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Last Week’s Episode—Ukraine Crisis Fueled by U.S. and NATO Expansion

The outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine did not come out of nowhere. Fundamental to understanding the current crisis is the history of U.S. and NATO expansion in Europe—which the U.S. repeatedly promised Russia would not happen.

Richard Becker of the ANSWER Coalition discusses the events in Ukraine and Russia from 2014 leading up to the current crisis and addresses the question, what should the U.S. anti-war movement demand?

Also, Jeremy Kuzmarov, the Managing Editor of CovertAction Magazine, discusses his recent article entitled, “As U.S. Threatens War with Russia, Biden Administration Unveils Imperial Strategy for Indo-Pacific That Could Lead to War with China.”

Jeremy provides an in-depth analysis of U.S. and NATO expansion into Ukraine and the geopolitics of Russia-China relations, a context that sheds light on the roots of the crisis.

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This Week’s Episode—War Fever and Russophobia Spreading Across U.S.

The offices of RT America were suddenly and abruptly shut down amid war fever and Russophobia spreading across the country.

Lee Camp, the former host of RT’s Redacted Tonight joins us to share his experience of censorship. In addition to the shut down of Reacted Tonight, Lee’s independent podcast, “Moment of Clarity” has been removed from Spotify. Social media platforms have begun the witch hunt of discrediting and silencing anti-war journalists.

Stay tuned! The episode will go live on Wednesday, March 9, at 9am on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and other podcast platforms.

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  1. President Vladimir Putin has tried serious for 22 years to be “partner” (his word) with the US. When George W. Bush (Pentagon, CIA, Wall Street) invaded Afhganistan, President Putin offered him two military bases and intelligence to stop Taliban’s government (nothing I supported). The Russian president even asked to join NATO. He also asked Bush to stop the CIA from supporting Jihadist terrorists in his area of influence. He even went fishing with both Bush presidents. All to no avail. Russia couldn’t be in NATO, because it would drastically curtail weapons profits. The CIA needs instability in the world, so no president can intervene–as we know from their murdering of President Kennedy.
    Does anybody remember 1962 when Kennedy rejected the Pentagon/CIA’s plan to invade Soviet Union with nucelar weapons? Where were the sanctions against US.

    I’ve been following Russia-Ukraine-US/NATO since, at least, the latter’s pro-fascist coup in Ukraine. While I am an anti-war activist since 1961 (and still attend some small anti-war actions), and have been so writing professionally since 1965. (“The Russian Peace Threat: Pentagon on Alert” gives pertinent bagground to what is happening today).

    All that said, I have concluded that the Russian people’s right and need to be sovereign, to live in security, makes it necessary to take the radical, and sad course that President Putin, the Duma and military have taken. Remember the US never “invades”, never goes to “war” against their millions of victims in hundreds of wars they have conducted. No, they do “humanitarian operations.” So, I think it makes sense that Russia is now “de-militarizing, de-nazifying” the pro-fascist Ukrainian government.

    It has also been admitted by fascist Victoria Nuland (March 8, Senate speech) that the US has bio/chemical warfare labs in Ukraine, illegally and threateningly to Russia. It is also clear that if Ukraine was in NATO, it would house atomic weapons. The US (nor Denmark where I live) ever tell us what weapons they have where if that is their wish.

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