Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky with King Charles III. [Source:]

Secret Meeting with British MI6 Head Richard Moore Points to the Likelihood That Zelensky Is a British Intelligence Agent

In October 2020, on a visit to London, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met with Sir Richard Moore, the head of the British intelligence service, MI6.

Sir Richard Moore [Source:]

The usual diplomatic protocol is for a visiting foreign head of state to meet with his counterpart, which in this case would have been Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

According to Andriy Mishin, a former employee of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, the meeting signified that Zelensky was a professional intelligence agent and that Moore was his direct handler, telling him what to do.

Since the commencement of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine, Zelensky has surrounded himself with British—not Ukrainian—security guards. Photographs captured these guards with the Ukrainian flag sewed backwards on their uniforms, which under ordinary circumstances would lead to them being shot.

When he visited the Vatican in May 2023, Zelensky snubbed Pope Francis by giving him an artifact with satanic imagery[1] and spent most of his time with a British Bishop, Paul Gallagher. Present at the meeting was Sir Richard Moore, his alleged handler.

Liverpool-born priest Archbishop Paul Gallagher has been named the Vatican's ambassador to Australia
Bishop Paul Gallagher, with whom Zelensky met far longer than he did with the Pope. [Source:]

Agent Zelensky

Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter has produced a new documentary, Agent Zelensky, which details Zelensky’s relationship with Moore and MI6.

Scott Ritter
Scott Ritter [Source:]

Part I of the documentary includes an interview with J. Michael Springmann, a former State Department employee at the U.S. Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, who stated that Zelensky’s rise to power in Ukraine was the result of a “carefully planned operation by Western intelligence services.”

Michael Springmann
J. Michael Springmann [Source:]

After winning April 2019 elections, Zelensky has effectively done the West’s bidding by triggering a war with Russia and using Ukrainians as cannon fodder in an attempt to induce a Vietnam type quagmire that would undermine Russia’s economy and government.

Zelensky has fulfilled his function as an agent of the West further by a) passing laws that discriminate against Russians; b) enabling foreign takeover of Ukrainian land; and c) allowing the Wall Street financial house Blackrock to dictate Ukrainian economic policies.

According to Ritter, Zelensky has transformed Ukraine into an “experimental playground” for new U.S. and Western weapons systems, neo-Nazi mercenaries, and military related research in biolabs whose existence was admitted by top State Department official Victoria Nuland.

A recent article in Newsweek points out that the CIA has shuttled weapons into Ukraine using a “gray fleet” of commercial aircraft that crisscrosses Central and Eastern Europe, sent personnel into Ukraine on secret missions, and assisted Ukrainians with new weapons, all while using Poland as its clandestine hub to coordinate its operations inside the country.

The CIA has additionally worked closely with the Ukrainian Secret Service (SBU), which, following Zelensky’s banning of 12 political parties, has carried out a Phoenix style campaign extending into Russia in which Zelensky’s opponents have been jailed, tortured and in some cases assassinated.

Oleg Novikov under arrest by SBU for advocating separatism. He is one of many political prisoners in Ukraine [Source:]

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the U.S.-UK goal has been to use Ukraine as a club to beat and weaken Russia and project Western power into Central Asia, whose control was long viewed as key to world domination.

During meetings to discuss the Minsk peace agreements, which would have resolved the Ukraine-Russia conflict by granting special status to Donbas, Zelensky basically laughed in the face of Vladimir Putin, who had agreed to implement the accords.

Since that time, Zelensky has arrogantly paraded himself in Western capitals demanding more and more weapons for use in the war against Russia that has decimated his own people and resulted in tens of thousands of deaths.

Servant of the People

Ritter’s film emphasizes how Zelensky was in essence a Manchurian candidate whose rise to power was scripted by very powerful people as if in a Hollywood movie.

From 2015 to 2019, Zelensky starred in the Ukrainian television drama “Servant of the People,” in which he played a high school teacher, Vasyl Petrovych Holoborodko, whose monologue against corruption catapults him to fame and then the presidency of Ukraine.

The series, about an ordinary citizen vaulted into the presidency, vaulted its star  into the actual presidency.
Zelensky following the script—with “Servant of the People,” as he does today. [Source:]

In Zelensky, Ukrainians believed that they were electing a clone of Holoborodko.

However, they were largely unaware at the time of Zelensky’s close ties to Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kholomoisky, who owned Ukraine’s largest oil and gas company and bank, and bankrolled Zelensky’s political ascendancy in exchange for staying out of prison.

Zelensky was involved in fraudulent financial schemes with Kholomoisky that only came to light with the release of the Pandora Papers, which revealed that Zelensky transferred $41 million to two off-shore companies that he owned.

Ihor Kholomoisky with Zelensky at Ukraine’s presidential palace. [Source:]

This off-shore wealth enabled Zelensky to allegedly purchase a $34 million mansion in Miami, a seaside home for his parents in Israel, a $3.8 million apartment in London opposite the Sherlock Holmes Museum, and seaside resorts in Georgia and Crimea.

