave to the poor.

Nestor Makhno - Wikipedia
Nestor Makhno [Source:]

The Russian Revolution’s leadership freed Makhno in 1917. Makhno then fought beside the Red Army, under his own anarchist black flag, helping kick out Austrian White Army occupiers of Ukraine. When tens of thousands joined Makhno, the Red Army then disavowed his anarchism and he was chased out of the country by the later 1920s.[19]

Famine, Eugenics and Bandera Aid Nazi Massacre in Trochenbrod, As Soviets Defeat Nazis

In 1929, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin decided on a collectivization strategy for farming throughout the Soviet Union, including its republic of Ukraine. Stalin forced wealthier farmers to give up their land, personal property, and sometimes housing, to collective farms. The collectivization policy was blamed for decreased agricultural productivity and a famine in Ukraine, though new evidence suggests the famine resulted from environmental factors which Stalin tried to mitigate. Another interpretation holds that the famine resulted from the failure of untested U.S. machines that had been purchased by the Soviet government.

American oligarchs who funded eugenics, such as John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan, had helped fund the German eugenics-minded Nazis’ rise to power in the 1930s. Many American companies aided the Nazis, including Ford, General Motors, General Electric, IBM, and Brown Brothers Harriman, whose president was Prescott Bush (father of President George H.W. Bush).[20]

The famine (called “Holodomor”), whatever its origins, fueled hatred for Stalin and helped ultra-nationalist Stepan Bandera found the militant Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN). When Adolf Hitler’s Nazis took over Poland, Bandera’s OUN helped the Nazis invade Ukraine and the OUN reportedly killed thousands of Lvov, Ukraine, Jews in several days.[21]

Stepan Bandera - Wikipedia
Stepan Bandera [Source:]

In Trochenbrod (94 miles from Lvov), my grandfather’s cousin, 11-year-old Betty Potash, was with her grandmother when Nazis and OUN rounded up the whole town in the central square. Potash then snuck out in time to join other family members who had made it to a secret hiding place behind the false wall of a shed her dad had built.[22]

She and her family heard hours of machine gun shots, when the Nazi soldiers and Bandera’s OUN massacred all but a couple of escaping families of the 5,000-member town. They then hid for more than a year in a hole her dad had dug in the ground when the Soviets eventually came in and gave them refuge, but the town had been wiped out and razed to the ground.[23]

The Nazi Waffen SS was the Party’s armed wing and they made the OUN part of the western Ukrainian National Army, which they also made a division of the Waffen SS. Together they exterminated 800,000 Ukrainian Jews, among others they considered subhuman.[24]

The Soviet Army arrived to fight the Banderites in Ukraine and was the main reason the “allies” defeated the Nazis. No less a figure than General Douglas MacArthur considered the Soviet efforts to be the “greatest achievement in modern military history.” The number of lives lost supports this: The Soviet Union lost 24 million people during World War II. By contrast, the U.S. and United Kingdom lost fewer than a million people combined.[25]

After Fall of Soviet Union, NATO’s Encirclement of Russia Peaks with 2014 Coup in Ukraine

When the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991, NATO countries influenced “color revolutions” in post-Soviet States.[26] These states then experienced a severe drop in economic and social conditions. These included increased poverty, crime, corruption, unemployment, homelessness, rates of disease, infant mortality, income inequality, and domestic violence.[27]

Stephen F. Cohen, a professor emeritus of Russian Studies and Politics at NYU and Princeton, stated that President George W. Bush’s administration began the resurrection of Nazi collaborators’ fascism in Ukraine with President Viktor Yushchenko’s “Orange Revolution.” Yushchenko, of the ultranationalist Svoboda Party, celebrated former Nazi-collaborator Stepan Bandera as a “Hero of Ukraine” in January 2010.[28]

A statue of a person

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Stepan Bandera statue. [Source:]

Professor Cohen said that President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were also “deeply complicit in the Maidan coup” of 2014.[29] This coup overthrew the democratically elected Viktor Yanukovych. Yanukovych had decided to repeal Bandera’s “Hero of Ukraine” award, and decided to work with both the European Union and Russia, but not to join NATO.[30]

Viktor Yanukovych | Facts, Biography, & Flight to Russia | Britannica
Viktor Yanukovych [Source:]

The wide extent of U.S. manipulation in Ukrainian political affairs came out in February 2014 when then-Assistant Secretary of State (now Undersecretary of State) Victoria Nuland’s phone conversation with U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt was bugged, recorded and appeared on YouTube. The BBC published a transcript and analysis.[31]

Regarding the orchestration of opposition leaders into a post-coup government, Nuland stated, “I’m glad you sort of put him [Yatseniuk] on the spot on where he fits in this scenario.” And “I don’t think Klitsch [Vitaly Klitschko] should go into government.” The U.S. could only have imposed on these opposition leaders and decided their positions if they aided their coup.[32]

Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt, Kiev, 10 December
Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt. [Source:]

Professor Cohen further said the Maidan Square protesters were part of the neofascist organization Right Sector in Kiev and set up the “sniper” reason for their violent overthrow of Yanukovych’s government. They then conducted “pogrom-like burning to death of ethnic Russians” at that time.[33] It is further confirmed that the U.S. funded bioweapons labs there.[34]

A protester throws a petrol bomb at the Trade Union building in Odessa.
Nazi torches trade union building in Odessa after Maidan coup, where trade unionists were burned alive. [Source:]

U.S. Supports and Arms Neo-Nazi Coup Government and Soldiers Amidst Racist Attacks

After the coup, Crimea voted to re-join Russia, which it had been part of in 1954.[35] Eastern Ukraine’s Donbass region has fought off the western Ukrainian battalions and maintained their independence for the past eight years since the coup. The U.S. and UK have sent thousands of tons of armaments to the western Ukraine government to continue this civil war, which has included bombings and other armed attacks off and on.[36]

Professor Cohen documented the post-coup atrocities of the neo-Nazi coup group, including that the “[‘partially pro-Nazi’] Azov Battalion of some 3,000 well-armed fighters played a major role in the Ukrainian civil war and now is an official component of Kiev’s armed forces… which is well documented… by several international monitoring organizations.” And Cohen detailed “stormtroop-like assaults on gays, Jews, elderly ethnic Russians, and other ‘impure’ citizens are widespread throughout Kiev-ruled Ukraine.”[37]

A Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Group Is Organizing Violence On Facebook
Azov Battalion neo-Nazis. [Source:]

Alternative and international news is forcing Western news into some admissions. NBC printed an opinion article first saying the Ukrainian president being Jewish, dispels cries of Nazism (despite that he is acting as a puppet for Western powers). NBC did admit neo-Nazi battalions are filling the Ukrainian National Guard and attacked Ukraine’s Roma in 2018.[38]

After the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine started, Black Agenda Report Executive Editor Margaret Kimberley pointed to Ukraine’s deputy chief prosecutor David Sakvarelidze stating in a BBC interview, “It is very emotional for me because I see European people with blue eyes and blonde hair being killed.”[39]

Twitter users slam Ukrainian official's alleged racist remark on Ukraine  crisis | Oneindia News - YouTube

Kimberley also discussed “Ukraine officials forcing a group of African students being barred from a bus to exit the country.”[40] The BBC had reported the racism coming from Ukrainian officials, and showed video testimony from a pregnant student quoting an official saying to her, “The bus is only for Ukrainians. You’re black so you should walk!”[41]

After activist media worldwide reported on the Ukrainian deputy chief prosecutor’s racist comment, even CNN reported on it. In that op-ed article, CNN also interviewed a group of Black men in Ukraine who were barred from a train because of their race and made to walk eight miles to the border.[42]

Do Americans really want to support this neo-Nazi filled western Ukrainian government?

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  1. CAM: Just wanted to draw your attention to the fact that the above photo captioned “Czar Nicholas I” is actually Czar Nicholas II. (No big deal.)

    Fine reporting by John Potash!

  2. Unlike most Eastern European countries which saw far-right groups become permanent fixtures in their countries’ politics during the decline and fall of the Soviet Union, the national electoral support for far-right parties in Ukraine only rarely exceeded 3% of the popular vote.

    • Great use of the talking point, Ed. It deflects readers away from the reality of the role of Azov, Right Sektor, and other fascist or paleo-Nazi groups in the Ukrainian state apparatus. Great job.

  3. Americans want to support all the innocent civilians and children who are experiencing extreme physical and mental suffering which I fortunately have never experienced in my life. Americans support the millions of people who have been forced to flee the country many going without food for many days and travelling long distances on foot under severe stress which I fortunately have never had to endure. As Joe South said “‘ Walk a mile in my shoes” Have some compassion and empathy!

    • I have not noticed a surfeit of compassion and empathy for those who need housing, food, education, and medical care within the United States. What Americans like are some theoretical people at a distance they can cry crocodile tears over then return to watching “The Bachelor.” If Americans are so concerned about Ukrainian refugees, they would be pressing their government to provide genuine aid and not weaponry.

      And they would be very concerned about the rise of fascism in Ukraine, a concern I have not observed. Ditto, western Europe. One’s sympathy for what Europe went through in the 1930s and 1940s can easily diminish when one watches what appears to be a wholehearted embrace of Nazism.

      • You are right that the United States should be doing more for Ukrainian Refugees. But recently they gave 6.7 billion dollars giving the Ukrainians billions for food, medicine, shelter, and support for the over two million refugees who have had to leave Ukraine
        But myself I have not given any donation, so I could be better myself.

        • And you should know that at least one million of those refugees are now in Russia. And, frankly, I’m sick of the donation routine. Americans give donations, pat themselves heartily on the back, and don’t think about the evil their government is committing.

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