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Already made vacation plans? How about something completely new? How about a country where “the air smells of freedom”?

How about a vacation in Ukraine?

The brave political tourists have led the way: British prime ministers (three in number), the American president, the German chancellor, the entire European Commission and many others have traveled to Kyiv in the last 12 months to be looked after by the much-praised tour guide Zelensky. Some have enjoyed it so much that they have become repeat visitors.

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (left) and Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (right) enjoy the view of Kyiv from a balcony and sip champagne, together with Mayor and tour guide Vitali Klitschko and German Ambassador Anka Feldhusen (center). Klitschko’s ex-wife Natalia does not live in Kyiv with their three adult children (2 sons, 1 daughter), but in Germany. [Source: twitter.com]
More excitement for German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser: Tour to a war zone and, fittingly, with an Aryan-looking Ukrainian tour guide wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “BLACK RIFLES MATTER.” [Source: twitter.com]

The war will not bother you, the organizers guarantee. And an occasional air alert will provide exciting conversation when you get back home. Besides, it takes place almost exclusively in the eastern Donbas, where the Ukrainian Russians live. And no foreign visitor has ever cared about them. Why should you?

All travel information about Ukraine conveniently at your fingertips. [Source: visitukrainetoday]

The website Visitukraine.today offers a rich selection: Eternal Kyiv. Hiking in the Carpathians. Austrian Lviv. Gastrotour through Odessa. Not to forget: snail races in Ladomyria Ethnopark. The frontline city of Kharkiv also beckons. At the Palace Hotel, a suite costs 250 euros.

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Wherever you are, book your hotel in Ukraine comfortably online. [Source: visitukrainetoday]

Air traffic has been suspended, but buses run from all over Europe. Those who prefer luxury can be picked up by a chauffeur in Warsaw, Krakow or Chișinău.

The tourist jewel, however, has so far been reserved for journalists: A tour of the “de-occupied heroic cities”—that’s the name of the recaptured territories. Five hours Bucha, Irpin, Hostomel, expert guide included. Costs 295 euros.

The most breathtaking of all: Visitukraine.today is also great for those who want to stay longer. A link leads to the Ukrainian Foreign Legion, which recruits foreign mercenaries. They are rewarded and honored with an exclusive tour to the Donbas, paid for by the generous taxpayers of NATO countries.

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Special offer for long-term foreign visitors. [Source: visitukrainetoday]

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