Villa in Italy owned by a Zelensky-linked company. [Source:]

During his 2019 presidential campaign, Zelensky paid $70,000 to an American public relations firm, Signal Group, to burnish his likeness to the character that he played in “Servant of the People.”

Zelensky’s campaign was managed by American public relations specialists Andrew Mack, Stephen Krupin, a former Obama speechwriter, and Shai Franklin.

Andrew Mack on the right. [Source:]

There were parallels between Zelensky’s campaign and Barack Obama’s carefully choreographed 2008 campaign, in that Obama was also packaged by his handlers as an outsider who would restore integrity to government.

Like Zelensky, Obama was in reality a hollow fraud who lied about his family background, had deep ties to American intelligence, and betrayed his campaign promises—in his case, by expanding Bush’s War on Terror and displaying fealty toward large banks and financial institutions.

Barack Obama tells Europe to get its act together – POLITICO
Zelensky is Ukraine’s Obama in many ways. [Source:]

Zelensky’s campaign pledge to fight corruption in Ukraine was exposed as phony when his administration siphoned off money from COVID relief and cancer research funds into a massive road-building boondoggle.

Mykola Azarov, Ukraine’s former Prime Minister, said that “we thought systematic corruption under Poroshenko [Zelensky’s predecessor] couldn’t get worse, but Zelensky surpassed him; there are no standards now [and] no principles at all [in the government].”

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov
Mykola Azarov [Source:]

During the 2019 election campaign, Zelensky called for a cease-fire in the Donbas which had been shelled for five years after the 2014 Maidan coup. But Zelensky reneged on that pledge too and provoked the war with Russia while displaying an eagerness for Ukraine to join NATO.

According to Ritter, Zelensky’s tenure as President of Ukraine is the capstone of a decades-long plan by the U.S. and UK to remake Ukraine into a Russophobic society that could be used as a tool to weaken and destroy Russia.

Agent Zelensky quotes Victoria Nuland bragging about the U.S. spending $5 billion in Ukraine since the fall of the Soviet Union. It also discusses the presidency of Viktor Yushchenko, who came to power in a U.S.-backed color revolution after being seduced by an American woman, Kateryna, who became his wife.

Victoria Nuland [Source:]
Kateryna Yushchenko (pictured with Viktor) told her husband his lips 'tasted metallic' after he was poisoned 
Viktor and Kateryna Yushchenko [Source:]

A key feature of Yushchenko’s presidency was his rehabilitation of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), which had collaborated with the Nazis during World War II against the Soviet Union and was supported by the CIA.

Yushchenko designated as national heroes such fascist collaborators as Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych whom Zelensky has also praised.

A close-up of a person

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Stepan Banders, left, and Roman Shukhevych, right. [Source:]
A person in a suit speaking into microphones

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Viktor Yanukovych [Source:]

In 2010, Yushchenko was defeated in elections by Viktor Yanukovych, who allied Ukraine with Russia and stripped Bandera and Shukhevych of their hero status.

A group of people standing next to a wall with flowers and pictures

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Memorial to victims of Odessa trade union building massacre. [Source:]

This made Yanukovych a target of a U.S. regime-change operation that resulted in the 2014 Maidan coup and war in eastern Ukraine after the people of Donetsk and Luhansk provinces voted for their autonomy.

The brutality of the post-coup regime was exemplified in the violent stamping out of any resistance and massacre of trade union activists in Odessa, about which Zelensky at the time was silent.

A circular emblem with hands holding a torch

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Ritter points out that a significant percentage of Ukraine’s political and military elite since the 2014 Maidan coup have received training at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, which helped instill in them a Russophobic outlook.

The SBU has evolved into an adjunct of the CIA, which occupies an entire floor in the SBU’s headquarters.

Ukrainian Security Service in Kiev
SBU headquarters in Kyiv—where the CIA owns a floor. [Source:]
A person and person sitting at a table

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The CIA, along with British MI6, has helped manage Zelensky’s heroic image in the West, which it aimed to fortify by having him and his wife Olena appear on the cover of Vogue magazine.

According to Ritter, the CIA and MI6 also helped Zelensky in the theatrical staging of the Bucha massacre, which was blamed on the Russians but appears to have been primarily carried out by Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.

A group of people walking in a junk yard

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Scene from Bucha. [Source:]

Bucha is a good metaphor for Zelensky’s political rule which has been an optical illusion. The public was conditioned to believe in the wholesome image of Zelensky cultivated in “Servant of the People.” However, the real Zelensky is a fame-seeking social climber who has condemned his own people to hell in the service of foreign powers.

  1. Zelensky was also wearing a shirt with the insignia of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) which collaborated with the Nazis against the Soviet Union in World War II.

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